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Trial Held: 08 February 2004

Trials Managers Report

Many thanks to all the judges, stewards and helpers who once again worked well to make the Blyth trial a success.

A very big thank you to Deborah who made an exceUent job of not only running the base with a welcoming word to competitors but also prepared the base refreshments.

Thanks to the Bebside Welfare Club committee for allowing us the use of the Club as base, it makes life a lot easier when the weather is as cold as it was to have a heated room to return to.

Last but not least my thanks to the farmers who once again came to my rescue after losing U.D. and W.D. land to flooding after four days of torrential rain.

I hope the competitors enjoyed the trial, to those who were successful well done and to those who didn't qualify, there's always another day, keep trying.




P.D. Stake


Tracklayers: Rob Dobson, Rachel Henderson

Steward:  Joan Bolton (C&A, squares and patrol round)

Criminals: Tom Davis, lain Forrest, Steve Lancashire

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge this stake and especially to Alan Bolton for his work as trials manager. The trial was very well organized and we had no hiccups at all. Thanks also to my helpers and Debbie and Pat at the Base, all who gave up their time to assist.

9 dogs entered, 7 ran.

Qualification in this stake allows you to progress to ‘ticket’ level and the whole stake took this into account.

We started with the C&A, nosework then the patrol round. The C&A was straightforward but a few struggled with the speak on the move at heel and the sendaway.

The tracking was on grass and full credit to all the teams as the weather conditions were very difficult. All the dogs either got round or near enough, despite gale force winds. Articles were green hose and purple rubber mat on the track and a shell, plastic cup, measuring spoon and foam in the square. The patrol round was designed with several points in mind. Overall, I wanted to see a dog willing to search (not just run around fast), good control , good attitude towards the criminals and a committed bite (at the right time!). Whilst not looking for the handlers to be especially acting the part, they should be in control of the situation.

The round started with the quarter which was the boundary of the top of a huge field which lead to two criminals who were standing chatting to each other. All dogs found them but some failed to indicate, probably due to the criminal’s fairly relaxed manner. A couple of handlers forgot to search the hide but the criminals were well searched. During the escort which followed, one criminal attacked the handler and the other walked away. He then returned towards the handler, creating a disturbance and the handler was to get the dog off the first criminal and onto the second. Most dogs were fine with this. The chase was next, followed by the recall and the round finished with the test of courage which was Mr Angry armed with a metal bin.

My thanks to the criminals who carried out the test so well and gave the dogs every chance. I hope the handlers enjoyed the tests; they were all a pleasure to judge.

1st           Tracey Park & Waggerland Brook D. WSD. 274.5/320 C.O.M. (51/55, 95.5/115, 128/150) Excellent C&A and managed well to get themselves out of a sticky spot on the track. A good confident patrol round, especially the quarter, by a keen dog. Well done, should have a bright future.

2nd         Walter Evans & Norshep Rudi D. GSD 269 C.O.M. (45.5, 95.5, 128) Scraped the control section but excelled in the track. A strong, keen dog in the patrol round, the control there was faultless. The partnership just needs a bit more experience, mainly in the quarter. Well done, a very worthy qualifier.

3rd          Helen Kelly & Glenfoot Shooting Star B. GSD 255.5 NQ (40.5, 83, 132) Unlucky not to qualify, the scale being the downfall. ShOwed great perseverance on the track. More work needed on the location but otherwise Tikka produced the best patrol round.

4th Polly Thomas and Stanley of Annesley Springs D. WSD 218 NQ ( 43,92,84) Super heelwork and speak, well handled to complete the track. More work needed on the location and bite but produced a good quarter and had good control.


WD Stake


Tracklayers: Steve Braithwaite, Iain Forrest

Stewards: Ann Forrest.

Thanks to Alan Bolton & ASPADS for the invitation to judge. If only Alan would organise the weather as well as he does the trail at Blyth. It was bitterly cold and windy. It was however as always, a very cheerful and enjoyable trail. Thanks to Alan & Joan for putting me up for the weekend and making me so welcome. Thanks to Steve, Iain and Ann who all played their part in ensuring the test was as I planned. Their company made the cold bearable. Thanks to Pat Nelson for keeping us fed, and everyone at the base.

We had 6 dogs. Unfortunately the weather was just too much for these inexperienced dogs and we ended up with no qualifiers, even though they all tried their hardest.

1st           Janet Freeman, SUNSHINE BLUE BOY (LAB) (D). The only dog to complete the track. Wagging his tail all the way round. Then only managed to find one in the square. He’ll not be long before he qualifies.

2nd         Keith McGuikin, MERRYDANCER OF COURT (WSD) (B). Managed to get half way round the track before going wrong. Keep trying Kath she’s a lovely little bitch.

3rd          June McPhillips, ESKMILL MIDNIGHT (F/Ret). Enjoying himself as usual. Just too much for him today.

4th          Angela Seddon, SONGLADE ROSIE POSIE (WSD) (B) A lovely lively collie, thoroughly enjoying herself. Needs a bit more control and she’ll qualify.

Thanks to all competitors for accepting my decisions. Keep at it and they’ll soon qualify.

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