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Open Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 04 December 2011


Thank you to all competitors, judges, helpers and farmers for working together to have a successful trial.  Teamwork is so important to a happy trial - you were all great.  WD team was - Kate Peyton, judge, Sheren Perez, square steward, Mark Lewindon and Mick Head, tracklayers:  UD - Sandra Lewindon, judge, Rita Banfather, square steward, Steve Banfather, Peter Dyer (Sat), Lee Kane (Sun), tracklayers:  and C/A - Jane Webb, judge, Jan Vallack steward.  Heather Shaw (Sat, Sun), Zara Mehmet (Sat) and Jackie Rutter (Sat) kept everybody fed; Lee as always dealt with the jumps, and Jan and Rita supplied us with delicious home cooked cakes; Genine Newport allowed us the use of her barns for the base.  Thanks to the farmers for letting us use their fields; without them there would be no trials.  A BIG THANK YOU to you all.  I will leave it to the Judges to explain their tests and results.  Well done all qualifiers, keep at the training those not quite making it.





Steward: Jan Vallack

Thank you ASPADS and Vana for the invitation to judge at your fabulous trial; I thoroughly enjoyed my two days.  Organisation second to none, great food from Jackie and her team, and Jan – a brilliant steward.  Great company and delicious bread and butter pudding – thank you all so much!

I thought the standard of work over the two days was very high; some fabulous teams ready to move p the stakes and some oh so nearly there.  It was a privilege to judge you, thank you for giving me the opportunity.


1st Mrs Anne Shepherd and MILLIE MOONBEAM, Cross, B, 191.5, Q.  This team was clearly ready and worked a beautiful round, with not much to mark.  Anne’s calm, no nonsense handling got the best from Millie, who I’m sure will go far.  Well done and good luck!

2nd Mrs Betty Briley and WAGGERLAND THIS IS IT, CDEx, WSD, D, 167, Q.  Another fabulous round from Betty and Mac, well schooled with only minor errors.

3rd Mrs Christine Brooksby and RAVENSBROOK MAID, BC, B, 174.5, NQ.  Lovely control from Chris and Meg, on a par with the above two dogs, but sadly the jumps took their toll.


1st Mrs Jane Wood and LUDGATE POWER’N’GLORY, CDEx, UDEx, BC, D, 193.5, Q.  Jane and Lennie worked a near perfect round with style; clearly ready to move up the stakes.  Well done and good luck!

2nd Mrs Jackie Rutter and STARDELL SOLAR AT NYEWOOD, CDEx, BC, D, 190.5, Q.  Jackie and Joey were another team clearly ready to move up the stakes, putting in a very polished round.

3rd Mrs Gill Cooke and SWEET GEORGIA BLACK, CDEx, UDEx, Cross, B, 185, Q.  Well done Gill and Georgia, lovely round.  You seem to be flying up the stakes!

4th Mr Graham Taylor and GERONIMO BATES, CDEx, WSD, 177, Q.  Little bits and pieces cost you marks, but overall a nice round.

Also qualifying:


Bob Burns and GUNWHARF JACK, Lab, D, 172.5




Tracklayers: Steve Banfather, Peter Dyer, Lee Kane

Steward: Rita Banfather

My thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the UD nosework at this friendly, well run trial.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Vana for managing the trial, making it appear so effortless, when I know that she’s worked very hard to achieve this illusion and that she would still be working for the trial, long after the rest of us had put our feet up.

Huge thanks to my team in the field - Rita Banfather square stewarding so efficiently and helping to put the competitors at their ease; my tracklayers, Steve Banfather both days, Peter Dyer the first day and  Lee Kane the second day, all laying tracks as I had asked and giving every competitor the best opportunity possible to get round the tracks.  You were all good fun to spend 2 days standing in a field with; thank you very much for giving up your weekend to help at the trial.

Huge, big thanks to the kitchen staff Heather Shaw, Jackie Rutter and Zara Mehmet keeping us fed and watered so well.  Also Rita and Jan Vallack for the lovely home made cakes.  I’ve done just about every job at a trial and the kitchen is very definitely the hardest!  You start before everyone else and finish after everyone else, go home with your hair smelling of bacon, yuk, not great for me, being a vegetarian!  This was Heather’s first time in the kitchen and she carried out the duty superbly.  I recommend her to anyone looking for help.

Thanks must also go to the farmers Adrian Williams, Stewart Wright and Robert Potts for allowing us the use of their land - we couldn’t have had a trial without you.

