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ASPADS South Beds: 8th Jan
Avon WTTS: 2nd Jan
East Anglian WTS: 5th Jan
East Anglian WTS: 12th Jan
Leamington DTC: 8th Jan
Poole & District DTS : 22nd Jan
ASPADS Oxford: 17th Jan
North East Counties WTS: 10th Jan
North West WTS: 23rd Jan
BAGSD Claybrooke Magna: 20th Jan
Surrey DTS: 23rdJan
ASPADS Dundee: 24th Jan

Poole & District Dog Training Society

Melvin and Mary Drewitt

Melvin and Mary

As many will probably know, Melvin and Mary Drewitt are retiring after 25 years

(yes 25 years!) of managing Poole Trials and this week will be the last trial with Melvin as Trials Manager. Many will have very fond memories of Poole Trials, especially if you have qualified there because quite often although the going might be difficult for the handlers, usually the dogs absolutely love tracking in the forest. Melvin and Mary also ran the KCC’s in 2003 and that was also a huge success. Mary always organises meals every evening of the trials on the caravan site which has been very welcome and the comradeship and laughter is a joy. As well as being very grateful to Mary and Melvin for this long term in office, we would also like to thank all the judges, track layers, stewards and helpers in all forms i.e. escorting, catering, etc., over the years who have been very faithful and without whom Poole trials would not exist. A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE.
Over the past few years, we have also been grateful for the use of June Coutts’ land both for the Control section at the trials and also as a weekly training ground where we meet, train, have a good nosh up and laughter, and then go for a walk in the forest. Gosh we couldn’t wish for more.
Rosemary Turner

June Coutts is very good at putting pen to paper and has written the following which really says it all and covers how appreciative we are of Mary and Melvin.

“POOLE IS A UNIQUE CLUB – working your dog anywhere is a challenge - Poole throws at you not only the diversity of the weather and the heather clad terrain but you also have to contend with ponies and cattle who show indifference by walking or lying all over your track, even the deer regard it as their territory. Mary and Melvin have run Poole Club between them for a number of years, Melvin in charge of the administration and booking in with calm authority to all competitors giving his knowledge of the forest and importantly the rules applicable to each individual competitor. This is gleaned from years of experience and completely reliable. A good club needs more than this though. Mary is the organiser, menu maker, track layer, logistics expert and the list goes on. She is super efficient at her job and we, as a willing band of helpers, would do anything for her.
Sadly all good things come to an end and September, 2016, will be their last trial as managers. They will be sorely missed but we will not lose them completely as Mary has a young Shepherd to work and we will see Melvin (ever the quiet man) there with his support for her.
We can all say that they have been, and we know will remain very good friends, Mary in particular. We all support each other when the going has been tough and we all share a lot of laughter too. We have a huge respect for both.
As they gracefully step back, Gavin and Val Thomson will take over the helm in 2017. As a club we will give them our support and trust that they will make a good job of it”.

June Coutts

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