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Championship Trial
Venue: Oxford
Trial Held: 14 January 2004


The entry, as with other trials was down this year. TD59, UD15 & CD34. This enabled us to start on the Monday with two sets. The weather was dry all week, a little frost & dew for the first set but drying out during the day. We never had a wet dog or waterproof all week, this made it so easy.

A big thank you to all the team without your commitment we would not be able to run this trial. In the Kitchen were Le, Lyn Liney  & Wendy Richards, Base Jean Howells and Escort Arthur Jeal. I will let the Judges name & thank their tracklayers. But it was very nice to have a new TD championship tracklayer, well done Steve. I hope you have now given confidence to others to track lay at this level (I can hope). Our Judges Nigel, Carla & Suzanne were very helpful before, during and after the trial. It does make my life easier as a trials manager.

We also had a Kennel Club employee for two days Debbie, who came to see a trial and really got stuck in with the admin. This, with help from Wendy & Julie we were able to start the presentation 20 minutes after the last dog worked NOW, THAT IS A RECORD!! All finished by three.

On a personal note, I had the pleasure of seeing Tony Lockyer with Rob complete a track I had laid, which in my opinion was one of the best I have seen under the conditions. People, who never lay tracks, do not know what they are missing. Thanks also to the competitors who made the effort to thank Le or I as there are times I wonder why we do it!

Len Newman




Search & Control Steward: Jean Howells

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the CD stake, I thoroughly enjoyed myself over the 2 days. Thank you Len for running such a well organised trial, the  accommodation and company were first class,  thanks also to Le and her helpers in the kitchen for providing the excellent meals and Arthur, Jan and Steve for helping with the jumps, gate stewarding and stays.  Special thanks to Jean my search & control steward. She must have been exhausted by the end of the 2 days - not only did she lay 28 squares just as I wanted but also steered 27 competitors around the control field explaining the round before they started and stewarding the 2 minute sit stay at the end of each dog's round.

Out of the 28 teams that came for the nosework section only 3 didn't qualify and 2 of those just failed the retrieve.

The control and agility was on a field next to the base and we were very impressed by the standard of work by the handlers and their young dogs with so many distractions only a few yards away. 15 dogs managed to qualify in the jumps section and 22 managed the 2

minute sit stay. The down stay exercise was done at the end of each day and 17 dogs went clear.

I enjoyed judging so many different breeds and most are capable of qualifying CDex on another day.

Now to the qualifiers:

1st           Mrs C C Guard and LENWORTH BERTRAM OF PHILKINDY(LAB) 96 pts.

 I couldn't take a mark off Bertie's heelwork either on or off lead. Congratulations a well deserved win, lots of luck in the higher stakes.

2nd         Mrs M Robinson and TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY (BC) 95 pts. Lacy 's full mark search square was a delight to watch, and with such an experienced handler I am sure she has a great future. Well done.

3rd          Mrs S Williams and WAGGERLAND BRIG (BC) 93 pts. Brig adored his mum and didn't lose a mark for his heelwork, so keen to please. A pleasure to judge.

4th          Mrs P Pearce and DUSTER'S RAGAMUFFIN (WSD) 92.5 pts. Another keen young dog that couldn't do enough for her handler, full agility. Well done.

Also qualifying CDex:

Mrs B Mayes and RUNFOLD TEMPEST OF OBERAN (WSD) 91pts - Handler Geoff Mayes

Mr R Cornwall and KAUFENBERG GRUBER (GSD) 90.5 pts

Mr R Davies and GLENALPINE NEAVE (WSD) 88 pts.

Mrs J Baker and JABY MANNA (NSDTR) 87 pts.

Ms M Gatland and ABERDAUNANT CELYN OF MEREONI (Lge Munst) 86 pts.




Tracklayers: Jane Webb, Mark Riley

Search & Control Steward: Jane Holmes

Scribe: Jane Webb

I would like to thank ASPADS for the invitation to judge at their Oxford Trial. Len and Le Newman did an excellent job organising and running their 16th trial on the edge of Oxford where vandalism and traffic are some of the main hazards.

This was definitely my most enjoyable judging appointment to date as the entries were very low (only 15 teams of which 2 cancelled) and the majority of the handlers were very experienced, showing off their young dogs! They made a piece of cake of my test, which was designed to give the beginner handlers and their dogs a bit of confidence!

I was very fortunate in having a super team of helpers, all from the Banbury Club, who were very keen to help and learn. They were very nervous at the start but need not have been as ALL the competitors got around their tracks and only 2 dogs did not search.  None of the helpers made any mistakes and we never lost any tracks or articles, so thank you all very much indeed, you made my job so easy.

