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Trial Held: 21 September 2003

Trials Manager’s Report

Two very good days.  Weather kept fine for dogs and handlers.  Stakis Garden Centre made an excellent base with plenty of parking and exercise area for dogs.  We managed qualifiers in all stakes and these were well deserved.

Special thanks to : The farmers who allow us to use their land each year.  To the Judges for producing enjoyable and interesting tests and finally the loyal band of helpers without whom the Trial would not be able to take place.  Jean Marley, Arthur Rivers, Carole Hall, J. Findeisen, Jeff Ball, Pete Turner, Malcolm Snowden, Mick Cammidge and Dave Stewart.  Thanks to you all.

Roy Williams




Tracklayers: Carole Hall  &  Julia Findeisen

Steward: Geoff Morgan

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge. Thanks also to Roy Williams, Trials Manager, for keeping me straight; my track­ layers Carole and Julie who, as well as being­ great  tracklayers (6 out of 7 got round the track) kept me laughing all day, never a dull moment, also Geoff my search steward, who yet again did a great job, and finally thanks to wife Jackie  who  acted  as my scribe  and greeter of my competitors.

1st          CoM 187.5. Mr T Austin, GHYLLBECK NIMBOSTRATUS (Large Munsterlander) Excellent performance from Terry and Storm. only dropping 6 overall on the track and search.

2nd        CoM 173. Mrs E Warrior, OH MY KKATIE (X Breed) A solid performance from Liz and Katy.

3rd         CoM    161.5.   Mrs   A   Sneddon, SONGLADE  ROSIE  POSIE  (WSD)  Angela and Rosie managed to get  1  off the track: and 3 from the square, another good team.

4th         NQ 1 70.5. Mrs J  Douglas, SHADOWQUEST AREBA (GSD) The best track of the day by Jane & Rea only dropping 2 points. Sorry to hear about the stays.




Tracklayers: Male & Peter  Steward: Geoff Ball

The weather was good but the tracking wasn't. The ground was hard stubble. most dogs got away from the pole but found it very difficult, except for one dog, who made it look easy. The tracklayers and stewards worked hard and I thank them very much.

1st          Mr  J Phillips,  JENSIL BLAKATO BOUNTY  (GSD) An excellent track in these. conditions and the only one to get round the track. CoM 191 pts.

2nd        Mrs  P  T Collier, SORUMOUR JUST FOR A  LAUGH AT GLENTRADA    (GSD)  NQ. 118pts.

3rd         Ms  S  Yates,  BEBTON   BRYN    (X Breed) NQ. 107.5pts.

4th         Mr    D    Chadwick.    STILLMOOR  STORMY SKY  (BC) NQ.


TD Nosework

Judge: Phil Jackson

Tracklayers : Mick Cammidge and Dave Stewart.

Search Steward  : Jan Clancy.

Thank you ASPADS for inviting me to judge the TD nosework and  to Roy and Jean for all their work at the base, out on the fields Mick, Dave and Jan did their bit brilliantly, so  everyone had a fair crack of the whip, which made my job easy.

1st           Pat Herbert with Jolly Jill CDEx. UDEx. WSD   Jill was very confident on her track and didn't struggle at all, including a full point square - a very impressive performance I thought, particularly as the conditions looked so difficult. Well done Pat, a worthy winner. Q 200.5

2nd         Joanne Hebden with Jaybird Fleet of Foot BC Jay again tracked very confidently and was the first  of the two dogs to get completely round, well handled by Joanne, with her first trials dog and with all three track articles. Good luck in the future. Q 198.5

3rd          Stevie Boyall with Stypherson Lomond CDEx. UDEx. Lab. It was good to see Harley's efforts pay off in difficult conditions, he had a great attitude to the  nosework. Congratulations and keep enjoying your trialing. Q 190

4th          Roy Jones  with Holly By Golly CDEx. UDEx. WDEx. WSD. Roy and Holly were a pleasure to judge, having walked the furthest to his track, Roy looked ready for a cuppa, let alone a TD track, but they did really well and were our first qualifiers. Bet you enjoyed the walk back better! Q 185

Linda Powell and Jay were very impressive, to say the least, as he refused to be beaten on the track and Linda never followed him a foot until he was right, great teamwork and qualified the nosework but not t'other bit.(we've all been there)

As a tracklayer here, I have found the conditions for TD  have been difficult  in the past and particularily as the weather preceding the trial was very dry, I made the test straightforward, if only so the tracklayers would not have to spend their day looking for the articles,  which were pieces of green hosepipe, grey carpet and red rope.

The squares were done very well and the articles were a half wooden peg, a piece of thin elastic,  sponge and a cigarette packet, which I thought would give the dogs an early easy article, but would need to be unmouthed to get full points. The first dog to complete the track, got three out of the square - didn't  get the cig packet, typical.

We finished up with five nosework qualifiers in conditions that most found just too hard, indeed getting to the first corner was a major achievement, but all credit to the competitors, they finished the day with a smile and there will I'm sure be another day for those that didn't qualify




Steward: June Hines

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the  C.D. and Control and  Agility.

Thanks must go to the trials manager, Roy Williams and his team who ran a well organised trial - and such a good base.

The weather was generally kind for the time of year. Thanks to the competitors for accept­ ing my decisions. To those who succeeded, well done. To those who didn't, l'm sure it won't be long because on the whole I thought the standard of control was quite high.

C.D. Stake

1st       SHELTYSHAM SHEPSON  OF  PROFORM (BC) handled by Mrs S Dearing. 84.5 CoM. A  good overall  performance and  the only qualifier in this stake. Well done.

2nd        OH MY KKATIE (X Breed) handled by Mrs E Warrior. 79.5.

3rd         CARFELD GUS (BC) handled by Mr K Jones, 71.5.

4th          DARLING  LASSIE  ( Lab) handled by Mr G Kirk, 70.

U.D. C&A.

1st           GHYLLBECK  NIMBOSTRATUS   (Munsterlander)  handled  by Mr T Austin. 187.5 CoM. Good to see a different breed qualifying. Well done.

2nd        OH  MY KKATIE (X Breed) handled by Mrs E Warrior 173 CoM. Well done.

3rd         SONGLADE ROSIE POSIE (WSD) handled by Mrs A Seddon. 161.5 CoM.

4t h        SHADOWQUEST AREBA  (GSD)  handled by Mrs J Douglas. 170.5 NQ.


1st          JENSIL BLAKATO BOUNTY   (GS D) handled  by Mr J  Phillips 191  CoM. Well done John. Nice to see your dog work so well - the only qualifier.

Sorry, I have no other placings in this stake.

T.D. Control  & Agility

1st          JOLLY JILL (WSD) handled by Miss P Herbert 2005. CoM. A good round, as you would expect. Well done Pat, I think you've got another one destined for the top!

2nd        JAYBIRD FLEET OF FOOT (BC) handled by Mrs J Hebdon. 198.5 CoM. A nice steady round. well done.

3rd         STYPERSON LOMOND (Lab) handled by Miss S Boyall. 190 CoM. Well done.

4th          HOLLY  BY GOLLY  (WSO) handled by Mr R J ones,  185 CoM. Another  steady round, well done.

Finally, we were sorry to hear about your accident, Roy, but hope you're  making a good recovery. Best wishes.

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