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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 03 August 2003


Trials Manager's Report

The trial this year was held in much better weather than last, with only I misty day and a tiny shower.

Thanks to Pete Hodgkins who organised more land , we were able to run WD and UD nearer to the base than before. This made directions for competitors easier and we didn't lose a track all week.

The TD entry was the highest I've seen this year at 84. This included several competitors with 2 dogs which means they need a set time if the judge has an alternative pattern. We tried this year to arrange booking in times to minimise waiting for competitors. However if you have 2 people with 2 dogs in TD, 3 others with a dog in WD and TD, then every­ one else has to fit in the gaps.

Also there isn't much you can do when for example, the first 3 reports of the day scratch, someone else has to change times.

All the judges set nice tests and the combination of good land and weather conditions left us with lots of qualifiers, especially in TD.

Special thanks to Pat Parkinson for organising all the food and kitchen helped by Linda Cammidge and Jan Darby. Mary Hardacre wrote lovely certificates at the weekend and to everyone else who helped and kept cheerful thank you. Without the generosity of the regulars we would really struggle and to try and do something about help - especially Tracklayers.

ASPADS ran a track laying course on the Thursday for which Pat did a s uperb lunch. Barry Harvey did all the hard work and this was rewarded by 16 participants, we hope they have the confidence to help at trials around the country now.





Stewards: Kim Wright & Danny Wright

I would like to thank the committee of ASPADS for asking me to judge CD at Scarborough. Linda Gilbert for organising and Barry Gilbert as trials manager. Tim Gilbert for organising the running order (and eating all the sandwiches !!) and the ladies who spend their time feeding everyone - Thank you.

I was originally going to take a week leave" having been told that the entries would be in the 100, but was it me or were the entries low only 22, only 17 worked on the 1 day (Saturday). Fortunately my stewards Kim and Danny had booked their holiday and had a relaxing week in Scarborough and arrived on Saturday refreshed and kept me in order having travelled up the previous day (7and a half hours). Thank you Danny and Kim.

The test l set was, I think very straight for­ ward as I believe new handlers and/or dogs make their own mistakes and most did, mostly on the jumps and search. Search articles were beer mat 5" square folded in half beer barrel top 3" diameter and a wine cork. The wine cork was found by most dogs !!

1st VASHIKA XASKIA (GSD) handler Betty Orrin 90.5, qualified CDex. Betty and Kizka worked well together although Betty was nervous. I'm sure you will do well in future trials. A well deserved qualification well done.

2nd JENSIL BLAKATO BOUNTY (GSD) handler John Phillips 89 qualified CDex. John and Logan. Another team that will do well in the future a very business like round and set the standard for the rest to follow. Well done.

3rd GHYLLBEC K NIMBOSTRATUS (Large Munster Lander) handler Terry Austin 84.5 NQ. Terry and Storm. This dog impressed me a lot as well as my steward it's a shame you let him down. I won't put in print what you did, but you know what I mean Terry!!! I'm sure you will do well in the future.

4th SHINEHILL NINA (BC) handler Colin Harrison 76.5 NQ Colin and Nina. Last exercise down stay Nina did 8 minutes and 44 seconds then got up and came out of the line. What a cow!!! She's a difficult dog very sensitive but you worked her well. Better luck next time I'm sure you will make it.



Judge: Jim Jeffery

Tracklayers:  Joyce Rae,  Bill  Mackie   & Mick Cammidge

Search   Steward: Val  Isherwood  & Joan Watkins

Control Steward: Joyce Rae

I would like to  thank the Society  for the opportunity to  judge  the  U D stake,  Barry Gilbert and his team for organising the trial which was first class, as was the much appreciated refreshments provided by the ladies in the kitchen. My special  thanks to my track­ layers and stewards for their hard work and good  company. The weather  was beautiful throughout the trial as Joyce, Bill and Mick laid every  track on  lush  ground and  witnessed some great performances along with myself and my search stewards Val and Joan.

29  teams  entered  and  12  teams qualified excellent.

1st          Miss S Boyall, STYPERSON LOMON D (Lab) D. 195.5 A well deserved  first place after a  run-off with an excellent performance. Well done.

2nd         Mrs A Davidson. MY GIRL  MILLY (WSD) B. 195.5. Another excellent performance. well done.

3rd         Miss P Herbert, Jolly JILL (WSD) B. 193. This little dog's tracking was a joy to watch, well done.

