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Open Trial
Venue: Aberford
Trial Held: 23 September 2007

Stake: CD and UD, WD and TD Control and Agility

Judge: Pat Parkinson

Steward: Dave Craven

Thanks to Roy and ASPADS for the invitation to judge. Roy puts in so much work to keep this trial going – all credit must go to him for making this such a friendly trial. Thanks to Jan Darby for all the work at the base – not only that, she also ensured that all the judges and helpers were fed and watered. Thanks.

I was provided with a huge flat stubble field, which was perfect for control, and the weather managed to remain dry, so I had a great weekend. Thanks to Dave for his company, and for putting all the competitors at ease. Finally, thanks to all the competitors for accepting my decisions.


1st     Carol Robertshaw, KENMILLQUIN APPOINTMENT, GSD, D, Q. An all round tidy and well executed round. Max is ready for Championship CD. Good luck.

2nd   Kim Astbury, BIG TROUBLE LITTLE CHINA, BC, B. NQ. Needs a bit more confidence on the jumps, and she’ll be there.

3rd   Angels Moslin, VALENTINO Z KOVARNY TO WILDFIRE, Terv, NQ. Good control round, but needs a bit more work in the other sections.


1st     Yvonne Carpenter, HEX AT CARFELD, BC, B, Q. The only qualifier from 48 entries. Says it all.

2nd   Julia Findeisen, TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, GSD, D, NQ. Unfortunately, he didn’t like the sendaway today, but I’m sure Jules will soon get that right.

3rd   Dave Cutler, CALLISAE MYTEE MAJESTIC, Weim, B, NQ.

4th    Denise Curren, ANSONA BRIGADIER, SRHP, D, NQ.


1st     Lol Campbell, SELDOMSEEN SHEP, WSD, D, Q. Untidy heelwork, otherwise full marks. Nice to see you back winning. I’m sure he’ll have many more wins. Good luck.

2nd   Shirley Shearsmith, MINTERBURN HOBBY HAWK, Lab, B, Q. Well done, Shirley. Rosie is working consistently for you now. Good sendaway.

3rd   Jane Douglas, ROTHIEVALE CIARA, Lab, B, Q. A very accurate control and agility round.

4th    Andrea Lynd, ACREOAKS APHRODITES LOVE, Boxer, B, Q. Molly put in a very creditable performance, surprising Andrea as well as me, after Andrea had forewarned me.


1st     Ann Bedford, ABI NEVIS SAY DIE, Cross, B, Q. Anne’s look of amazement when Abi did the redirect is one of the highlights of the weekend. I think she will go on surprising you.

2nd   Janette Sayer, VILLAGE KING, GSP, D, Q. The only full mark control round of the weekend. He really is very stylish and accurate. Good luck.

3rd   Rita Shields, MERRYMARSH-TUMBLING-DICE, WSD, D, Q. A little noisy on heelwork, otherwise very accurate. Nice to see you in Working Trials.

4th    Pat Werner, CROCODILE DUNDINGO, Aus. Kelpie, D, NQ. Nice control round, but unfortunately failed the nosework.


Stake: UD nosework


Track Layers: Mick Cammidge and Chris Greenhaugh

Square Steward: Sarah Longbottom

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge UD nosework at Aberford. Also thanks to Roy Williams and his team of helpers, including the kitchen staff at the base (nice Yorkshire puddings). To my tracklayers Mick and Chris, and my search steward Sarah, thanks for a job well done.

Tracking was on the usual stubble and the land was very trackable for the dogs that were ready. The weather was good and all the competitors were cheerful and happy to accept my judgement, so thank you to you all.

1st     Yvonne Carpenter and HEX AT CARFIELD, BC, Q. A good team with this dog showing a lot of attitude, just what I would expect from one of Yvonne’s dogs. Well done.

2nd   Julia Findeisen and TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, GSD, NQ. A nice track, but unfortunately turned off just before the last article, but then went on to produce a full point square.