I kept the track pattern simple, knowing that the tracking conditions on wheat this time of year can be difficult. However, as it turned out, the weather conditions were just ideal for tracking: chilly, dry and no wind, which did make the searching a little harder.

So out of the 13 who ran, only 2 failed the search, 1 failed the C & A, 1 failed the Down and 1 failed just the Scale and we ended up with 8 qualifiers, as follows:

1st: Mr. B. Maynard  and SORUMOUR JUST THE ONE (GSD), 194 .5 pts. Excellent handling got the best out of this very keen and lively bitch. Many congratulations on a well deserved win.

2nd: Ms. J. Cooke and DUNNSLAYNE MAC (WSD), 192 .5 pts. Mac is obviously going to follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps! Well done, Jean.

3rd: Mrs. P. Pearce and WAGGERLAND KRISP (BC), 188 pts. I am very glad he did the downstay today. Another dog with a great future. A pleasure to judge you both.

4th: Mrs. N. Ansell and GEFNI WALKS ON WATER (GSD) 184 .5 pts and Best Track of the trial. Well done, Norma and good luck in the WD stake.

Also qualifying:

Miss L. Jones and LIVELY CLIVE (ESS), 181 pts. One of the few genuine beginner teams who got themselves out of a ‘tricky’ patch on the track. Well done.

Mr. C. Ball and CONNEYWARREN TUCKER BOX (Lab) . Another experienced handler with a promising young dog.179pts

Mrs. V. Thompson and ROCKSPRAY WILBA A CONCENN (GSD), 175 .5 pts. Quiet handling got the best out of this keen Shepherd

Mrs. J. Meekings and WITHYLINCH MURR AT WINDLEBROOK (Lab), 173.5 pts. Nearly came to grief on the track. Very keen bitch, Megan that is!

Hard luck story of the day: Yvonne Fearon and her young Border Collie Lexie were qualifying nicely until Lexie decided to sit up for 9 minutes in the Down Stay. I feel sure you will qualify at your next outing.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering, you were all a pleasure to judge.

Last but not least thank you to Lynne Liney for keeping us supplied with food & drink wherever we were, it was much appreciated.



TD Stake 


Tracklayers:  Steve Liney, Linda Bowden, Len Newman, Sue Ashby, Tony Orchard

Steward:  June Hines.  

I would like to start by thanking ASPADS for the invitation to judge TD at this venue.  It is a long time since I competed at Oxford so I would like to thank Len for all his advice before and during the trial.

Len and Le organise a very willing group of helpers who make the trial run smoothly, so a big thank you for making it happen.  Le and her team in the kitchen were excellent.

Tracking was on winter wheat with varying growth, which, with ideal conditions, made for some good tracks, although some dogs did struggle.  Arthur Jeal was the first competitor on the first day and set an example for everyone else to follow - I thought the test was going to be too easy!  I set a test where I wanted the handlers to trust their dogs and most did.  Thanks to my tracklayers who did a first class job and to June for stewarding the squares and control.

1st           WAGGERLAND HARRY (WSD) handled by Mr M Snow.  208 Q Ex

Also won the Best Track trophy.  This team did a full mark track with only 3 articles from the square, but kept it together on control day.  Well done, Mike, you must be proud of him.  Subject to KC confirmation, this makes Harry a WT Champion.

2nd         BRIDGALPINE SPOT (BC) handled by Mr A Jeal.  204 Q Ex

This team set the standard with 3 and 4 on the nosework.  A good control round, with a blip on the sendaway the only problem.  Well done, Arthur and Spot.

3rd          WAGGERLAND FLOSS (BC) handled by Mrs A Fowler. 197.5 Q Ex

Another very good round, well done.

4th          JOLLY JILL (WSD) handled by Miss P Herbert. 196.5 Q Ex

This team worked so well together and I'm sure there's more to come!

Also qualifying Excellent:

FURSDON TWYLYTE TRAMONTANO (Weim) handled by Mrs A Tohme.  195.5

GLENALPINE MATT (BC) handled by Mrs J Atkins.  186

TARNEDGE SOLAR (Lab) handled by Mrs A Clarke.  183

LONGCOPSE CYCLONE (Lab) handled by Mrs C Brooke.  179

Qualifying TD only:

HOLLY BY GOLLEY (WSD) handled by Mr R Jones.  171

STYPERSON MILLIE (Lab) handled by Mrs M Weselby.  168 Also awarded the trophy for Best Track by a Labrador.

The hard luck story of the trial was Tony Lockyer's Robbie, who did one of the best tracks I've seen on a field that wasn't quite as good as the rest.  There were 4 hares running about on his track but that didn't bother Robbie.  It was a privilege to watch and a shame that more people weren't there to see an excellent handler and dog make it look so easy.  Well done, Tony.


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