4th          Mrs J Reid. ZACHARIAS BOY (GSD) D. 192.5. A lovely big dog,  handled well. Well done.

Also Qualifying:

Mr A Heatley, AUDIFAX  PANDER  (GSD)  D. 192.

Mrs B Orrin, VASHIKA XASKIA  (GSD) B. 192.

Mrs  M  Rogerson,  BAREVE   BANDMASTER (GWHP) D. 189.

Mrs J  Howells. GLENALPINE   JED  (BC)  D. 186.

Ms P Williams, SUNSHINE J ED (Lab) D. 184.

Mr R Russell. TIRGRAM    ROAG   OF   BRUICH (GSD) D. 1 83.

Mrs J  Findeisen.  GEFNI  YELLOW   M ELLOW FOR GRACORN (GSD) B. 182.

Mrs J Stamp. RESERVOIR RESCUE (X  Breed) B. 176.




Tracklayers: Barry Gilbert, Graham Reaney, Val Upton, Sue Ashby & Suzanne Plumb

Steward: Peter Morley

I have spent a great deal of time at Scarborough Trial helping in one way or another and I was honoured to be invited to judge the W.D. stake by ASPADS. I was lucky in that I had very experienced tracklayers who all laid my 16 leg pattern to perfection . Thank you all very much indeed for your time and commitment. Peter was my steward once again, thanks a lot- you have just about passed your apprenticeship. Apart from helping my stake, Barry Gilbert did a fantastic job in organising the trial and of course he was helped by his wife Linda at the base - my special thanks to you both in making my job so much easier. To all the ladies in the kitchen who kept us very well fed and watered - each time I looked the kitchen was full of helpers - signs of a good trial when there are lots of willing hands!

The weather - well , mixed really is not the right word - extreme might be better. We had bright sunshine, strong winds, rain, and the famous Scarborough 'fret' where you cannot see a hand in front of you and each competitor needs to be followed round the track. That did not bother me until it came to the send­ away, but we could see the marker and in actual fact the exercise was completed better on that day than on the other days. The marker was a two foot high thistle eighty-five yards away but five yards from the wall. All I wanted to see were the dogs going out in a straight line. It was a little disappointing as a lot of dogs veered to the right to now h ere. The sendaway was the first exercise which threw some handlers a little, then the jumps and heelwork and retrieve last. It makes a change from the same routine! Stays were worth a special mention - out of 34 teams who presented themselves, on l y two did not achieve a satisfactory result. I would ask any spectators not to get their puppies out whilst stays are in progress - it certainly un-nerved two dogs enough to shuffle about when the pups barked.

1st Mrs Jan Sewell, TAZBY PRINCE (GSD) 189.5. Pure concentration on his track and a full mark square - well done.

2nd Mrs M Weselby, STYPERSON TAY (Lab) 188.5. Only lost one mark on the track - the search article was costly for you.

3rd         Mr R Lea, TONAYI A R UNN ING WILD (WSD) 187.5. Good all round performance.

4th Mrs C Wright, NORS HEP AMBER GAMBLER (GSD) 185.5. Hope all goes well for the new addition!

Qualifying WDex:


Mr G Atkins, CAFCOLL RON (BC) 179.

Mr R Fruzynski , XANDOAS SPLASH (WSD) 176.5 .

Mr D Roberts, RAW BOSS (WSD) 171.5.

Mr T Baverstock, FIREBLADE LAD (GSD) 168.5.


Mrs G Page, BRJGLEN NUTMEG (WSD) 167.5. Mrs A Dent, GERTY'S DARK SECRET (BC) 165.5


Qualifying WD:

Mrs R Evans, CARFELD GYPSY (BC) 156.


Ms R Henderson STRATHLEADER ASTRA (BC) 152.5.




Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Pete Hodgkins, Sue Ashby & Vana Moody

Steward: Pat Hodgkins

I would like to thank ASPADS for the invitation to judge the T.D. stake at Scarborough trial , and Barry Gilbert for doing such a good job as Trials Manager.

With an entry of 84 (and only 3 scratches) I started judging on Monday. The weather was very kind to us; thank goodness the heat wave didn't start until the day after the trial ended. As per usual tracking was on various lengths of grass and some fields seemed to track a lot better than others.

My tracklayers were - Tom, who laid the five early tracks each day; Sue laid tracks for two days (and then went over to WD); Pete laid each day bar one when he was working his own dog in WD, and, likewise, Vana laid the last batch of tracks after working her own dog. They all did a brilliant job, making my work a lot easier.

