Championship Trial
Trial Held: 23 October 2021
Trial Manager Report

Trials Managers Report

The last time Yorkshire Working Trials Society hosted the KCCs was in 2011. Everything was straight forward then, booking venues, securing fields with the farmers, and arranging accommodation for the judges, competitors, and helpers at the Trial.

What a difference 10 years have made, 12 months before the Trial, we were in the middle of a Covid pandemic, causing millions of people to get infected, businesses to close throughout the country, staff being furloughed, and travel restricted to local areas. Looking as if the KCCs would be cancelled for a second year. Once restrictions started to ease, the Yorkshire committee with the support of the Kennel Club agreed to go ahead with organising the event.

Yorkshire is very grateful to the farmers: JE Hartley and Robert Yardley for use of their land. Thanks also to Church Fenton Cricket club which was the base for the trial.

Competitors were invited to send in their biography to be included in the catalogue including the teams which had qualified for the KCCs 2020. Regrettably due to the Covid pandemic some dogs who would have had the opportunity to compete in last year’s KCCs were not able to take part in this year’s event, also a lack of trial competitions had an impact on the number of teams taking part, there were 12 competitors overall, 9 competitors in the Tracking Dog (TD) stake and 3 competitors in the Patrol Dog (PD) stake.

The TD Stake was judged by Mike Williams, judging took place over 3 days starting with the nosework section, followed on the last day with the Control and agility.

The PD stake was judge by John Wykes. The test consists of nosework, agility and patrol work. Three teams were competing starting with the nosework section.  As with the TD stake the control and agility was performed on the last day, followed by the Patrol work which tested the dogs all round ability in various scenarios. 

I would like to thank both Td and PD judges for giving up their time and setting excellent test. No trial can run without the help of dedicated and enthusiastic helpers and this year’s KCCs is no exception and I would to thank the Yorkshire committee and everyone who was involved in making this year’s KCCs a great success.

I would also like to thank the sponsors and all the donations we have received which helped with the cost of running the trial.

The competition was well supported with spectators coming from all parts of the country as well as representatives from the Kennel Club who came to watch all the teams put on a good display of promoting working trials at this year's prestigious event. 

David Craven