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Open Trial
Venue: Aberford
Trial Held: 25 September 2005


CD Stake


Steward: Stevi Boyall

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the CD Stake and the Control and Agility.

Thank you to Roy Williams for doing a great job has trials manager, to Jan Darby for running the base in her usual efficient manner also to the garden centre for allowing us to use the coffee shop for the base.

I must not forget to thank Stevi for stewarding the CD and the control and agility you did a great job Thank you.

The standard for the CD was very good there were only two competitors but both were of a very high standard

1st           Mrs G Armstrong SAPPHIRE TAG ACD Q95

A very confident round from both dog and handler this being the first trial they had competed in I am sure you will gain a CDEX soon .Well done

2nd         Mr A Fox STARDELL MUSCA BC Q92

A young dog very well handled by Andy I am sure you will do well with him again another very nice round.

Control and Agility


1st           R Henderson HUMBEL BUMBLE BEE AT STRATHLEADER              GSD


Well done Rachel on your qualification just bits and pieces need working on  good luck with your UDex

2nd         T Green CHANASK VOLGA GSD NQ164.5

3rd          V Jenkins PRAGNELL DAISY XBreed NQ159.5

4th          F Williams HEATON BRIDGE HONEY CDEx Lab NQ157


1st           Doug Shearer DREAGANTA DONN BC Q187.5

Very well handled and a nice tidy round.  Well done.

2nd         Jane Douglas SHADOWQUEST AREBA GSD Q168.5

3rd          Mrs Y Filleul         SODEN JAY BC NQ146.5

4th          Mrs J Olley NEWBOROUGH SNOWDROP WSD NQ139.5


1st           David Waite DUNNSLANE BLUE OMEN CDex UDEx WDEx WSD Q195.5

A good all round performance from this pair Well done on your qualification

2nd         Mrs J Reed LITTLE JODE CDEx UDEx GSD Q194.5

3rd          Mary Hardacre TARNDALE TAG CDEx UDEx WDEx BC NQ198.5

4th          Mr L Campbell WHILEYS MOONBEAM CDEx UDEx WDEX WSD NQ179


Stake: WD Nosework


Tracklayers Jill Carruthers, Mick Cammidge.

Steward Ann.

I would like to thank ASPADS for the appointment to judge WD, Roy for the organisation and all other helpers.

I had two excellent experienced Tracklayers in Jill and Mick, Thank you. Everybody qualified the square thanks to Ann who laid them meticulously. Notorious Aberford took its toll and we had just two qualifiers.

1st           Q187.5 Mr Doug Shearer with DREAGANTA DONN BC.D83/20/35 An experienced Handler who got the best from this little dog, a lovely square secured the No 1 spot.

2nd         Q168.5 Mrs Jane Douglas with SHADOWQUEST AREBA GSD B 82/20/26. A really bouncy GSD - well motivated, should do well in future.

3rd          NQ Mrs. Yvonne Filleul with SODEN JAY WSD D. Once settled into the track was steady and accurate.

4th          NQ Mrs. J Olley with NEWBOROUGH SNOWDROP WSD B Dolly cut out a sizeable chunk of the track. I understand you qualified the control (if only!)


TD Nosework


Tracklayers : Malc Snowden, Nigel Hines

Steward : June Hines

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the TD nosework.  Thank you Roy for running an excellent trial, and Jan Darby for doing a brilliant job in the base ensuring everything ran smoothly.  To my tracklayers Nigel and Malc and steward June, thank you.  The trial ran over 2 days and the weather apart from some early morning rain on Sunday was brilliant.

The tracking as is usual for Aberford was on stubble and proved too difficult for some dogs, this was the first time that some dogs had worked on this.  All the dogs made a good attempt and 5 were qualifying after the nosework.  At the end of the trial we finished with 2 qualifiers.

1st           Mr. D. Waite with DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN (WSD) 195.5 Q.  One or two sticky moments but came through.  Well done Dave.

2nd         Mrs. J.L. Meed with LITTLE JODIE (GSD) 194.5 Q.  The dog worked really hard and June was delighted with her, again well done.

3rd          Mrs. M. Hardacre with TARNDALE TAG (BC) 198.5 NQ.  Tag did an excellent nosework round but went out on the control. 

4th          Mr. F.L. Campbell with WHILEYS MOONBEAM (WSD) 179 NQ.  Finn made the track look easy but again unfortunately went out in the control.

Many thanks to all the competitors who entered under me and good luck to you all in future trials.

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