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Open Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 09 May 2004

Trials Managers Report

Due to the great support I had from many willing helpers the trial was a success and with entries the highest since I started as trials manager we had four busy days.  Many thanks to Mary for all the help with the entries before the trial and afterwards looking after the base, scores and certificates, assisted by Jan.  To Pat, thanks once again for organizing the catering, shopping and baking and to Linda for four days help in the kitchen.  Donations of cakes and pies were really appreciated.  The Judges all set very fair tests and the tracklayers and stewards did a brilliant job.  Linda (C&A judge) had difficulty at times coping with fog on the control field.  Fog greatly affected WD tracks, particularly on Sunday with visibility down to 25 yards which meant Jim (WD judge) had to follow dogs round the tracks.

All credit must go to the track layers.  I wish I had control over the weather!  The night after the trial ended one of our farmers rang me and apologized for the weather conditions.  He was the one who had moved his sheep out so we could have a control field.   Many fields had so much water on them that it was impossible to set up the jumps, and some farmers had not been able to move their animals because of standing water.  A special mention to the "TD team" who came to the rescue regarding TD search squares.  Nigel and June thought they were coming to Scarborough for a few days rest!  Unfortunately, Bert Cooper (proposed square steward for four days) was admitted to hospital - good to know all is well now Bert.  Finally, huge thanks to Pete who sorts out all the jumps, visits farmers, does numerous jobs and is always there to help me deal with various problems as they occur.  Prior to the trial we were saddened to hear of the sudden death of two of our farmers who have supported us for many years - David Else of  Staintondale and Mr. Poole of Harwood Dale.  Our sympathies go to both their families.




Steward: Le Newman

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge. I had only just moved back to this country when the invitation came, I was delighted to accept especially since Scarborough is one of my favourite trials. Thanks to Pat and Pete for the accommodation and for a well run trial. Also thanks to everyone who helped in the kitchen, to Jan & Mary for working out the scores and Mary for writing the certificates. A big thank you goes to my steward Le who helped keep me relaxed and put all the competitors at ease. Excellent stewarding Le. I tried to set a round that was straightforward, as I wanted to encourage new handlers. The search articles were a square piece of carpet tile, a dolly peg & a square piece of vinyl. I decided to do the sit stay individually after the search and retrieve and I believed that this worked with only one dog breaking the stay. The sendaway was well done, marks only being lost for the control at the sendaway point. Five dogs worked with three qualifying and the other two dogs only just missed out. I feel that all these dogs should do well in Championship C.D. Good luck in the future and above all enjoy your dogs.

1st           Mrs. A. Christie & ELEGANT LITTLE EVE (Lab.) A lovely round a pleasure to judge. It shouldn't be long before you get your CDex. Good luck in the future. 88pts COM.

2nd         Mrs. R. Squire & BEINHARD (G.S.D.) Another lovely round shame about not getting the third article from the search square. 87pts COM

3rd          Mrs. I. Dainty & BRIGANTIA BELLE (Lab.) This was a first time for both handler & dog and they managed to qualify. Well done. I think she was more nervous than the dog! 8lpts COM

4th          Mrs A. Pollard & PRIDE OF THE GLEN (Golden Retriever) This dog worked extremely well it was a shame about the sit stay just lost concentration and went down about three quarters of the way through. I am sure that a qualification won't be long in coming. 85.5 NQ

5th          Miss A Smith & LINZI THE LEOPARDESS (G.S.D.) Another dog showing a lot of potential just needs to work on the jumps and I am sure a qualification wont be long in coming

UD WD TD Control & Agility


My thanks to the Society for this invitation and to Pete and Pat Hodgkins for their excellent organisation, in what at times were difficult situations (mainly created by the foggy conditions). My accommodation was excellent as was the food supplied during the trial.

Mary did an excellent job in collating the scores and the food sent out by Pat and Linda from the kitchen was very enjoyable. Thank you all.

Pete Hodgkins also found time to be my steward initially and helped set the test with his knowledge of the surrounding fields and the adjoining sea (which could not be seen for the fog!), his position was then ably taken on by Jenny Johnston who although initially a little nervous about the task, did an excellent job.

There were a lot of distractions for the dogs in the form of fresh sheep muck as the sheep had only been removed from the field on Wednesday, as well as sheep and cattle in the adjoining fields, with lambs and ewes constantly calling each other. I thank the lady who sensibly withdrew her dog when she felt she could not be confident she would be able to control it under these conditions. Most competitors had to work their round in very foggy conditions, which took their toll in the sendaways.

TD Stake (55 entries)

1st           Jean Cooke with DUNNSLAYNE MAC 209 marks certificate of merit. Another very promising dog sympathetically handled by Jean.

2nd         A Chadboume's MAXMILLION PINK NOSE 2065 marks certificate of merit

3rd          Ms H Halton's CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER 194.5 marks certificate of merit

4th          Mr R Lea's TONAYIA RUNNING WILD 192 marks certificate of merit

also gaining certificate of merit:

Miss J Miller's TRKINDALE ACE 192 marks,

Miss A J Lynd's REBARK ALMOND 189.5 marks

Mr G Page's BRIGLEN NUTMEG 180 marks.

The standard of the remainder was mixed, but the shortage of qualifiers was more to do with failure on the nosework than in the control and agility!

Send away was to a lump of sheep's wool in the middle of the field, with re-direct to a wooden board on the boundary wall of the field, some handlers bad to send their dogs

'blind' into the fog, but those who had been taught a 'send away' as opposed to a 'send to' were successfiul.

