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Championship Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 07 November 2004


U D Stake


Tracklayers. . . Bill Mackie,.Dave.McRae, Caroline. Wright, Pat Lawrence     (Thank you, you were spot on)

Stewards: .Jenny Beaton,..BiII Mackie

Thank you to ASPADS Dundee for the invitation to Judge the UD Stake. I couldn't believe the weather we had over the two days I was there, sunshine, sunshine and sunshine, with a little 'bite' in the air, but nice to work dogs in. Thank you to Shirley, Sheena, and Karen in the engine room, those Red Cross parcels you sent out into the fields were well received. Bill Rae, Trials Manager, you always put together a smashing team of helpers, and it shows how smoothly everything goes for all concerned, well done Bill, and not forgetting that quiet lass Joyce who lets you be boss for a few days. I think you should all be proud of your selves a great team effort.

aspads dundee ud track

Now to the competitors, 11 entries one scratched which left 10 to run, 5 each day worked out just right. The tracking was on stubble and did we see some cracking tracks, only one failure, but the square took its toll on a couple more. The Control and Agility was a mixed bag, each team being poor on something I'm afraid, but at this stage you have time to put things right. So unfortunately we ended up with No qualifiers, but I feel sure that with a little more polish there were some promising dogs who have the potential to go all the way. So chins up and get stuck into your training.

1st           Ms M Lyons & TAMERRYE MARANELLO BC (B)

Very impressed with the nose work, I'm sure you will put the rest right for this willing little dog. Well done 174 N Q

2nd         W Evans & LANCELOT VON SWARTZ GSD Only the stay Walter, otherwise very good I like Jack's attitude, just be patient. Well done 1661/2 NQ

3rd          J Carruthers & JASUETER RED GARNET GSD (B) Nose work smashing, I ain't saying anything else as I know you will put it right (Lets just say Kim will be a challenge for you and I know who will win)166 NQ

4th          G Tait & INSPECTOR MORSE GSD (D) Nose work sound, well done on the square I know the problems you have had. Send away and jumps and you have cracked it, keep at it Gary first dog in trials we have all been there 163 NQ


T.D. Stake


Tracklayers: Jim Jeffrey, Joyce Rae, Pat Lawrence, Jim, McKay and Gary Tait

Steward: Eunice Godley

Thanks to A.S.P.A.D.S. for the invitation to judge the T.D. championship and thanks to my steward Eunice Godley, who must be crazy to travel all the way from sunny Spain to sunny Dundee( I understand the temperature was slightly different).

Thanks to my tracklayers, you all did a first class job, thanks for all of your hard work.

A big thanks to the ladies working behind the scenes in the kitchen keeping us fed and watered and last but not least the trial manager Bill Rae and his team of volunteers who worked so well prior to, during and after the trial.

The tracking was on stubble with a good growth of grass showing through.

There were 30 entries, 28 ran, 9 qualified T.D.ex. and one T.D.only.

There was a stiff breeze blowing the first day 4 out of the 8 dogs competing failed the nose work section and only one dog found the three articles on the track. No-one got 4 out of the square, in fact it was mid-way through the second day when Hilary Morris with Tofi Whirl got 3 & 4, getting the 4 out of the square in 1min.&25secs. After that the recovery of articles in the square was much better and there were some good scores.

I was a bit disappointed with some of the control in particular the send away, which was 150yards to a fence and 120yards left along the fence, no dog obtained maximum marks. There was one 9 and one 7 and a few 0's. Dogs were going out to the send away and some handlers were unable to control them out there and they were coming all the way back nearly to the handlers. There was lack of control also on the redirect. It isn't half easy standing there watching someone struggle to do an exercise, I know what it's like when things are going wrong.

To all of you who competed under me thank you I thoroughly enjoyed you and the banter was good.

1st           Hilary Morris with TOFI WHIRL making her dog W.T.Ch. 207.5  Well done a deserving win.

2nd         Ann Fowler with W.T.CH.WAGGERLAND FLOSS 204.5  Well done Ann, try not to lose your dog again.

3rd          Miriam Lyons with KALIYON SHEEFRA 203  Well done, good nose work, if only you had got a better send away.

4th          Stan Banks with TAG VENTURE191 Well done good nose work and one of the better send away marks.

Also qualifying T.D.ex


Judith Owens with FIRCROFT DOON 185.5

Barry Gilbert with W.T.CH. LAETARE DAY JAVU 185.5

Ann Timlin with NORSHEP ANJA 183

Jean Cooke with DUNNSLAYNE MAC 177

Qualifying T.D. only

Betty Calderwood with ISLA WAY AHEAD 174

Well done all qualifiers and to all competitors, Good Luck in the future.

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