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Championship Trial
Venue: Scarborough
Trial Held: 01 August 2004

CD Stake


Steward : Rachel Henderson

Thankyou's first - to A.S.P.A.D.S. for  the judging appointment, to Barry and Linda, really nice people who ran a super trial, Pat and Jean and anyone else in the kitchen that I didn't see for keeping me well fed, Mary at the base, Suzanne and Tim for laying squares, Pat and Alan for stewarding stays, Rachel my steward for both days who did everything including my speech on Sunday as I had lost my voice completely by then, thanks Rachel, thanks Rachel, and the competitors, a great bunch whose thanks were very much appreciated.  We had 43 entries.  Unfortunately only 5 qualifiers.  The fog on Saturday played havoc with my sendaway which was 50 paces to a chair.  The fog was so bad for some dogs that if they did go towards the sendaway point after 10 yards they disappeared into the fog.  Squares overall were very well done.  Most dogs achieved all 3 articles in some very fast times, Fran Atkin with BRECON in 52 seconds.  The articles were 6 inch wooden spatula, 3 inch square of carpet and a plastic spoon.  Control was mostly good but no matter how many digits and limbs I crossed or how much I willed the dogs to stay or get over the jumps we still had failures.  The non qualifiers were all so close you will do it next time.  We had one outright winner, then three dogs equal second so we did squares for the run off.

1st           Zoe Finley with RIGGS TRYEN REBEL IN RED WITH OVERDRIVE A.S.D.  Very nervous handler, this dog apparently had problems in the past, you wouldn't think it to look at him now.  Made it look easy apart from the jumps giving us a bit of a scare.  Otherwise brilliant.  94 Q.  Well done.

2nd         Jenny Ollie with DOLLY NEWBOROUGH SNOWDROP W.S.D. Sweet willing dog who should have a big head as Jenny kept telling her how wonderful she is.  She was right of course.  91 Q.  Well done.

3rd          Kath Phillip with ROCK TRACKMOORS AVENGER G.S.D. The only rocky moment was the jumps.  Very calm, confident handler, lovely to watch, heelwork to die for.  91 Q. Well done.

4th          Angela Seddon with ROSIE ROSIE POSIE W.S.D. Enthusiastic energetic dog.  91 Q.  Well done.


UD Stake

Judge: Ruth PAYTON

Tracklayers: Jane Grey and Chris (the Poodle Lady)

Steward: Jean Cook (search)  Jane Gray (control)

Thank you to ASPADS for asking me to judge, to Jackie Gigney (trials manager) for all her hard work and the lovely evening meals as always,  the new base was ideal for a trials base.  Big thank you to Jane and Chris for track laying, especially Chris it was her first time and you did very well.  Jean for laying all the squares and Jane for stewarding the control.

All the competitors who entered, well what can I say all but 3 were ticket handlers bringing on there new dogs a very daunting task for someone who has not qualified Tdex !!!  Well done to those that qualified and I'm sure the others will qualify soon.

1st           DREAGANTA SAMH BC D Handler John Currie, 191.5 marks Qualified Udex.Very professional round.

2nd         THE ECHO WSD B, Handler Sue Ashby 187 marks Qualified Udex

First to work and set the standard for the rest, very sensitive dog and sensitively handled.  Well done.

3rd          BARNSTHORN STRIKE IT LUCKY Lab D, Handler Elizabeth de Unger

182.5 marks Qualified Udex. Well done.

4th          FLYNNTASTIC JUST JAY BC D, Handler Malcolm Snowdon 182 marks Qualified Udex. Sendaway was costly! Well done

Also qualified UDEX

TYTRI TESS Handler Les Theobald 177.5

SORUMOUR JUST JASMINE AT BRACOKELI Handler Sandra Lewinton         176


TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD Handler Nigel Hines 172

TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY CDEX Handler Sally Bergh-Roose 163.5



WD Stake


Tracklavers: Sue, Graham and Jackie

Steward: Tim.

