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Open Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 21 March 2004

Control & Agility U.D. W.D. T.D. & C.D


Steward all stakes Sharon Watt. C.D. Search Steward Jenny Beaton

I wish to thank Joyce, Jim, Bill and the entire team for making my visit to Dundee so nice, more then I can say about the weather!!  A lot of work had gone into this trial and on the day it showed. Looking forward to coming back

I feel that judging an Open Trial with the four stakes C & A is one of the hardest appointments. When you have to remember your standard of severity & consistency between all the stakes. I cannot see why some judges mark their UD control round as if it were ticket, surely you should adjust the standard throughout the stakes. The experience needed in this type of appointment, will never be learned from examination papers, as its guaranteed that some thing different will happen. Understanding the "I" Regulations is not in question, it is as situations arise you need the experience and knowledge of Judging to make the right decision.

 I was able to have the same steward for all the days and it was reassuring to know Sharon was there, well most of the time!! and Jenny helping with the C.D. thank you both. The food was very good and home made from Shirley, Sheena & Karen in the kitchen. Thanks go to Jim & Shirley for the chauffeuring at nights from the B & B. this allowed me to saver the local wine.

CD          6 entries

1st           Mrs W. Welstead CALAFOUNTAIN NORTH DAWN, Lab. N.Q.26 retrieve section, good stays but for the sendaway would have qualified. Well done

2nd         Mr G Tait INSPECTOR MORSE, G.S.D. Just did not want to retrieve, nice control 26 marks

3rd          Miss N Billmoria ELLIE OF FRIEZLAND, Jack Russell Terrier. 26 .5 retrieve section, 27 .5control but did not like any of the jumps

4th          Mrs J Westaby BELLEHEIGLASH BELLE, Retriever. 25 .5 retrieve section, 21 .5 control again not jumping weather.

It has been some time since I judged an open C.D. and although we did not have a qualifier I feel that the dogs did enjoy their day out. I think that the weather was a major facture. Thanks to the competitors for accepting my decisions.

UD          6 entries

1st           Mr I Forest, ARGONNE ALI, G.S.D. N.Q. 27 Control 15 jumps would have qualified but for the nosework section.

2nd         Mr G Tait, INSPECTOR MORSE, G.S.D. 24 control, 15jumps Look on the good side the heelwork was nice, sendaway being costly.

3rd          Miss J Wood, TRIALEX DARK ANGEL, G.S.D.Just a bad day all-round

4th          Mrs C Ashworth, TWEEDSMILL WEEPING WILLOW, Flat Coated Retriever.Stays a concern, but it was raining.

A lot of young dogs entered and the weather did not help them give their best.

WD         7 entries

1st           Mrs P Cuthbert, PIERCES BOY, X Breed. N.Q. But for a bad sendaway would have qualified.

2nd         Mrs A Anderson SEAHAAR SHELL B.C. Good control round, but the jumps where very costly

3rd          Mrs M Park, CODDINSHAW DAMSEL, Weim.. Sendaway expensive

TD          12 entries

1st           Miss J Miller, TRKINDALE ACE, WSD Q 207 Excellent control round only losing 3 marks  .5 on heelwork, 2 .5 speak. No problem with this standard at ticket.

2nd         Mr R Fruzynski, XADOAS SPLASH, WSD Q 204. Control gaining 27 marks

3rd          Mrs J Beaton, TRIALEX KING, GSD Q 203.5 A good round gaining 31 .5 marks

4th          Miss H Halton, CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER, Lab. Q 184.5 Another good round 31 .5 marks.

The standard of most of the dogs was good worthy to get into ticket. The speak was costly, when I was only asking the dog to speak by the handlers side. The re direction did cause problems but the rain & mist did not help. It's funny when I go north I believe it follows me.


UD Stake Nosework


Steward: Tony Orchard

Track Layers: Rory Duncan and Dave McRae

Thank-you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge Dundee one of my favourite trials,  and to Joyce Rae for managing the trial in such a pleasant and efficient manner. 

Thanks   also to Rory and Dave who  laid all the tracks just as I asked.

Tracking was on plough ranging from dryish on Saturday to very wet on Sunday.  

The first track article was a piece of green wellington, and the last a 3 inch square piece of carpet.

Tony very kindly acted as search steward the articles being a cartridge ,jam jar top, cork and piece of red underlay.

Two teams recovered all four articles, two teams three, and one team two.

Six Teams entered and with one scratch that left 5 to run, with 4 completing the track and search with qualifing marks.

1st           Mr I Forrest ARGONNE ALI GSD     Qualified in each section but not enough overall. N.Q  

2nd         Mrs Carol Ashworth SKYE TWEEDSMILL TARANSAY Flat Coated Retriever. Handler Harry Arbuckle- a full mark search and recovered both track articles. N.Q  

3rd          Miss J Wood TRIALEX DARK ANGEL GSD. Retrieved 4 from the search and both track articles also the trophy for Best Track, it was a joy judge. NQ  

4th           Mrs Carol Ashworth TWEEDSMILL WEEPING WILLOW Flat Coated Retriever . Flew round the track but then only managed to recover 2 articles from the square. NQ   

Thank-you  Sheena and Shirley for providing refreshments- delicious! And to the society for a lovely evening meal on Saturday night.

