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Open Trial
Venue: Aberford
Trial Held: 24 September 2006


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Dave Stewart and Pete Turner

Steward: Roseanne Leatham

I would like to thank ASPADS for the invitation to judge the UD Nosework at what is one of my local trials. Thanks to the ladies in the café for the food, very nice. A big thanks goes to my tracklayers, Dave and Pete; they did a great job in what was  very muddy, wet  stubble, better for the dogs but hard to walk in. I am very grateful to my granddaughter Roseanne for square stewarding, she did an excellent job, keeping me on my toes and eating all my mints.

21 entries – 21 worked

The track pattern was a straight forward UD track, as easy as possible because the stubble land at Aberford is not the easiest, so with this in mind the first article was on the first leg, a tent peg, which every dog found quite easily, and a piece of carpet at the end. The search square articles were a washup sponge, a piece of white towelling, a wooden clothes peg and a plastic white cup, which did surprise some dogs, either ignoring it or playing with it. Most dogs found the articles, but marks were deducted for “mouthing” and “dropping”.

The results were as follows-:

1st           Fran Mitchell and HARVEY. What can I say! Harvey bombed round the track with Fran hanging on, in a matter of minutes. The heavens opened just as the search square was beginning, not that Harvey noticed. Lovely to watch. Good luck for the future.144.5/145, Q.

2nd         Andy Fox and MUSCA. Another good tracking dog, and a full point search square in less than two minutes. Well done. 141.5/145, Q

3rd          Alan Bolton and SHADOW. Going nicely till the last corner, then just went wide missing the last article. A nice search square, so still qualified. Well done. 114/145, Q.

4th          Gill Armstrong and TYG.  Nice track, almost round but missed last leg and article.  Another nice search square, resulting in qualifying. 113/145, Q.  Congratulations.

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