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Championship Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 07 April 2013



Stewards: Penny Bann (Friday), Diane Ling (Saturday)

Thank you to the ASPADS committee for the invitation to judge the CD Stake at their Championship Trial in Enfield.  Vana Moody, Trials Manager, ensured everything ran smoothly as usual and many thanks to everyone involved in organising this trial.  Thanks to Jean Howells in the base and also to Heather, Theresa, Jackie and Hilary in the kitchen.

My search square and C/A Stewards were Penny Bann on the Friday and Diane Ling on the Saturday.  Thank you both for being extremely good company as well as giving clear instructions to the competitors, which enabled me to just stand back and judge.

We were extremely lucky with the weather on both days, considering what they had experienced in Enfield earlier in the week.

18 dogs entered and 12 ran, 4 on Friday and 8 on Saturday.  We started with the nosework and retrieve in a field with a good growth of grass (thank you, farmers).  The search articles were 3" green hosepipe, 2" x 3" red scourer and a white jam jar lid, which were placed diagonally across the square with the lid in the centre.  The square was worked first followed by the dumb-bell retrieve.  We had 8 qualifiers on this section over the 2 days, with 7 teams recovering all 3 articles and 3 teams recovering 2.  The majority of marks lost were due to dogs dropping and/or mouthing the articles.

The control section began with group sit stays (handlers out of sight), followed by heel on lead, recall, heel free and sendaway (60 paces to crossed white poles in hedge).  Down stays were carried out after the agility section.  We had 8 qualifiers on this section over the 2 days, which included 4 full mark sendaways.  The majority of marks lost were due to dogs being given unfair assistance by some handlers having "static" left hands and wiggling fingers.  There were 5 qualifiers on the agility section over the 2 days.  Full marks being achieved by 8 dogs on the clear jump, 4 on the long jump and 3 on the scale.  We ended up with 4 qualifiers overall.

1st Lauren Marlow and JOTUNHEIM ELI, Malinois BSD, D, 100, Q.  This team didn’t put a foot/paw wrong.  One of the "joys" of Working Trials is that there are so many elements and you want them all to come right on the same day. Saturday was Lauren and Aka’s day! Congratulations, Lauren, on a well-deserved win.

2nd Sue Jones and DURSTONE BRYN, WSD, D, 94, Q.  Sue was the only qualifier on Friday.  Bryn was consistently good throughout the stake with just the occasional dropped mark.  Well done.

3rd Hilary Mercer and STARDELL RANA, BC, B, 93.5, Q.  Rana was another dog that performed well in all groups but a second attempt on the long jump proved costly.  Good luck in the future.

4th Betty Briley and JETRIL JIG, UDEx, GSD, B, 81.5, Q.  Even though Jig decided not to do the full 2 minute sit stay she still put it all together enough to qualify.  Well done.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me; it was a pleasure to watch your dogs work.  I hope you enjoyed my test and good luck at your future trials.




Judge: RAY LEA

Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal, Rita Banfather

Steward: Margo Brothwell

Many thanks to Vana Moody and the committee of ASPADS for the invitation to judge the UD stake at the Enfield Championship trial.  The weather leading up to the trial had been pretty atrocious and the day before was really grim, but hey, Friday morning came and it was dry, but we still had a very cold wind.  Then the sun came out and it turned into a reasonable day. 

Nine teams entered and eight ran.  Tracking was on old stubble; some teams were ready for this sort of terrain and some just weren’t up to it.  The ones that were tracked really well.  The search was carried out well by all the dogs.  After a short break it was onto the C/A, which was well done by all teams, even if the nerves were getting to some of them.  Well done to you all and thank you.  I would also like to thank Genine for the use of a great base, the girls in the kitchen for the great food, to Jean and Jan in base, and special thanks to Arthur Jeal and Rita Banfather for laying all the tracks to perfection, and to Margo for stewarding both search and C/A and for being lovely company.  All in all a great trial - thank you for all your help and company.

1st Sue Jones with DURSTONE BRYN, WSD, D, 190.5, Q UDEx.  This dog went round on rails on a windy and rubbish strewn field - really good to watch.  Well done.

2nd Betty Briley with JETRIL JIG, GSD, B, 177, Q UDEx.  Jig struggled a bit on the track but made up for it in the C/A.  Well done.

3rd Sharon Carter with QUADET DANSA AT IVYMOOR, Weim, B, 158, Q UD.  Well done

4th Shirley Simpson’s WESTMIDS KYRE, GSD, B, handled by John Simpson, 177.5, NQ.  So unlucky with the sendaway.  Well done.





Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal and Margo Brothwell

Steward: Rita Banfather

I was base steward for Vana at Enfield and had just done the draw for the WD competitors, when because of unforeseen circumstances the WD Judge was going to be unable to attend the Trial.  Vana then asked me (told me really!) to judge the WD Stake.  Within half an hour, I had managed to beg, borrow and acquire a track pattern, track articles and search articles + stop watch, gun and judging sheets.  Tracklayers were sent to lay the tracks and we were ready for the off!

When we reached the fields we were confronted by a very strong, bitterly cold east wind, making conditions difficult for tracking.  Tracking was on stubble and most of the dogs tried hard on the track, but were just overcome by the conditions.  On the Wednesday one dog managed to complete the track and on Thursday we had two round.  The control rounds were worked well in spite of the weather, especially on Thursday when we tracked and did the control in a horizontal blizzard.