Genine Newport was kind enough to allow Vana the use of a really good base, perfect!  With kitchen, loo’s, enough space and chairs for everyone and a paddock out the back for those urgent dog "exercise" moments.  Further thanks go to and Genine and Zara for entertaining us with their gorgeous puppies!!  They are lovely, good luck to you both for the future with them - you’re going to have such fun.

Final thanks go to the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions with such good grace.  Thank you.

Tracking was on winter wheat, with growth of approximately 6".  On the first day it rained heavily up to about an hour prior to the tracking, that stopped but unfortunately the wind did not diminish and that took a toll on the tracking.  I saw dogs which I knew to be very capable tracking dogs fail; to those handlers, please don’t be despondent, I truly believe the conditions affected you.

What a difference a day makes!  On the second day it was colder, no rain and less wind.   Consequences were that of the 3 dogs that worked that day, 2 did superb tracks.

Being a December trial I decided to indulge myself with a Christmas theme; this proved quite challenging to find different, safe textures, but this is what I came up with – the first article on the track was a 6" length of flex (part of the extension lead for all those fairy lights), the end article a small soft toy reindeer.  Square articles were:- a beer mat cut into the shape of a Christmas tree’ a piece of black rubber approximately 3"x1.5" cut into the shape of a boot (Santa’s boot)’ 2 plastic snowflakes, each approximately 1.25" in diameter joined by a piece of string and a 2" piece of broom stick (Yule log, ok, ok, if it were Halloween it would have been my broom stick!!).

16 entered and 8 ran.  Don’t be disheartened if you didn’t qualify this time; go and enjoy training your super dogs and better luck next time.

1st MILLIE MOONBEAM, Cross Breed, owned and handled by Anne Shepherd, 191.5, Q.  Super bitch on her first time out, track and square were a joy to watch.  I’m sure that with Anne’s experience and handling Millie will go far.  Good luck in champ.

2nd WAGGERLAND THIS IS IT, WSD, owned and handled by Betty Briley, 167, Q.  Mac worked very hard on the track, Betty, you should be very proud of him.  I’m sure it won’t be long before he gets his UDEx.  Good luck.

3rd RAVENSBROOK MAID, BC, owned and handled by Christine Brooksby, 174.5, NQ.  This was Christine’s first ever time in UD and her lovely dog Meg did her proud.  Meg did one of the best tracks I’ve ever seen, she didn’t put a paw wrong, very well done Christine.  Better luck next time.




Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Mick Head

Steward: Sheren Perez

Many thanks to Vana and to ASPADS for the invitation to judge at this relaxed and friendly trial.  Thanks also to Mark Lewindon and Mick Head for laying all the tracks accurately and consistently, and to Sheren Perez for laying the squares  just as I wanted - you were all great company and made things run really smoothly.  I also got great back up from the base, good food from Jacky,  Heather  and others in the kitchen and speedy processing of marks and places from Vana and Rita.

There were 15 entries and 13 ran.  The weather was breezy and chilly both days and the ground was soft with reasonable growth of corn.  This produced some very reasonable tracking, with most dogs making a good attempt at getting round and I saw some excellent nosework over all.

1st Jane Wood with LUDGATE POWER’N’GLORY, CDEx, UDEx, BC, D, 193.5, COM.  Lenny tracked steadily and accurately, getting both articles and following it up with 4 articles from a lovely square.  I really liked his attitude. 

2nd Jackie Rutter with STARDELL SOLAR AT NYEWOOD, CDEx, BC, D, 190.5, COM.  Lovely keen dog who whizzed round the track and went  on to produce all 4 square articles.  Made it look easy.  Well done. 

3rd Gill Cooke with SWEET GEORGIA BLACK, CDEx, UDEx, Cross, B, 185, COM.  This dog displayed lots of enthusiasm for her work and was a pleasure to watch on the track.  Mouthing and dropping of square articles was costly, but still gained a very creditable qualification.

4th Graham Taylor with GERONIMO BATES, CDEx, WSD, D, 177, COM.  Graham and Geronimo had a couple of nasty moments on the track but it was never in doubt that he would get round and he then produced an excellent square.  Well done.

Also qualified:

Alan Sword with MANPOL SPECIAL EDITION, GSD, D, 174.5

Bob Burns with GUNWHARF JACK, Lab, D, 172.5

Thank you to competitors for your entries and for your willing participation in the test.

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