First I would like to thank ASPADS for inviting me to judge WD at this trial. It was a wonderful week for me and most of the competitors. The weather was sunny and dry, and fields were of long, but not too long, grass, and the tracklayers were first class. As a result we had a memorable 4 days of work from handlers and dogs. My search steward Tim did everything I asked of him and was great company, as were my tracklayers Sue Graham and Jackie. I have to say Barry and Linda do an excellent job of running this trial everything went like clockwork. Thank you everybody once again.

1st           Ed Brown with his Lab, DIVAS DELIGHT, and what a delight they were qualifying with l97.5 pts.

2nd         Jan Sewell with her GSD TAZBOY PRINCE qualifying with l93 pts.

3rd          Val Scott with her Cross BIG DUKE qualifying with l92.5 pts.

4th          (after a run off) Joan Snowden with her Border Collie TYTRI TRIPLE TEE qualifying with l9O pts.

The following competitors also qualified:

Mr F L Campbell, WHILEYS MOONBEAM -l90pts.

Mr G Edmond, XANDOA'S GYP-l89 pts.

Miss M Hardacre, TARNDAK TAG-188.5 pts

Miss L Jones, Lively CLIVE-185.5 pts.

Mrs C Hall, JESS OF SELDOMSEEN-187.5 pts.

Mr P Hodgkins, WINDSTOCK HERCULES-186.5 pts.

Mr W A Wright, CAMPBEFT BLACK-185.5 pts

Ms J Ellis, GIBBOSAN PIPER-182.5 pts.

G Richardson, CYMREIG SKYE-182.5 pts.

Mrs Y Filleul, RUSTIC FOX-181.5 pts.

D Jackson, JACKERIN LAD-181.5 pts.

Mr D Olley, BLACK NEWBOROUGH Lad-181.5 pts.

Mr E Nichols, TYTRI NIKKI-181 pts.

Mrs E M Wamor, OH MY L-KATIE,180.5 pts.


P McGrane,  Littlehorn Classic-179.5 pts.

Mrs G Page, GETAWAY BACK TESS-178.5 pts

G Gwesyn-Price, ROCKSPRAY WALLIS AT CONCENN-l75.5 pts.

Ms S Yates, BEBTON BRYN-l75 pts.

A Heatley, AUDIFAX PANDER-174.5 pts.



Mrs R Cotterill, DETANIA MORGAN- l69.5 pts.

Mrs F Mitchell, RENDALE ROBIN-169.5 pts.

Mrs L F Baker, TRKINDALE CODA- l63.5 pts.

Mrs W M Strang, VOYTEK AT BALKELLO-l6l pts.


TD Stake


Tracklayers:Tom Darby, Pete Hodgkins, Vanna Moody

Stewards:  Searches : Pat Hodgkins, Joan Watkins, Mary Hardacre

C&A : Suzanne Plumb

Stay Stewards  : Pete Hodgkins, Joan Watkins, Pat Hodgkins, Linda Gilbert, Kate Williams, Jan Darby, Vanna Moody, Alan Bolton.

My thanks to ASPADS for the  invitation to judge the TD stake, a first time for me at this level.  I am especially grateful to Barry and Linda Gilbert for all their hard work before and during the trial ,  and  appreciated Barry's calming influence when I had a nervous moment or two!

I was very fortunate to have a team of first class helpers, all very reliable, gave the competitors the best possible chance  and were  such good company. Thank you all very much. Thanks also to  Pat Parkinson, Linda Cammidge, Jan Darby and Jean Cooke who fed and watered us and to Mary Hardacre for the beautifully written certificates.

75 entries, 69 worked. An amazing 62 dogs completed the track, a few missed articles along the way but I don't think there have been many occasions in trials when the tracking was such a gift. Even some spectating sheep didn't cause too many problems.  Good weather and lush long grass meant that many dogs sailed round the track but then they had to step a gear for the squares and this proved more difficult.  The square articles were either on the base line or near to corners, meaning the dog had to work all of the square area to recover the articles.

After the nosework there were 40 still qualifying, with 5 excellent  teams on 3 + 4; Pat Parkinson, Hilary Morris (Otis ), Anne Thorpe, Stevi Boyall (Harley) and Tracey Park (Terry Mac).

