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Open Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 09 December 2012


Another happy successful trial due to all the super Judges and competent, cheery team.

Tracking was on soggy stubble as tractors would sink in, so ploughing was impossible.  The shepherd moved his flock so we had a control field - my thanks to him and the farmers.  Lee Kane put up jumps, and took them down - thank you.  Judges, Julie Atkins, Judy Meekings and Jennifer Speake; Stewards, Gary Atkins, Sheren Perez and Sandra Lewindon; Tracklayers, Lee Kane, Mark Lewindon, Rita and Steve Banfather; Base, Jan Vallack; Kitchen, Jacky Rutter, with Heather Shaw assisting on Sunday; Genine Newport for allowing us to hire the barn; which is so suitable for us mucky people; Judy Meekings for catalogues and making sure I have relevant paperwork.  THANK YOU ALL from ME and the COMPETITORS for making a great trial.





Steward: Sandra Lewindon

Many thanks to ASPADS for inviting me to judge and to Vana who ran the trial with her customary calm efficiency.  We were lucky in the weather on both days; although cold and increasingly blowy, it remained dry.  The ladies in the kitchen worked tirelessly to make sure that we had plenty to keep us going out in the fields, and Jan Vallack coped heroically with interpreting my increasingly frozen writing on the scoresheets.  A huge thank you to Sandra Lewindon, my super-efficient steward, who was my voice over the two days and made sure every competitor had the same clear instructions.  Without her I would have been speechless after the first hour, thanks to a horrendous cold.  Finally, thank you to the competitors; I enjoyed watching your dogs work and I hope you enjoyed the round.


3 entered; 2 ran.

1st Mrs S Main with JAZZ THE JOKER, WSD, D, 84, NQ.  A young dog making a promising start to his trials career.

2nd Mrs M. Burchell with QUILTERS FARAKALIAN, ASD, D, 74, NQ.  Callum worked hard for you but didn’t fancy the jumps on the day.


Apart from the sendaway (75yds for UD, 100yds for WD, both to flagged poles) the control round was the same for both stakes.  The standard varied considerably: a number of teams turned in very stylish performances, while others struggled, with dog and handler not really operating as a team.  Success rate in the down stays was 14 out of 23.  Jumps took their usual toll, with just 6 teams getting full marks. (Results with the nosework judges’ reports.)




Tracklayers: Rita and Steve Banfather

Steward: Sheren Perez

Enfield trial is one of my favourites, so I was delighted to be asked to judge UD here, especially as I knew the organisation would be first class with Vana in charge.  As expected, everything ran like clockwork, although I know Vana had problems beforehand getting land, as the continuing bad weather had caused havoc for the farmers.  We are therefore very grateful to them for allowing us to use their fields for our sport.

The base was run by Jan Vallack, who made everybody welcome, and who kept the scores, wrote out the certificates, and made sure all the competitors were in the right place at the right time.  Many thanks, Jan.  Thanks also to Jackie and Heather in the kitchen for making sure that my team were never hungry.

My tracklayers, Rita and Steve, laid every track totally accurately, in difficult wet conditions, and were rewarded by most dogs completing their tracks with their articles recovered.  Sheren laid the squares perfectly, and claimed the distinction of every single article being recovered.  Well done, and many thanks to you all for your efforts, and for being such good company.

From 15 entries only 8 worked, and 3 of those qualified.

1st Peter Dyer with CARMELITA ELITE OF KIRKVIEW, GSD, B, 187.5, Q.  After a scrappy first leg, Jez then settled and tracked confidently, recovering both articles, and followed this with a very competent square.  Well done on a sparkling performance, and good luck in the higher stakes.

2nd Mary Braybrook with GAMEHEART ABERAHAMA, Cocker Spaniel, 187, Q.  What a super little dog!  Rags’s track was a joy to watch, fast and accurate, and his search was only spoilt by an urgent call of nature.  Well done, Mary, you handled him beautifully.

3rd Tim Cooper with GLORIOUS GLOSTER, X-Breed, D, 179, Q.  Boko didn’t find the tracking easy, but worked hard and with help from Tim’s sharp eyes they recovered both articles.  He then found enough energy to do a very nice square.  Tim and Boko really worked together as a team – very well done.

4th Sue Jones with DURSTONE BRYN, WSD, D, 172.5, NQ.  Bryn worked a lovely track, with only a couple of small blips, and followed this with an almost perfect square, giving him the highest nosework marks of the stake.  What a shame he didn’t quite manage the C/A, but I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s flying up the stakes.




Tracklayers: Lee Kane and Mark Lewindon

Square steward:  Gary Atkins

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge and to Vana Moody for being a brilliant Trials Manager.  I had 3 excellent companions in Lee, Mark and Gary, who all worked hard for the competitors – thanks, lads.

I really enjoyed the 2 days out in the fields with surprisingly good weather, cold but bright and no rain!  The stubble made for good tracking conditions and out of seventeen dogs worked, eleven qualified the nosework and eight overall.

1st TRACELYN DANCING IN THE DARK, GSD, B, Gavin Thompson, 191, COM.  Good nosework round from Gavin and Jetta; congratulations.

2nd RAVENSBROOK MAID, BC, B, Christine Brooksby, 189.5, COM.  Very neat nosework round from this team; very well done.

3rd ASTRA TZIAKA, BC, D, Debbie Williams, 179, COM.  Good nosework; well done on your qualification.

4th KINGSPRIDE AURORA, GSD, B, Tony Baverstock, 178, COM.  Very tidy track from this team; well done.

Also qualifying:

VONHAUSWOLF MAUD, Joyce Tibbetts, 177

WAGGERLAND THIS IS IT, Betty Briley, 175


MY BOY JIM, John Currie, 171.5

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