WD Stake (26 entries)

1st           P N Hines' TYTRI KES OF BRYNS WOOD 195 marks and certificate of merit

2nd         Mr D Waite's DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN 193 marks and certificate of merit

3rd          Mr J Poole's LATCHETS BOSS 193 marks and certificate of merit

4th          Mr G Morgan's WHITETHORNE GEL 192 marks and certificate of merit

also gaining certificate of merit

Mr T Austin's GHYLLBECK NIMBOSTRATUS 171.5 marks,

Mr D Chadwick's STILLLMOOR STORMY SKY 182 marks,

Mr S Hayes' NORSIHIEP MOLTO 183marks,

Mr D Olley's BLACK NEWBOROUGI-I LAD 168.5 marks,

Mr N SymonsTHIRTLEBY CLASSIC TOPAZ 166.5 marks and

Mr M Tustain's JOTUNHEIM VIP 189.5 marks.

As in TD those dogs taught a send away did well, those taught a send to found their own spot, or didn't go anywhere when they had the fog to contend with!

UD Stake (23 entries)

1st           Mrs M Robinson's TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY 198.5 marks and certificate of merit.

2nd         Mr J I) Currie's DREAGANTA SAME 195.5 marks and certificate of merit

3rd          MrG Morgan's WI-IITETHORNE CHIPS 191.5 marks and certificate of merit

4th          Mrs L Newman's BAYRIVER ANTICS 1855 marks - failed to qualify the control by half a mark but I understand you already have a certificate of merit and did an excellent nosework round!

I understand the sun has been shining on the control field since the day after the trial!


UD Nosework


Tracklayers : Anne, Lorraine and Vana.

Suzanne and Len

Steward : Dena-Marie Banks

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge, and thanks to Pat and all those at the base for a well run and efficient trial.

The accommodation was very good.

I would like to thank my daughter Dena-Marie for doing an excellent job with the squares, and my tracklayers did a superb job, on the track under poor weather conditions, and their experience shone through.  Tracking was on lush grass which most dogs enjoyed, although a few struggled with the wind.  But overall an excellent effort by all!

1st           Mrs. M. Robinson with TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY BC. Can't fault this dog.  Didn't drop a point in nosework, one to watch for the future.  Well done Margaret.Track 145, Square 4/35

2nd         Mr. J.D. Curry with DREAGANTA SAMTH BC Another one with good nosework, in experienced hands.  Bright future.

Track 144, Square 4/35

3rd          Mr. G. Morgan with WHITETHORN CHIPS BC A new handler, with first dog, excellent nosework, has a bright future.  Track 144.5, Square 4/35

4th          Mrs. L. Newman with BAY RIVER ANTICS GSD This dog worked very well, unfortunately missed by 0.5 point.  Better luck next time. Track 142, Square 4/33


WD Nosework


Tracklayers : Geoff Ball, Trevor Smith, Mick Cammidge and Pete Hodgkins

Steward : Joyce Rae

Thanks to ASPADS for inviting me to judge WD nosework.  To Pat and Pete for running such a well organized trial.  To the ladies in the kitchen and all the helpers at the base.  My special thanks to an excellent team of tracklayers Geoff, Trevor, Mick and Pete and to Joyce for all the search squares.  Tracking was on lush grass which produced some excellent nosework.

26 entered - 23 ran with 16 qualifying nosework and 10 going on to gain C.O.M.

1st           Nigel Hines with TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD, BC D.Track 107/110, search 35/35 C.O.M. 195

2nd         David Waite with DUNNELAYNE BLUE OMEN, WSD D Track 107/110, search 35/35 C.O.M. 193

3rd          Jeff Poole with LATCHETS BOSS, GSD D Track 107/110, search 35/35 C.O.M. 193

4th          Geoff Morgan with WHITEHOME GIL  BC D Track 106/110, search 35/35  C.O.M. 192

Also gaining C.O.M.

M. Tustain with JOTUNHEIM VIP, MALINOIS D C.O.M. 189.5

S. Haynes with NORSHEP MOLTO GSD D C.O.M. 183

D. Chadwick with STILLMOOR STORMY SKY BC D C.O.M. 182


D. Olley with BLACK NEWBOROUGH LAD, LAB D C.O.M. 168.5



TD Nosework


Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the TD nosework at one of my favourite trials.  Thank you Pat and Pete for the well run trial, Pat and Linda in the kitchen thanks for keeping us all so well fed.  The trial started Thursday with the weather spring like and the dogs on that day coped very well with the track.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday were very cool, overcast and at times foggy which seemed to make tracking much more difficult.  Squares were generally good, the only problem being dogs enjoying sheep droppings losing concentration.

1st           Jean Cooke with DUNNSLAYNE MAC WSD 209.1st dog, 1st day didn't find the test a problem.  Seemed to make the track look easy.  Recovered all articles and also a full mark square.

2nd         Alan Chadourne with MAXMILLION PINK NOSE WSD 206.5.Only dropped 2.5 marks on the track and gained 33.5 in the square.

3rd          Heather Halton with CANEFREE COOL CUSTOMER  LAB 194.5 Lovely track and square and recovered 2 articles off the track.

4th          Ray Lea with TONAYIA RUNNING WILD  WSD 192 With a track mark of 97.5.  Recovering 2 articles off the track.

Also gaining a certificate of merit.

Joan Miller with TRKINDALE ACE WSD 192

Andrea Lynd with REBART ALMOND LAB 189.5

Glynis Page with NUTMEG WSD 180

Well deserved to all of you and good luck to you all

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