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Championship Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 04 April 2004

Trials Manager's Report  :

Our thoughts throughout this trial were with Tom and Jan Derby who had to return home due to illness, then bereavement in the family.  We missed their good company.

A big thank you to a great team of helpers and judges who were far too numerous to mention individually, no problem was too big to overcome.  Their company made the week a happy, friendly place to be.  Conditions were very good which led to a good amount of qualifiers.  Well done to them, those that did not quite make it, there will come a time, keep it up.  The judges will thank, I hope their teams in their reports. Thank you to you all.

PS.  Again bad manners, when a competitor qualifies but does not bother to collect their certificate or even say they are leaving, relying on others to take it home for them.

Vana Moody


CD Stake


Steward : Paula Harvey

Thanks to ASPAD's for invite to judge CD stake.  Thanks to Vana Moody and her many helpers for a well run trial.

Thanks to Paula Harvey for an excellent job as steward.

I had a lovely two days, and conditions were good, except whenever Jeff Poole appeared, hoods were up!!

Only 3 qualifiers.

1st           Pearl Bray (CHAS) KENMILTON STORM G. Ret 96.5.  Well done.

2nd         Margaret Robinson (Lace) TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY BC 88.5

3rd          Jeff Poole (Boss) LATCHETS BOSS GSD 88.5.


UD Stake


Tracklayers: Val Upton and Julie Skipp

Search and C and A Steward: Joan Watkins

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the UD stake at the above trial. Thanks to Vana Moody and her team of helpers for a very well run and organised trial. I had a really good couple of days. To Yvonne, John and Dave in the kitchen for all the lovely food especially the hot jacket spuds they were delicious. Thanks to my tracklayers on both days Val and Julie for all your hard work and to Joan for laying squares both days and being my control and agility steward for both days as well as keeping me on my toes and remembering everything. What a great steward you are and you were all good company throughout the two days. The weather was quite good to us too. Not too much rain and very little wind making the tracking conditions ideal. All tracks were laid on really lovely lush grass, which was very clean. Thanks to the competitors for entering under me. I hope you all enjoyed my test as much as I enjoyed judging you. We were treated to some lovely nosework and some really nice control and agility rounds. Well done to those who qualified and to those who didn't keep trying it wont be long I'm sure.

1st           Mrs C C Guard and Bertie (Lab) dog - 188.5 - well done CC, he did you proud.

2nd         Pearl Rigg and Rosco (GSD) dog - 185.5 - Well done Pearl, he is a nice dog. Worked well even with your nerves.

3rd          Mrs Jan Rex and Cher (Weim) Bitch - 179.5 - Well done Jan. When you get it right so does Cher. Getting 10 for her sendaway.

4th          Maurice Millington and Ribbet (GSD) Bitch - 179 - Well done Maurice. Lovely nosework.

Also qualifying were:

Yvonne Fearon and Lexi 178.5 well done.

Heather Donnelly and Gina 178.5 well done.

Neil Symons and Rebus 173 well done. What an agile dog.

John West and Mason 164.5 well done.

June Brine and Paddy 156.5 UD only. Well done.


WD Stake


Tracklayers: Mary Drewitt, Arthur Jeal, Paula Harvey, Angela Porter and Julie Skipp.  All very accurate and as a bonus all my helpers were good company. Thanks.

Stewards: : Thanks to Joan Watkins for squares on Monday and to Val Isherwood for the rest of the squares and her C&A scribing. You are both a great help to any judge.

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation and a big thank you to Vana Moody for all her hard work. Thanks to all her base and kitchen staff, I was very well fed during my stay.

Four days without rain was a definite plus too.

The first track layer I saw on Monday morning said "17 legs! That's hard in WD" then watched her three get round. It did get windier after the first day and those dogs that tried hard in the wind really deserved to qualify. What did prove to be beyond some competitors was walking and navigating for themselves on the control field. Apparently many people, (walking in a natural manner), do not look where they are going!

