Championship Trial
Trial Held: 23 October 2021
PD Stake

PD Stake

Judge: John Wykes

Tracklayer: Nigel Hines

Square Steward & Scribe: Kate Wykes

PD Steward: Dave Marchant

Protected Stewards: Erin Bootland, Dave Olley, Dave Raybould and Chris Trevor

Thank you to the Kennel Club for asking me to judge, also thank you to all the societies who nominated me and then voted for me.

Thank you to Yorkshire WTS for hosting the KCCs this year and to Trials Manager, Dave Craven and all his helpers for putting on such a great event.  From the outside it appeared to all run smoothly, if there were any problems they were swiftly dealt with so no one noticed.  A great trial.  Well done.

I was honoured to accept this appointment and I hope that the test I set was enjoyed by both competitors and spectators alike.

The PD stake is not just about the patrol round, they still have to do a proper nosework test and control and agility round worthy of a championship stake, then the patrol round.

Thank you to Nigel for laying the tracks.  They were all well laid on stubble giving all the competitors the same chance, 2 of the 3 completed the track with just the 1 getting about ½ of the way round, with everybody getting all 4 articles out of the square that left 2 still qualifying after the nosework.

We started Saturday morning at 10.00 with the C and A.

The test started with the speak, the dogs were attached to a stake in the ground and the handlers then joined me about 15 paces away.  I then explained the sendaway to them, then with their backs to their dogs they were then asked to get their dogs to speak.  I was looking for 10 barks, then a quiet, then 5 more barks and a quiet, the handlers then returned to their dogs and collected them to do the sendaway.  The outrun was across the cricket pitch to the far fence, they were then asked to redirect their dogs to the right to the top of the field, they then recalled their dogs and we proceeded with the heelwork.  This was followed by the jumps all done with varying degrees of success. We then proceeded to the down stay which both dogs completed without a problem. So, we went into the patrol round with both dogs still qualifying.

The patrol round started with the quarter, (my steward was with the handler at all times to tell them what to do).  This was split into 2 parts, first the handlers were asked to send their dogs up the field to a hide in the top right-hand corner.  The dogs then had to go left towards a pair of cricket screens behind which were 2 protected stewards, the dogs then had to bark for the location, once the dogs had indicated the location the handlers joined them and dealt with the situation, this comprised of getting the PSs out of their hide, doing a cursory search of them and the hide.  They then proceeded onto the 2nd part, this time they sent their dogs down the fence to where another PS was hiding, another location was required and the handlers then joined their dogs and dealt with the situation.  This was followed by a short escort where one of the PSs turned and did the attack on handler, the other 2 PSs continued to walk away up the field, the handler got his dog off the 1st PS and then challenged the 2 PSs who were walking away, this was done in an unheated way, one of the PSs then proceeded to run away and the handler sent his dog to stop him before the run out point, the handler then re-joined his dog, and having got his dog off the PS he then escorted all the PSs back to where they started the chase.  As they got back towards the starting point 2 off the PSs peeled off back up the field ready for the recall which was a copy of the chase, both dogs completed this exercise successfully.  Once the dog was back with the handler a PS appeared out of the crowd challenging them for the test of courage, they then sent their dogs to deal with the PS, once this was done that was the end of the test.  Both dogs completed the test with varying degrees of success and we finished up with both dogs qualifying.

Thank you to my PD steward Dave Marchant and to my protected stewards Dave Olley, Dave Raybould, Erin Bootland and Chris Trevor, they all did exactly what was asked of them.


1st & CC – Jo Quick with Falkenwald High Places CDex, UDex, WDex, TDex, PDex - GSD (D) - 285 Q.  Well done to this pair, a little behind after the N/W and C&A, but made up for it with a stunning patrol round.  Good luck at next year’s KCCs.

2nd & Res CC – David Clark with Blade of the Glade CDex, UDex, WDex, TDex, PDex - BC (D) - 274½ Q.  Another good all round performance from this pair, bits and bobs in the patrol round cost dearly, but I’m sure you’ll get there again, well done.

Well done to all the teams, it’s a great achievement to even get to the KCCs, so be proud of what you’ve achieved and good luck in the future.

TD Stake