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Championship Trial
Venue: Dundee
Trial Held: 09 November 2003




W.D. Stake

Judge: Alex Gibson

Tracklayers: Bill Rae, Bill Mackie, Gary Tait & Dave McRae

Steward: Marion Gibson 

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation, to Joyce, and Bill Rae and the team for their hospitality and organisation, and also to the kitchen staff for keeping us (Marion and me) fed and watered. Thanks also to the tracklayers, steward, and scribe, my wife Marion. 

Sorry for the panic and delay on the Sunday morning when I had to change a flat tyre before leaving for the venue. 

1st           R Frunzynski with Xandoas Splash, 188.5. Well done.

2nd         H Morris with Miss Otis, 187.5.

3rd         A Forrest with Somersby Lad, 178.

4th          J Miller with Trkindale Ace, 174

Qex: J Hood with Stobswood Star, 172.5. 

Congratulations to the qualifiers, and to the rest good luck for the future.  


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