1st           Maureen REGAN'S KENMILLONE FRASER GSD. Won the run-off for first with a superb square, this dog looked like he would work (play?) happily all day. Strong track but no first article, good control and full mark jumps. Q.Ex. 182?.

2nd         Andrew Buchanan's GLENALPINE SOCKS BC.  Worked hard on track but put off by bird scarers at C&A field, only getting 3 out of the square on run off. Q Ex 182?.

3rd          Alan Ballinger's WAGGERLAND SCRUFF WSD. Worked hard on track but missed a square article. Lovely control and full mark jumps from a little dog! Q Ex 182?.

4th          Stella Smyth's WARRIGAL BLUE KOOKYNIE ACD.  Again wind affected the track but a full mark square impressed me. Q Ex 180?.

Also qualifying:

Steve Fearon's Fircroft Idaho GSD. Q Ex 180. Thanks for the gun cleaning/loading.

Jean Cooke's Dunnslayne Mac WSD. Very quiet handling = quiet dog! Q Ex 176?

J. Hickey's Beesting Wicca BC. Q Ex 175?.

A. Saunders' Szikras Height of Fortune. Cross. Q Ex 174.

S. Perez's Kay Laren WSD. Q Ex 172?.

A. Thorpe's Glenalpine Izzie at Dalemain BC Q Ex 171?.


TD Stake


Steward - Dorothy Bowen

Tracklayers - Lindsey Poole, Jacqui Barron, Mary Drewit & Jan Vallack

I would like to thank the conmiittee of A.S.P.A.D.S. for the invitation to judge at the trial.

Thanks to Vana and Jean for a very well run trial.

Thanks to my experienced team of tracklayers and steward who never put a foot wrong and were great company.

A big thank you to Dave, John, Yvonne, Arthur & Yvonne in the kitchen for the supply of food whenever we wanted it.

Thanks also to Lynn Baker for laying 3 tracks on the Sunday in case we needed a run off (not required)

td track enfieldCH

We were very lucky with the weather with sunshine on all but the Saturday. With almost perfect tracking conditions nearly all week we saw some very good tracks.

67 dogs entered with 62 actually running., of those 36 qualified on the nosework.

1st           ROMENO IF SIX WAS NINE (WSD) handled by Mrs A Bussey 213

Track - 96, Articles - 20, Search - 35. A very nice control round qualifying TDEX and subject to Kennel Club

confirmation makes this dog a Working Trials Champion. Congratulations and good luck at the KC's

2nd         WTCh HARTSHILL ROB (WSD) handled by Mr T Lockyer 211 Track - 98, Articles - 30, Search - 35 Another nice control round qualifying TDEX. Very expensive non return over the scale.

3rd          WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS (WSD) handled by Mrs A Fowler 206 .5

Track - 92, Articles - 30, Search - 34

4th          HARTSHILL NUTMEG (WSD) handled by Mr T Lockyer 206. Track - 91, Articles - 30, Search - 34

Also Qualifying TDEX

CAFCOLL RON (BC) handled by Mr G Atkins 205 5

DURSTONE MOSS (WSD) handled by Mr P Jones 202 .5

LITTLE BRADLEY (Cross) handled by Ms L Newbold 201 .5

GLENALPINE JED (BC) handled by Mrs J Howells 198 '/2

FIRCROFT DOON (BC) handled by Miss J Owens 198

HECTOR OF CARISBROOKE (G RET) handled by Mrs A Porter 198

LITTLE TAKA OF HARTSHIIIL (GSD) handled by Mr T Lockyer 196 '/2

WTCH GLENALPINE MATT (BC) handled by Mrs J Atkins 194 5

MERRYSTEPS SKIP (BC) handled by Mrs M Jones 194 5

STYPERSON BRIAR (LAB) handled by Mrs S Tannert 193

STYPERSON TERN (LAB) handled by Mrs S Tannert 192 5

BRIDGEALP1NE SPOT (BC) handled by Mr A Jeal 189

WTCH GLENSLPINE VINNTE (BC) handled by Mrs V Upton 185

Once again many thanks to the society and the competitors for a very enjoyable week.

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