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Championship Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 06 April 2014




Steward; Judith Owen

 Many thanks to Vana and ASPADS for the opportunity to judge the CD dogs at their Championship trial. Oakhill Farm is a lovely venue for the control and nosework so a big thank you to the farmer for the use of the land. Thanks also to those that kept us fed and watered.

My steward for both nosework and C/A was Judith Owen, whose company I enjoyed and I thank her for keeping me in order.

 1st Ms Kate Peyton and ASTLEY FLEET, BC, 96.5, Q. A stylish young dog with an experienced handler, both on form today.

2nd Mrs Steph A Cooper and RYANSTOCK LIBERTY, Weim, 93.5, Q. All a boy Weimaraner should be. He has presence and control (just). A delight to watch.

3rd Miss Lynne Watkins with STARSHOT SZARKA AT SZIKRAS, Hungarian WH Vizsla, 87, Q. A laid-back dog doing enough. Lynne knows how to get the best from him.

4th Mr Nick Dunn and YUKOFARM AEGEUS, Malinois, 84.5, Q. Not a very experienced pair and the sendaway error cost them dear, but a good qualification none the less.

Also qualifying:

Mrs Sue Zackheim and COOLHAND FLOOK, Cross, 83. A young dog not yet fully confident on the jumps.




Steward: Sheren Perez

Tracklayers: Lee Kane and Arthur Jeal

 Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the Utility Dog stake. Congratulations to the trial manager, Vana Moody, on a very well-organised trial with a happy atmosphere. Thank you to my helpers, the farmers and base team and everyone concerned with the running of the trial.

I appreciated the friendly efficiency of my excellent steward and tracklayers and enjoyed watching all four dogs do their control and agility and then their nosework on young corn with a gentle breeze. I then wrote my report, awarded rosettes and certificates, before having a delicious lunch at the base. It was a very pleasant day.

 1st Angela Clarke with CHACKMORTON SAFFRON, CDEx, G. Ret, 190.5, Q. Well done. Excellent test.

2nd Shiela Tannert with TARNEDGE WISP, CDEx, Lab, 161, Q. Well done

3rd Paul Morling with VONLUCIENHAN ARGONAUT, CDEx, Malanois, NQ. Bad luck. Love his enthusiasm.

4th Fiona Pinder with DIANDIE SUMMER ROSE, CDEx, GSD, NQ

 I congratulate those who qualified and good luck at the next trial for those who didn’t.




Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal and Mark Lewindon (2 days), Rita Banfather and Sandra Lewindon (1 day)

Square and C/A Steward: Sheren Perez

Trials Manager: Vana Moody

Base Steward: Jean Howells

Catering: Jan Darby and team

 Many thanks to: the society for inviting me to judge (better late than never!), Vana for organising my B and B and evening meals (as well as everything else); Jan and team for my bacon and egg butties; Jean Howells for the score sheets, marked up catalogue and certificates; my wonderful tracklayers for laying the tracks and Sheren (hope your feet are better) for being a superb steward and always being in the right place at the right time and all for being such good company.

Finally, appreciation to the competitors who entered under me, the vast majority of whom accepted my decisions with good humour.

The weather was dry, warm and humid on Thursday and dry but cooler on Friday. Ground conditions were bone dry, stony with sparse to reasonable crop.

20 entered, 15 ran. Breeds: BSD, GSD, WSD/BC, Labrador, CS, and X breeds. 10 qualified the nosework, 14 qualified the control, 10 qualified overall.

Track pattern was 12 legs, 870 yards long the first article was a piece of composite floor covering, the second a short lolly stick. Square articles were: a purple piece of electrical wiring, a square of green spontex, a short lolly stick and a piece of bubble wrap. The control round commenced with normal and fast pace, followed by the retrieve, sendaway to a fallen tree terminating in slow pace to the jumps where second attempts were allowed at the scale and finished with the down stay.

 1st Mrs Christine Brooksby with her BC B, RAVENSBROOK MAID, 189.5, Q. The ONLY team to recover both articles on the track and all articles from the square. This dog worked the track and the square very methodically and was handled in an extremely sympathetic manner by Chris. Many congratulations!

2nd Miss Manda McLellan with her GSD B, GARTONHAUS BORA OF ASHLINDT, 180.5, Q. Despite the distraction of the model airplanes flying above this team managed 2 and 3; just got to work on the hovering, Manda! Very well done.

