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Open Trial
Venue: Aberford
Trial Held: 19 September 2004


WD Stake


Tracklayers : Malc and Joan Snowden

Steward : June Hines

A beautifully organised trial by Roy Williams - nice to see you out and about after your horrific accident, he was ably supported by Jean Morley at the base.  An excellent atmosphere at this happy trial - it was a pleasure to have your company.  The Aberford stand (or one pole Aberford) (any explanation would be greatly accepted  ED) did not live up to its name.  All dogs bar one got away from the pole (that was a handler fault). 

Aberford WD Track 2004

The tracking was on bare stubble, the weather was mostly dry with some wind.  My tracklayers and steward did a terrific job and were great company.  Thank you.

1st           P. Morley KENMILLONE SERENITY (GSD) Q.  An excellent track - ignored the running partridge - very good attitude.  Well done.

2nd         Mrs. J. Douglas SHADOWQUEST AREBA (GSD) N/Q.  Another dog who was a pleasure to judge, lovely track.  Well handled.

3rd          Mrs. S. Ashby THE ECHO WSD. N/Q.  These 3 dogs were well motivated and trained and had no difficulty in showing their handlers where the track went.

4th          Miss J. Hall MERCURY SKYLARK (GOLDEN RET) N/Q.  A costly mistake by the handler resulting in back tracking!  Bet you don't do that again!

The track articles were a wooden clothes peg and a large cork.  Squares varied but everyone qualified on that.  Articles were half plastic straw, red milk top, carpet 2" and rope 3".


TD Stake


Tracklayers : Dave Stewart, Nigel Hines

Steward : Dave Olley

Thank you to everyone involved in the organisation and running of the Aberford Trial, Roy Williams, Jean Morley et al.  My two tracklayers Dave Steward and Nigel Hines.  Both vastly experienced did their best for us and my square steward Dave Olley did everything I needed from him.

1st           TARNDALE TAG Mary Hardacre. Q 176.5 CDex UDex WDex. TAG and Mary made it look easy.  Very impressive.

2nd         JENSIL BLAKTO BOUNTY John Phillips. N/Q 163 CDex, UDex, WDex. Nice steady GSD nearly made it.  Hard luck.

3rd          CARFELD GYPSY Rita Evans. CDex, UDex, WDex. N/Q 159.5 Nice little collie who nearly got round.

4th          GEFINI YELLOW MELLOW FOR GRACOM, Julia Fineison. N/Q 108.5.  Another GSD who tried hard.

In these days of quick turn around for farmers stubble is a rare commodity to track on, but Aberford always manages to find some.  It is hard going, hence the easy track pattern.  Dog after dog fell by the wayside.  We waited for the dog to come along to make a nonsense of it all and we got that with the last dog to work.  Mary and Tag did a nice track, got all the articles and emerged the only qualifier and the winner.

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