My thanks to my tracklayers, Arthur and Margo, who had a tough time laying the tracks in terrible weather, as did my square and C/A Steward, Rita.  Many thanks to you all.

1st Mrs D Williams with ASTRA TZIAKA, BC, D, 166, Q WDEx.  You worked on Thursday and both of you had to work really hard on the track.  Tziaka was the only dog to find both articles on the track.  He then got 3 articles out of the square.  Your control round and stays took place in the blizzard!  Very well done.

2nd Mrs J Owen with BRENTMOOR JAY, BC, D, 156, Q WD.  Worked on Wednesday in a biting east wind.  You both had to work very hard and unfortunately missed the last article.  Jay was a bit naughty in the square and just managed to get 3 articles out.  Another article would have made all the difference.  Full marks on the jumps.  Well done

3rd Mrs C Brooksby with RAVENSBROOK MAID, BC, B, NQ.  Completed track but unfortunately no articles.  A very good square.  A good control round, then sat up in the stays during the blizzard.  Nearly there, keep trying. 

4th Mrs D Whiting with SHELTYSHAM SO ESOTERIC, BC, D, NQ.  Part way round track with one article.  Three articles out of the square.   Full marks on the jumps and a good stay in the blizzard.  Again, nearly there so keep trying.

Thanks to Vana for running a good trial.  All your hard work getting land etc before the trial paid off.  Thanks to the farmers, the sprayers didn’t move in until the tracking had finished on Saturday afternoon.  My thanks to Jan for taking over the Base while I was out judging.  Thanks to the kitchen staff who worked tirelessly over the whole week, producing excellent food. Thanks to Heather for the lovely soup, which was very welcome when we returned with frozen fingers.

Finally my thanks to all competitors for accepting my decisions, especially as you were expecting to work under a different judge.





Tracklayers: Tom Davies, Lee Kane, Pat Herbert, Penny Bann and Mick Head 

Square Stewards:   Sheren Perez for five days and Heather Shan for one day

Control and Agility Steward:   Pat Herbert.

Base:  Jan Davies and Jean Howells

Catering:  Jackie Rutter, Heather Shan, Hilary Mercer, Teresa Musgrave

Manager: Vana Moody

Firstly I would like to thank ASPADS for allowing me to judge the TD Championship trial at Enfield and for Vana for putting on the trial.  Vana provided everything I needed to judge the stake and was a perfect host throughout Teresa and my stay at Enfield.  Many, many, thanks Vana, and well done for overcoming the land problems to keep the trial on.

The above mentioned team who ran the stake were absolutely spot on and did a marvellous job for the seven days of the trial, despite the Great British weather throwing everything at us, including an afternoon of blizzards.  We knew we were in trouble with the weather when Pat put her hood up (proof of just how cold it had become).  All the team were terrific.  A big thank you to Pat also for showing such stamina by not only tracklaying all week but also stewarding the control on Sunday in such a perfect manner.  It was great to see so many of the team helping at the weekend, including Lee, whose carpentry skills were needed when we had a problem with one of the jumps - aren’t power tools wonderful?  A huge thank you to you all for such sterling work and being terrific company.

It was a particular pleasure to meet all the handlers who came to have a go, some to do very well, some to be not so successful on this occasion, but all conducting themselves in an impeccable manner and showing the highest qualities of good  sportsmanship. 

The combination of diabolical weather and testing tracking conditions proved very difficult and in the end there were only fourteen completed the nosework with qualifying marks. The control was done with two non- qualifiers / volunteers starting off the proceedings and then the teams with the top twelve nosework marks going in reverse order.  With a certain inevitability, but in no way diminishing the ability of dog and handler and their overall performance, Tony with Isla won the Ticket.

Finally, I thank everyone who had any connection with this trial for making it such a memorable occasion for my wife Teresa and me.  A special mention to the local farmers who co-operated in allowing the trial to continue in spite of all the difficulties they are having.

Happy trialling – see you around.

61 entered, 50 Ran, 12 qualifiers (11 TDEx and 1 TD)

1st Tony Lockyer with Isla, WTCh LAWINICK COME N GET IT AT HARTSHILL, GSD, B, 212.5

2nd Sue Ashby with Titan, WTCh THE TITAN, WSD, D, 211.5

3rd Tony Lockyer with Gyp, WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, D, 209.5

4th Glenys Page with Ozzie, BRIGLEN JOSS,BC, D, 208

Also qualifying TDEx:

Judy Meekings with Brig, STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, Labrador, D, 203.5

Margo Brothwell with Ryan, WTCh TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, Cross, D, 203.5

Dianne Ling with Tom, WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, Cross, D, 201.5

Gary Haim with Archie, LAWINICK STILL OF THE NIGHT, GSD, D, 197.5

Barry Gilbert with Cossie, GLENALPINE COSWORTH, BC, D, 195

Glenys Page with Sam, WTCh BILKO’S GLORY,WSD, D, 189.5

Julie Skip with Zak, ZAK OF SKIPAWAY, WSD, D, 181.5 

Qualifying TD:

Val Upton with Raffer, GLENALPINE RAFFERTY, BC, D, 175.5

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