I saw some really good tracks, but the two that stand out in my mind were from Tracey Park with Terry Mac, and Miriam Lyons with Sheefra. Terry Mac's track was almost perfection and Sheefra made it look easy where other dogs in the same field had struggled all week.

Pat Hodgkins worked really hard laying all the search squares and then she stewarded the C. & A. on Sunday. She was great company and helped to make my week very enjoyable. Only 12 dogs failed the search square.

So we finished up with 40 dogs qualifying the nosework section, of which 35 returned to compete on the C. & A. day. The speak exercise was performed on the nosework field from the place dogs were to be sent in to do the search square.

On Sunday the test started with normal pace heelwork towards me. Halfway along Pat, my steward, joined the competitor so that the dog was between competitor and steward. The sendaway came next - I 00 yards to a thistle in the middle of the field with the re­ direction another 100 yards to the left at a point on the boundary wall. We had one team gaining full marks - Jane Webb and Robbie. Slow and fast pace followed, ending up by the clear jump. The test then ended with the jumps - the scale being the last exercise. Sadly, we lost 3 qualifiers in the down stay, 4 on the jumps and 5 in the control section. At the end of the day we finished up with 23

TDex qualifiers. The top four dogs all tracked in various section of the same field.

1st   Mrs Lorna Cottier, W. T. CH. MELNOLA JAZZLAND (X Breed) D. Hamish was delighted to be working again after his enforced break from competition (Lorna became a Mum a few months ago). He finished joint first after the nosework and then pulled out all the stops in the C. & A. round to win the Ticket. A very good all round performance. Well done. Nosework 162, control 31.5, agility 19.5. W.T.C. 213 marks.

2nd Miss Tracey Park, TOP OF THE LEAGUE (WSD) D. Joint first after the nose­ work and a brilliant control round. It was such a disappointment for you when Terry Mac misjudged the return over the scale. I hope your luck changes for you one day soon . 162 + 34 + 15. Total 211.

3rd         Dr Lynsey Errington, WOODH EA DS BLACK AGNES (Lab) B. A very good track by

this you n g dog. The third of only five dogs to find all seven articles. A good C. & A. round followed. 158.5 + 32 + 19. 209.5 marks.

4th         Mrs Margaret Robinson, STILL­ MOOR WIZZ KID (BC) D. Although Rob worked the square well he just couldn't find ,at all important last article. Another very good control and agility round . 153 + 31.5 + 20. 204.5 marks.

Also Qualifying TDex:

Mrs C Gregory, W. T. CH. VOMSA N DBAR EROS, 204.



Mrs M Lyons, KALJYON SHEEFRA, 197.5.

Mrs R Jones, DAVERIES HELGA, 196.5.

Mrs M Rogerson, W.T. CH. XANDOA 'S BORN FREE, 196.5.

Ms A Fowler, WAGGERLAND FLOSS, 195.5.

Mr G Brumpton, JUST WILLIAM , 195.5.

Mr & Mrs G Atkins, W. T. CH. GLENALPINE MATT, 194.5.

Mr & Mrs P Jones, DURSTONE Moss, 194.

Mrs L Newbold, LITTLE BRADLEY, 194.

Mrs S Plumb, ME LNOLA SWTNGTIME, 193.5.

Mrs S Tannert, STYPERSON BRIAR, 192.

Mr A Lockyer, HARTS HILL NUTMEG, 189.5.

Mrs S Ross, FRANKIE CAME Too, 187.

Dr L Errington, EACH UISGE, 1 85.

Mrs V Upton, GLENALPINE VINNY, 1 85.

Mrs M Watts, W. T. Ch. STARLIGHT BLUE, handled by Mr J Watts, 179.5.

Mr B Harvey, TADMARTON BRIAR, 177.5.

Now to a few more important 'thank you's,. Linda Gilbert was base steward all week. She was joined by Mary Hardacre who did all the extra jobs at base over the weekend including writing out all the qualifying certificates. Mary and Linda also joined Maureen Regan, Vana Moody and Sue Ashby as my stay stewards.

The ladies in the kitchen made us yummy lunch boxes each day. They were headed by Pat Parkinson who was ably assisted by Linda Cammidge and Jan Darby. Pete Hodgkins not only laid tracks for me most of the week but he also organises the land each year and is in charge of the jumps.

Lastly I'd like to thank the competitors for working under me and making my final TD Ticket appointment (in G.B.) such a pleasant experience.


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