3rd   D. Cutler and CALLISAE MYTEE MAJESTIC, Wiem, NQ. Another good team with the best track of the day, they were impressive.

4th    Denise Curren and ANOSONA BRIGADIER, SRHP, NQ. This dog has the makings of a very powerful tracking dog, and could be a star of the future.


Stake: TD Nosework


Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Raymond Lea

Stewards: Patty Hunter, Damian Chadwick

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge at this trial. Trials Manager, Roy Williams, did a sterling job, ably assisted by Jan Derby at the base, who also organised the field catering. The new base is very comfortable and we had some great meals there and also at the new local pub, so thank you Roy and Jan. Not forgetting Yvonne Carpenter for helping out with the certificates on the Sunday.

I had been a bit apprehensive about judging the nosework at this trial, knowing the conditions can be very hard this time of year. However, in the event I was pleasantly surprised as the conditions were much better than expected, due to some heavy rain the day before the trial, and in the evening of the trial.

I set a very simple test, only 12 legs with a couple of corners to test if the handler has confidence in the dog. The articles were very straightforward as I felt that any dog tracking and searching in hard conditions deserves to find the articles. We had 25 entries and out of the 20 who ran, 6 qualified the nosework. We could have had more qualifiers in this section had it not been for the lack of experience of a lot of the teams, as is usual in this stake. There were quite a few handlers who did not believe their dogs and managed to steer their dogs successfully off the track! Very few dogs did the first 150 yard straight leg without casting, presumably because the handlers were expecting corners. TD nosework is all about teamwork and mutual confidence and some of the teams were not quite ready.

One of my favourites of those who did not manage to qualify was Roy Drummer with his beautiful Flatcoated Retriever, Sam, who steamed around the first 3 legs (no casting on the first leg) and had not lost a point until the third corner, when they ran off it, Sam having first indicated the correct direction of the next leg, which was missed by Roy. Sam then finished with a full mark square. You will soon be in TD Championship with this cracking dog.   I also enjoyed watching 15 year old Katie Whittemore work her lovely Golden Retriever, Monty. Unfortunately the conditions beat them this time but Katie’s handling was very good and they looked a very nice team, one to watch out for in the future.

Big thank you to my tracklayers, Tom Darby and Raymond Lea – you did a super job and laid all the tracks with great precision. Also my search stewards, Patty Hunter (Sat), who was a first time steward but you would never have known it, and Damian Chadwick (Sun), who has done it a few times before! You were all great company and ensured every competitor had an equal chance to qualify.

1st     Miss A. Bedford with ABI NEVIS SAY DIE, (Crossbreed) 189.5. First time attempt for little Abi, who attacked the track with great gusto, missing the second article due to a small detour, and then got four out of the square. Many Congratulations.

2nd   Mrs. J. Sayer with VILLAGE KING, (GSP) 187.5.   Zeus is a bit ‘track happy’ and did a beautiful track; one of the few dogs to cast just once on the first leg, only to miss the end article. Managed to find three in the square. Well done.

3rd   Ms. R. Shields with MERRYMARSH-TUMBLING-DICE, (WSD), 180.5. Shay hardly lost any marks on the first half of the track, but then started to struggle a bit. Luckily he has a very experienced obedience handler, who managed to stick with him, but they lost the last leg of the track, and then did an almost perfect search square. I believe the C and A saved the day! Well done.

4th    Mrs. P. Werner with CROCODILE DUNDINGO, (Aus Kelpie), 175, NQ. This is the hard luck story of the trial, as Dingo was tracking beautifully until they hit a difficult patch, which Pat managed to work through, only to come to grief on the second but last leg. They finished on a full mark square. Well done, Pat.

Best Nosework Trophy was awarded to Mrs. J. Douglas with her GSD SHADOWQUEST AREBA.   Confident handling got the best out of this lovely tracking dog. It definitely was team work at its best. Hope you will soon sort out your Sendaway problem.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me; you were all a pleasure to judge. I wish you all good luck at your next trial.

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