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Championship Trial
Venue: Stamford
Trial Held: 18 July 2004


I should like the publicly thank our farmers and land owners in Stamford and Rutland, who as always went out of their way to ensure we had enough land.  We had a really good week, the weather was variable and cooler than usual, making it much better for the dogs.  A new base at Greetham, Rutland, was great, and the farmer who owns the site, also gave us the C/A field and CD field.  I would like to thank our judges, Moira Rogerson (PD), Dorothy Bowen (WD), Ruth Payton (WD)  and Anne Collen (CD) for setting tests which gave every competitor a chance to qualify and for being such good company.  I know that the judges will thank their helpers and I wish to add my thanks to all friends who joined the team to ensure the trial went smoothly.  I will therefore just name the (often) 'forgotten few' who do all those jobs no-one really wants to, but need doing nevertheless.  Pete Morley for ensuring the jumps were up and safe, and carting them from place to place, running the CD stake and putting up and taking down awnings.  He was ably assisted by John Bowen who added sandwich making to his c.v. as well.  Escort, Steph Cooper; base steward Janet Sewell, thank you.  If an Army marches on its stomach, boy did our Army march!  Carole Hall was amazing as catering manager, when I surfaced each morning at 5 am she was already up cooking bacon, making flasks and doing it all with a smile and a joke.  Thank you Carole and all your helpers, particularly Betty Calderwood, Lorna Cottier, June Hines and of course John Bowen.  We had a great time, see you all next year.



CD Stake

Judge: Anne Collen

Many thanks to A.S.P.A.D.S. for my first Championship judging appointment; to Jacqui Gibney for organising everything and the super meal on Saturday evening; to Pete Morley for organising me and keeping everything running smoothly; to Carole Hall and her helpers for looking after us so well in the food and drinks department and finally to Vickie Dixon for doing all the stewarding over the two days.  You were brilliant.

28 dogs worked from an entry of 36, with 5 qualifiers at the end of it all.

Just as a point of interest, if we were working under the proposed amendments to the CD rules ie. Stays and control forming one group, it would have resulted in another 4 dogs qualifying.

1st           Yvonne Carpenter with CARFELD GRIFF (B.C) 95 points

Great to see a clicker-trained dogs come out on top.  Very well trained and highly motivated.  Lovely to watch.  Congratulations.

2nd         Mr. K. Johnson with DUNNSLAYNE BLUE SKIES (W.S.D) 93.5 points.  I really enjoyed watching this team work, both handler and dog looked as if they were enjoying themselves.  Very well done.

3rd          John Currie with DREAGANTA SAMH (B.C) 91.5 points.  Another dog with lots of enthusiasm.  Made a valiant attempt at the sendaway while performing H.O.L.!  Well done.

4th          Angela Porter with CARIS TYLER WOOD (G. RET) 91 points.  A good all round performance by this young dog.  A lovely happy dog.  Well done.

Also qualifying CDex : Sandra Dearing with SHELTYSHAM SHEPSON OF PROFORM (B.C) 88.5 points.  Very well done.

Thank you to all competitors who entered under me, I enjoyed judging you.  Congratulations to those who were successful and better luck next time to those who were less fortunate.


WD Stake

Judge: DOROTHY BOWEN             

Tracklayers:         Sue Ashby, Vana Moody, Charlie Taylor, Nigel Hines, Paul Morling, Ruth Payton

Steward: Kate Peyton

Thanks to ASPADS for inviting me to judge the WD stake at this trial and to Jacqul Gibney for managing the trial. Thanks to all my tracklaYers -y~ou all did a great job. Special thanks to Kate who was my steward and chauffeur for four days and did everything perfectly and was very good company. Thanks to Carole Hall for the catering at base and Jacqul for the superb evening meals. Thanks to John Bowen and Pete Morley for putting up and taking down the jumps and John for looking after my dog all day. Thanks to Jan Sewell for doing the scores, Stephanie Cooper for escorting and Chris Stewart for stewarding on the first day.

Sixty dogs were entered (fifteen different breeds) which meant that the first track was run at eight o'clock and the control was in the afternoon. We had seventeen qualifiers with most of the failures being on the nosework. It was not easy with the hares and other wildlife around. The weather was disappointing for July as it rained every day with a bit of sunshine in between.

1st           John Wykes with FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE BC (D). Very good nosework, control and agility. Well done. 192.5

2nd         P. Bryan with WAGGERLAND WANNABEE OF BRYNBOURNE BC(D). Good nosework and control. Very good sendaway. Well done. 191

3rd          Maureen Regan with KENMILLONE FRASER GSD (D). Another good nosework and control round. Full mark agility. Well done. 190.5

4th          Joan Snowden with TYTRI TRIPLE TEE BC (D) Full mark agility.Well done.


Also qualifying WDex:


Carole Hall with JESS OF SELDOMSEEN WSD (B) 187

Betty Calderwood with ISLA WAY AHEAD Cross (B) 182

Ann Wright with CARISHILL CHESTNUT CR (D) 182

Lynne Baker with TRKINDALE CODA WSD (B) 181.5

Cohn Ball with CONNEYWARREN TUCKER BOX Lab (D) 179

Pat Middleton-Smith with SLIEVE CLINKER BC (B) 179

Eric Nichols with TYTRI NIKKI BC (D) 177

Jean Cooke with DUNNSLAYNE MAC WSD (D) 176.5

Pat Williams with SUNSHINE JED Lab (D) 176

Glenys Page with BRICLEN NUTMEG WSD (B) 176

Wendy Dick with SADDLEGLADE SCRIPT Hung. Vizsla (B) 169.5

R. Cotterill with DETANIA MORGAN BC (D) 164.5

Thank you to all the competitors for making my time judging you so enjoyable. Good luck in future trials.

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