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Championship Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 05 April 2009

Trial Managers Report, CD, UD, WD Stakes

Trial Managers Report

 The weather was wonderful, many qualifiers BUT :!!

Unfortunately the new owners of Holly Hill farm forgot we were there and sprayed the rape we had used for 2 days. I, with the agreement of the TD Judge and chairman of ASPADS, switched to the foiled WD corn, putting UD on grass to leave all corn ‘in case of’ ‘. The Kennel Club was notified by e-mail from the secretary. It was change crop or abort the trial.

I thank all the team for their support of my decision, and all their invaluable help whatever they were asked to do. I will leave the Judges to thank their helpers in their reports; my thanks go to Di Assheton-Bowtle, Jackie Rutter and June Raymond for running a good kitchen in a limited space, Lee Kane for dealing with jumps before and after the trial, Jan Vallack for her popular cakes, Judy Meekings supplying paperwork, and Jean Howells at base.

Thank you, on behalf of the competitors and me, to the Judges and everyone who helped in any way to make this a happy successful trial, whereas it could have been a disaster




Stewards: Jan Vallack and Sue Drake

Thank you to ASPADS for inviting me to judge, and to Vana for running such a friendly trial. Thanks to Jean Howells for her work as base steward, and to all the kitchen helpers. My special thanks to Jan and Sue, who worked so well, were good company, and wouldn’t let me lift a finger. Lastly, my thanks to a very nice bunch of competitors for being helpful, prompt and for accepting my decisions.

We were lucky with the weather. Eight of the fifteen dogs entered ran, and four of these qualified. The square articles were a 2.5” strip of leather, a 2” rectangular box and a spoon; five dogs retrieved all three articles. The recalls and sendaways were very good.

1st Pat Herbert with GLENALPINE MOO, BC, B, 87. A good competent round from an experienced handler. Moo is very keen, with a lovely attitude. Congratulations on a well deserved win.

2nd Lee Payne with LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, Cross, D, 86. Another good and calmly handled round. Best heelwork, full mark retrieve and recall. Well done.

3rd After a run-off between two litter brothers, Julie Skipp with ZAK OF SKIPWAY, WSD, 83. Zak has a lovely attitude, and was well handled by Julie. Full mark retrieve and recall. Well done.

4th Arthur Jeal with HARWOOD FARM BOY, WSD, 83. AJ is another dog with a lovely attitude. Lovely sendaway and a very fast square. Well done.



Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal, June Raymond, Penny Bann
Stewards: Maggie Moran (Nosework), Frances Ball (C/A)


My thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge their UD stake at this trial. My tracklayers, Arthur, June and Penny all laid the tracks perfectly and just right to help the dogs perform well - thank you. My stewards, Maggie for the nosework and Frances for the C/A, also did a very good job. Many thanks to both of you.

Jean Howells, at the base, managed to get all the competitors to me on time so each dog had the same opportunity. Tracking was on nice grass and the conditions were ideal. I saw some very promising dogs that worked well; in fact, it was a pleasure to see all the dogs try their hardest. Most of the dogs completed the track.

1st Margot Brothwell’s XB, TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, 195.5, Qual UDEx. Ryan really enjoyed his day and worked well, only losing 4.5 marks overall. Well done.

2nd Ann Wright’s Golden Retriever CARISHILL ROSE, 183, Qual UDEx. Mabel also worked well today, just losing three marks on the track, but left an article in the square. Good C/A.

3rd Jackie Rutter’s BC, STARDELL MAIA AT NYEWOOD, 181.5, Qual UDEx. Katie lost several marks for little things like dropping articles and not waiting at the other side of the scale, but she did a good track (86) and sendaway (8.5) so keep training and all will right itself!

4th Ann Trodd’s XB, BAILLIE OF CHELSASA, 178.5, Qual UDEx. Baillie also threw away marks with a poor retrieve and heel free but a full mark sendaway saved the day!

Also qualifying UDEx:

Jodie Phillips BC, FLIP FLOP RIP. A good nosework round but only just scraped the C/A

Thank you all for entering. I hope you enjoyed your day. Keep the tracklaying going, June!




Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal, Angela Porter and

Penny Bann.

Steward: Brian Riste

I would like to say thank you to the ASPADS Committee for the invitation to judge the WD Stake at their Enfield Trial. Also to my tracklayers and steward - you all did a brilliant job. To the ladies in the kitchen, namely Jackie, Linda and June, many thanks for the lovely food. A special thank you to Vana as Trials Manager - you did a grand job under difficult circumstances - also to Jean Howells as base steward. Thank you all for a very friendly, well run trial.

1st Bert Maynard, LAKATAMIA NOMI, CDEx, UDEx. GSD, B, 191.5, Q. Only lost one on the track, a very good all round performance. Well done, Bert.

2nd Lauren Marlow, JOTUNHEIM KID, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, Malinois, D, 183, Q. A very good performance in all sections; only one article off the track which made the difference. Well done, Lauren.

3rd Rosemary Turner, KHAMYSKER KWIK KRACKER, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, B, 178.5, Q. Again, a good performance, nice control round. Well done, Rosemary.

4th Mary Prentice, MOUNTLOCHAN LAIRD O’LEYS, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 164, Q. Only lost one on the control and agility; well done. Mary.

5th Ann Clarke, STYPERSON QUINCEY, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, Lab, D, 163, Q. A good control round, only lost half a mark on the heelwork. Well done, Ann.

Qualifying WD

Paul Morling, VONGRAF KABUL, GSD, D, 153.5. A full marked search square; well done, Paul.

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