The C&A started with heelwork, during which the competitor had a conversation with the steward by answering some questions. The idea was to see if the dog remained at heel whilst the handler was blethering. We had some good answers to Suzanne's questions although there are a few sad folk out there who watch total rubbish on the TV! Some  thought they'd get extra points for The Bill, how wrong can you be!   The speak was next, at heel with a turn, fairly straightforward but overall very poorly performed which I was surprised at, at this level. The sendaway was 180 yds straight out to a wee pile of hay, redirect left to the wall, generally quite well done.

My thanks to the competitors for making the week so enjoyable.  We watched many super dogs work . A couple that stick in my mind are Jean Howells and Jed who were chased round their track by a small flock of sheep yet Jed kept his concentration so well and  Tracey Park and Terry Mac who got 4 articles out of the field with the longest grass having worked so hard in the square   .

The best TD track went to Miriam Lyons and Sheefra, worked on Saturday, had all the cross tracks to contend with but didn't lose a mark. A treat to watch.

1st           Pat Parkinson and WT CH DREAGANTA DOUBLE DECKER AMONG MELNOLA. BC ,( B). Set the standard on the first day and kept their nerves together in the C&A with a very professional performance. Whizzi worked enthusiastically and  methodically, she's a real credit to you. Worthy winners of the CC, well done and best of luck at the KCCs.  NW 164.5/ 165  Control 30/35  Agility 20/20. Total : 214.5/220

2nd         Anne Thorpe and GLENALPINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN, BC (B). Worked on Saturday and had no problem with cross tracks, then really impressed with getting the 4th article out the square with 2 seconds  left,  Izzie never stopped working. Had a blip on the sendaway but an otherwise faultless performance gave an excellent result. Winners of the reserve CC, well done.    NW 162.5 Control 25 Agility 20    Total : 207.5

3rd          Wendy Beasley and WT CH BRIDGALPINE LIBRA OF STARDELL BC, (B). It's always surprised me that this super dog hasn't had the same success in TD as she has in PD, Libby's  nosework is of such a high standard, her article recovery good  and her C&A practically faultless. All we need is to put a sleeve on the steward and maybe then…NW 153  Control 33.5  Agility 20   Total 206.5

4th          John Currie and Kingslodge Ace of Spades BC (D) . A really impressive performance , there was never any doubt that Ben would recover articles, he works with his nose so deep. Was unlucky in the square as he just missed covering the base line article  but he never stopped working.  Very good C&A completed an excellent round.   NW 156 Control 31 Agility 15  Total 202

Also qualifying TDex were

Jean Howells & GLENALPINE JED 201.5

Sheila Tannert & WT CH STYPERSON BRIAR 201.5

Maeve Weselby & STYPERSON MILLIE 200.5

Pat Herbert & JOLLY JILL 200

Tracey Park & WAGGERLAND BROOK 198

Anne Fowler & WT CH WAGGERLAND FLOSS 197.5

Caroline Carroll & MOAKIES MAY DAY 197

Eva Carter & DETANIA EVA'S TIM 196.5

Wendy Beasley &  GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL 196 (Also had the best C&A, losing only .5)


Jean Cooke & DUNNSLAYNE MAC 196

Rod Roberts & LITTLE BART 196

Sheila Tannert & STYPERSON TERN 192.5

Gary Atkins & CAFCOLL RON 192

Paul Adams & MOONBEAM SHADOW  191.5


Caroline Wright & NORSHEP AMBER GAMBLER 190.5


Lindsay Errington & WOODHEADS BLACK AGNES 188.5

Linda Newbold & LITTLE BRADLEY 188

Hilary Morris & TOFI WHIRL 187

Paula Harvey & ELCAMPANE SPRUCE 187

Barry Harvey & TADMARTON BRIAR 187

Glynis Page & BRIGLEN NUTMEG 184.5


Arthur Jeal & BRIDGALPINE SPOT 181

Many congraulations to all the qualifiers , especially those who were celebrating their first ever TDex.

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