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Open Trial
Trial Held: 08 February 1997



A smaller entry than usual meant that the trial was run on Saturday only. The weather was dry with a blustery wind. Special thanks to our excellent judges and stewards and our very dedicated band of trials helpers. Judges: P.D., Rod Roberts, and steward Kathy McGuckin (Who stepped in at short notice), W.D., Collin Wilson, and steward Graham Leggett, C.D., Paul Gill, and steward Barbara Berry.

Also to our generous farmers without whose hospitality there would be no trial.





Stewards: Barbara Berry and Elizabeth Shouler

Many thanks to A.S.P.A.D.S. for the invitation to judge. My very first appointment and I thoroughly enjoyed it I decided that as this, so to speak, is the bottom rung of the ladder an easy and straight forward test would be set. I was professionally assisted by Barbara Berry as my steward and Elizabeth Shouler in charge of search squares. More entries would have been better but the four competitors worked well and accepted my comments and scores in a sporting manner.

1st Mrs J. Pennock VONI-IAUS NYE AMERETTO (GSD) B. 89,5 Com. Good all round performance.

2nd. Mrs J Findeison GRACORN CYRO (GSD) D. 87 CoM. A consistent performer throughout.

3rd Mr R. Fletcher MAX OF EBORACUM (GSD) 79 . .5 NQ Everything was going OK but unfortunately refused the scale.

4th Mr B.Richardson Applied For (Lab/Collie) D. 78 N.Q. Did not qualify but the dog's tail never stopped. He was enjoying himself, a true character.

Finally thanks to everyone back at the base especially Stuart & Pauline Nye who worked very hard and succeeded in giving the Trial a great friendly atmosphere, after all, this is a hobby so le t's enjoy it.




Tracklayers: Pauline Nye and Anne Gill Steward: Graham Leggett.

My first time judging a tracking stake and control, I loved every minute of it.

l cannot thank Stuart and Pauline Nye enough for giving me this opportunity. I was looked after in every way possible. Two bowls of broth made by Pauline's Mam and brought to the table by Margaret Welham, along with shepherds pie, apple pie and cream, coffee, buns, cakes etc.

My tracklayers Pauline and Anne laid my tracks exactly as planned. My square steward was Graham Leggett, his first time, he was also my steward in the control and we got on very well, another trials friend. Thank you very much Graham, Pauline and Anne. The day started with me wondering who I was judging as I was told I probably would not know anyone. I knew them all, I nearly collapsed when Terry Hadley showed his face, Collin Wilson judging Terry Hadley! It was an honour to judge all nine competitors: I hope you enjoyed my test and my fairness in judging you. We started the control with heelwork, retrieve, sendaway - 120 yards to a large motorway cone, four commands and marked wherever the dog was on the fourth command, only one person's dog ran in the wrong direction.

Clear jump next with control until I said 'exercise finished', long jump and then scale jump. Only one dog failed the jumps. Then we finished with the down stay, only one dog failed the stays. The tracks came next, with only one dog not doing it: every dog did the square and the gun test. The search articles were: Wood, green 25 hoscpipe, copper tube, brown cartridge - all 3" long. Track articles were a red cartridge and a green cartridge.

1st Nigel Hines, Control 32, agility 20, nosework 138. Total 190.

2nd. Harry Abbott 25+ 20 + 139 = 184

3rd. Ann Moss 29 + 17.5 + 137 = 183.5

4th. Joan Snowdon 31 + 14.4 + 132 = 177.5. 

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