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Open Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 14 December 2003

Trials Manager’s Report

The weather on Saturday was awful which seemed to lead to cancellations for Sunday, which turned out dry, bright and cold. The judges were great with Malcolm Snowden standing in, in UD, for Roy Williams who is now recovering from a bad accident, we all send our good wishes to him. Joan did a splendid job with WD. Tony Orchard judged Control with Jenny C.D. judge and C & A steward. Thank you all for a lovely weekend.

Special thanks to Sue Brumpton & Genine Newport in the kitchen. U.D. tracklayers Judy Meeking & Graham Brumpton (Saturday in pouring rain) Graham and Paula Harvey (Sunday) and search steward Val Isherwood. W.D. Tracklayers Paula Harvey, Angela Porter & Val Upton (Saturday in the rain) Angela and Lee Kane (Sunday) and search steward Joan Watkins. Certificates Judy Meekings.

My apologies if I’ve missed anybody. Thank you for being a super team to work with and great company to be with, see you in March/April.

Vana Moody.


C. D Stake


Steward:Tony orchard

I would like to thank ASPADS for the invitation to judge the open CD at this well run trial by Vana Moody. Sue and her kitchen brigade for keeping us fed and watered and Judy Meekings for the scores and general admistration at the base. Tony for stewarding and making my job so much easier.

We had 100% attendance with a 50% success rate, is this record for an open CD?

The search articles consisted of a piece of carpet, a black cartridge and a 6” piece of knotted clothes line. Both dogs retrieved all three articles and had a satisfactory retrieve mark.

At this trial both dogs had qualifying marks for the jumps but unfortunately the sendaway proved to be the downfall of Krish who decided that it was not her day for sendaways

So therefore the results were

1st           Mrs Gourd with Nickila Red (BSD, Terv) 82 Q

2nd         Mr P J McMaster Kristal Mighty (X Breed) NQ

Thank you to both competitors for entering and accepting my decisions, Good luck and Happy Trialling for the future.


WD & UD Control and Agility

Entries 21 WD & I9UD


Steward: Jenny Orchard

I would like to thank ASPADS for inviting me to judge and to thank Vana for managing the trials so efficiently. She was helped by an experienced team of helpers who were obviously good at multi-tasking. Just when you had sorted out who was doing what another face appeared in the kitchen. But we were well looked after so a big thank you to everyone, particularly to Sue in the kitchen and Judy in the base looking after score, certificates etc. We were entertained in grand style Saturday evening with an excellent pub meal and accommodated in a very comfortable B&B, great breakfast!!

The weather was wet on Saturday but bright and sunny on the Sunday.

I obviously owe Jenny a big thank you for stewarding for me and keeping the competitors on the right track!

The test was very straight forward as I thought the small test area was full of potential distractions as proved the case. On the Saturday a very large Father Christmas next to a very large Snow man kept being inflated in the neighboring garden centre but it must have had a leak because it did not stay up for long. On Sunday the sound of Christmas carols added to the atmosphere, very seasonal.

The sendaway was 70 yards diagonally to two very obvious crossed poles. Heelwork was around the agility area which although very wet did not cut up or become slippery.

Stays were very steady, heel work good with only a couple of exceptions, agility was also generally good with 17 getting qualifying marks our of the 25 that worked.

The retrieves left a lot to be desired for half the competitors, the other half were excellent, keen enthusiastic and under control.

U.D Stake

1st           Ms J Cooke Dunnslayne Mac (WSD) D. A superb round did not loose a mark with me. I could say only to be expected, but you only get out what you put in. Well done a pleasure to watch! 198 Q

2nd         Q Mr C Ball Conneywarren Tucker Box (Lab) B. Another special round well handled. Full mark retrieve, lost I at heel and V2 on a very good sendaway. Confident agility. Very well done. 191 .5

3rd          Mr L.M. Payne Sweet Assassin (WSD) D. Well done experienced handling brought a full mark retrieve and sendaway, only loosing 1 at heel. A 2nd attempt needed on the long. 177 Q

4th          Mrs C.C. Guard Lenworth Bertram of Philkindy (Lab) D. Another experienced handler showing how it should be done. Only lost 2 in heel work the rest was perfect. Congratulations. 174 .5  Q

W.D Stake

1st           Mrs D. Boxall Boxalong Boy (WSD) D. A very professional round losing 0.5 on sendaway and 0.5 on the clear jump. The only qualifier congratulations. 194 Q

2nd         Mrs L J Coull Fursdon Midnight Monsoon (Wiem) B. A real hard luck story breaking the down lost you the qualification. A good retrieve, lost 2 at heel and 3 5 lost on the sendaway literally through the wagtails! But well controlled. Good agility only enthusiasm lost you I 5 on the scale. 158.5  NQ

3rd          Mrs J Meekings Withylinch Murr at Windlebrook (Lab/Ret) B. A super round excellent retrieve, heelwork and sendaway. Full mark agility. 107.5 NQ

4th          Mrs H Burton Haztons Bright Star (BC) D. 83.5NQ

I would finally like to thank all the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions. I wish you all good fortune in your future trials.


UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Graham Brumpton, Judith Owens, and Paula Harvey

Steward: Val Isherwood.

My thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to Judge as stand in for Roy Williams who as we all know had a serious accident, I’m sure we all wish Roy well with his recovery. Thanks Vana and all the crew that made the trial a success. Thanks to my tracklayers Graham, Judith and Paula, and to Val for laying my squares and keeping me in order.

The standard over the 2 days was very good resulting in 4 qualifiers.

1st           Ms J. Cooke. DUNNSLAYNE MAC (WSD) 198Q

2nd         Mr C. Ball. CONNEY WARREN TUCKER BOX (Lab/Ret) 191.5 Q.

3rd          Mr L. Payne. SWEET ASSASSIN (WSD). 177 Q.

4th          Mrs C. C. Guard. LENWORTH BERTRAM OF PHILKINDY (Lab) 174.5 Q.

Well done to you all.

Lastly I would like to mention a young handler Miss M. Padgett, it was nice to see a young handler confidently working her dog, she gained 88.5 and both articles on her track and only dropped .5 point in her square, good luck in your future trials.


WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Angela Porter, Paula Harvey, Val Upton

Steward: Joan Watkins

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge WD Nosework at Enfield.

Thank you Vana and your team for a very enjoyable trial. Thanks Angela, Paula and Val for track laying, Joan for laying the squares and your company for the 2 days.

Tracking was on pasture land, the nosework proved to be difficult with only 2 dogs completing the track, squares were more successful and we saw some nice work here.

1st           Mrs. D. Boxall. BOXALONG BOY (WS) 194.5 Q.

Drift made the track look easy and gained 87.5 points, the square was excellent and drift was awarded a full square in 2 mins. Well done Diane.

2nd         Mrs L. Coull, FURSDON MIDNIGHT MONSOON Weim X Collie 158 NQ

Also did a very nice track on 86.5 points, but unfortunately went out on the stays, hard luck Lisa.

3rd          Mrs J. Meekings, WITHYLINCH MURR AT WINDLEBROOK (Lab/Ret) 107.5 NQ

4th          Mrs H. Burton, HAZTONS BRIGHT STAR (BC). 83.5 NQ.

Many thanks to all the competitors for allowing me to judge you, good luck to you in future trials.

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