3rd Mr Peter Dyer with his GSD B, CARMELITA ELITE OF KIRKVIEW, 177, Q. It was a pleasure and a privilege to judge this delightful pair working together so well on a particularly difficult piece of land. Peter had a tear in his eye at the end of the track and so did I. You must be so proud of your lovely bitch as well as your first WDEx!

4th Mr Les Allen with his Labrador D, TADMARTON ENZO, 175, Q. Enzo is a very spirited and enthusiastic tracking dog who found all 4 articles in the square and lost only 1 mark in the control round to gain this place. I think I was almost as exhausted as Les! Congratulations.

Also Qualifying WDEx:

Mr John Turtill with his WSD D, WAGGERLAND TAYOVULLIN, 173. Full marks for all control exercises without a stay!

Mr Graham Blake and his WSD D, TOBIAS COLLIER, 168.5. Very methodical tracking.

Mr Lee Payne with his GSD D, ASHLINDT METEOR, 168.5. Lovely full mark jumps.

Lauren Marlow with her BSD (Malinois) D, JOTUNHEIM ELI, 168. Only losing 1.5 on the C/A

Mr Winston Cadogan with his BSD (Malinois) B, CAESAROMAGO OBELIA, 163. Well done on your first WDEx

Mrs Ann Ketteringham with her Crossbreed D, PADDDYDEPAWS AT COALWAY, 162.5. Such stylish heelwork!

 The dog the judge would most like to take home: Paul Morling’s Working Cocker Spaniel. She was FABULOUS; exocet missile on the sendaway and airborne over the clear and long. Such bad luck on the track!

Hard luck story of the trial: Hilary Wilson and her dog, HOLLOWAY HOT CHOCOLATE, who completed a very accurate track but then got no articles out of the square!

I really enjoyed setting my test and seeing all the teams tackle it. Many thanks for allowing me the honour of wielding my pen over you!

Enjoy your dogs!




Tracklayers: Tom Darby and Pat Herbert

Square Steward and Scribe: Kate Wykes

 Thank you to the Society for asking me to judge. Thank you to Vana, the trials manager, for a well-run trial, despite needing to spend regular time at home. Thank you to Jean for running the base, and to Tom and Pat for laying the tracks as they should be. Thank you to Dave, Genine, Jackie R, Jackie S, Jan, Sienna and Zehra for feeding and watering me out in the fields, and to Zehra for afternoon tea on the Tuesday, when the base is used by a sewing circle. Thank you to Genine for the use of her superb barn as the base. Lastly, thank you to the farmers, without whose land we wouldn’t be able to run trials.

The tracking varied from very good to going the wrong way from the post; no piece of ground was either very good or very bad and good tracks and failures came from all over, but at the end of the week we had a good number of nosework qualifiers. I set a straight forward control and agility round and allowed the dogs and handlers to make their own mistakes which they duly did.

As I do my own stewarding and just give marks to my scribe as we go along I had no idea until we’d finished who had won. I just knew after the first bunch that there wasn’t a run-off.

Congratulations go to Sue and Titan for winning the ticket and good luck at the KCC’s.

 1st and CC Sue Ashby with WTCh THE TITAN, CDEx - TDEx, WSD, D, Q, 210

2nd and Res CC Gary Atkins with GLENALPINE PETE, CDEx - TDEx, BC, D, Q, 208.5

3rd Tony Lockyer with TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, CDEx - TDEx, WSD, D, Q, 207

4th Paul Adams with SHERINGEM GLYNN, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx, BC, D, Q, 205

 Also qualifying TDEx:

Diane Ling with WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, CDEx - TDEx, PDEx, X, D, Q, 202




Paul Beasley with STARDELL SPICA, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx, BC, D, Q, 196.5

Judy Meekings with STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, CDEx – TDEx, Lab, D, Q, 196.5

Eric Carpenter with HEX AT CARFELD, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx, BC, B, Q, 195.5

Kate Peyton with JEDI KNIGHT CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, D, Q, 195.5

Ruth Payton with CORIES BLAZING STAR AT KALIAZAR, Beg Ex, CDEx – TDEx, BC, B, Q, 193

Tony Orchard with WILLOWY WHISPER OF TADMARTON, CDEx – TDEx, Lab, B, Q, 190

Sarah Burroughes with TARNEDGE VELVET, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx, Lab, B Q, 189

Sue Hough with STARDELL ALYA, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, B, Q, 188.5

Mick Head with SHERINGEM JAZPER, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx, BC, D, Q, 182

Sue Russell with GLENALPINE DANNY, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx, BC, D, Q, 181.5

 Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and for accepting all my decisions. To those who qualified well done, to those who didn’t better luck next


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