Lastly to all the competitors thank you for entering and accepting my decisions.


WD Stake - Nosework


Search Steward:   Jenny Orchard

Track layers:  Rory Duncan, Garry Tait, Dave McRae

I would like to thank ASPADS for inviting me to judge the WD nosework and Joyce Rae for organising the trial so efficiently.

The base was well run with excellent refreshments and the Saturday evening social and meal was thoroughly enjoyed. My track layers set the test just as required and were good company.

Jenny very kindly search stewarded for and I was able to return the favour for her in the UD Stake.

The tracking was on bare plough and although conditions looked difficult that proved not to be the case. All stakes saw dogs tracking well.

I set an open ten leg track the first article was a six inch length of brown electric cable for the dog to find and a red cartridge as the last article for dog or handler to find!

The search articles were a dessert spoon, piece of green pan scrub, Small square of carpet and 2inch grey electrical wire.

Only one dog finished the track, mainly due to poor handling of the dogs at the start pole. The conditions were such that clear prints could be seen leaving the pole, no one took advantage by working the dogs onto them. 

Searches should have proved easy with no growth, but only one dog, Mrs A. Andersons Seahaar Shell, retrieved all four it was however in an impressive 1minute 35 seconds.

There were unfortunately no qualifiers overall and only the winner with qualifying nosework marks.

1st           Mrs P Cuthbert PIERCES BOY X Breed D Completed a good track with both articles 104 marks, three articles from the search 23 marks. No qualification today but I am sure it will not be long. Well done. NQ

2nd         Mrs M Park COBBINSHAW DAMSET Weim. B.Worked hard to get half way round the track 30, but no articles.. Two articles from the square for 18. NQ

3rd          Mrs A Anderson SEAHAAR SHELL BC B. Worked well but came to grief on the third leg and could not recover. A brilliant search for 35. NQ

Finally thank you to everyone who entered and for accepting my decisions.


TD Nosework, & PD.Stake

Judge: Jacqui Gibney

Thank you ASPADS for the opportunity to judge at your open Trial at Dundee. It is just such a long way, but the welcome and good company at the Trial more than made up. for it. Joyce Rae managed an excellent Trial, nothing left to chance, but a wholly relaxed and happy atmosphere. Thankyou Joyce and the team.

TD stake 12 entries 11 ran

Despite the high winds and rainy cold weather on rough plough, I was treated to seeing some excellent tracks and searches, with 10 of the II completing the nosework on qualifying marks. Some handlers started with trepidation after claiming" he's never tracked on plough before", but once the dog had worked out' footprint to footprint ', so the confidence of both dog and handler increased, and all the teams enjoyed themselves, albeit most handlers were well tired at the end, and looked far more exhausted than their dog!

Every handler thanked their tracklayer and steward, and I add my thanks too, to Jim Jeffery, John Hood and Bill Mackie for laying the tracks, and Ailsa Anderson for laying all the searches

1st           Joan Millar & Trkindale Ace WSD 96/30/29 Ricky hardly put a paw wrong and completed the nosework in style, well done.

2nd         Alistair Fruzynski & Xandoas Splash WSD 98/30/29 Certainly the best track of the day, the handler nicknamed Nijinski , since he had to run to keep up with his dog! Excellent work.

3rd          Jenny Beaton & Tnalex King GSD 93/30/34 Ice dragged Jenny up and down that hill, and went on to complete a fast and accurate search. Well done.

4th          Heather Halton & Carefree Cool Customer Lab. 90/20/24 Shadow worked in the worst of the weather, Heather was just so delighted with qualifying marks.


PD stake

I hope the handlers and dogs enjoyed the test, the tracking conditions were the same as for TD and all 4 competitors qualified this section.

Thank you so much Jim Jeffrey and Bill Mackie for laying tracks and Jenny Beaton for laying the searches.

Jim also stewarded for the C/A and Patrol round, and Bill Mackie, lain Forrest, Gary Tait and Rory Duncan acted criminals in the Patrol round.

TOC was the first exercise, the dog was baited by one criminal, who ran away, dog released and just out of sight was attacked by 3 very rowdy men with a variety of weapons. The dog then quartered the field to locate a seated man, search and escort him, when an attack on handler took place. Next the recall, and finally the chase Thank you 'criminals' for giving everyone an equal opportunity , and being so realistic in the role you took on.

1st           John Gray & Hartwesen Brough Superior ,Rott. Johns experience certainly showed, Thomas can be a little stubborn, and is certainly a dog with attitude, John handled him really well. A good round, 277.5/320, congratulations and best of luck in Ch PD.

2nd         Chris Gregory & WTCh Vornsandbar Eros GSD Worked really well up to the Patrol when Tino became selectively deaf ! This was very costly on marks, but overall you gained that second open. Well done 273.5/320

3rd          Bill Richardson & Muirkirk Luke, Lab. Max is just back after injury, so the C/A cost him a certificate today, but he did a creditable Patrol round. NQ

4th          Helen Kelly & Glenfoot Shooting Star GSD Tikka was a little out of her depth today, but with more experience, I'm sure she could make the grade. NQ Thanks to all the competitors for accepting my decisions,

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