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Championship Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 03 April 2011


Thank you to the farmers allowing us to use their land; luckily all spraying was finished the week before, due to the good weather.  The people I did not have a job for, sorry, thank you for the offer - next trial…..

My thanks to all who made this a happy successful trial: Judges, Norma Ansell, Sue Jones and Lindsey Poole; in the kitchen,  Jackie Rutter, Hilary Mercer (and cakes), Robert Mercer, Di Assheton-Bowtle, who unfortunately had to go home; Base,    Jean Howells, Jan Darby, and Lindsey for the TD certificates; Stewards, Maurice Cook, Pete Jones, Jan Vallack (cakes); Tracklayers, Tom Darby, Lindsey Poole, Mike Williams, Lee Kane, Arthur Jeal, Julia Skipp; Lee sorting jumps, Arthur helping to store them.

Thanks also to Genine for the use of her barn as base, Zara allowing access to the fields through her land and walking my dogs, Judy for supplying paperwork, catalogues etc.  And everyone who helped in any small way, you are all needed.  THANK YOU.

Well done to qualifiers, for those not quite making it, keep up the training.





steward: Jan Vallack

My thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge their CD Championship stake at Enfield, and to Vana Moody for running a friendly and efficient trial.  To all the ladies in the kitchen (and Robert) for keeping me fed and watered all week.  Also to Jan and Jean for base-stewarding and everyone else who helped to escort, gopher and stay steward.

I was delighted when I learned that my steward for the day would be Jan Vallack, as I knew she would put all the competitors at ease and keep me entertained throughout – thank you ‘Mum’.

1st Jane Wood and LUDGATE POWER ‘N’ GLORY, 2.5 yr old Border Collie, 89, Q CDEx.  Lennie worked beautifully, losing silly marks on heel free and a few others here and there.  The only dog with full mark jumps.  Well deserved win, congratulations.

2nd Dave Self and LAURINCO RED KITE, 2 yr old Labrador, 84, Q CDEx.  Ki was a delight to watch, full of enthusiasm for his work.  Deserved the qualification.

3rd Colin Rees and HEELAKEARY FLAME, 5 yr old German Shepherd, 83, Q CDEx.  Rio is a very boisterous shepherd but just managed to keep it together enough today for a qualification, despite giving me some nervous moments in the stays!  Well done.

4th Lee Kane and Vomsmithard Akino, 3 yr old Rottweiler, 77, Q CD.  Kino was a bit naughty - the sit stay was costly, as was leaving the 3rd article in the search!  It’s obvious he has all the exercises but didn’t quite make the grade on the day.  You’ll get there, Lee, keep going.

Two hard luck stories: Carole Burgess and her Miniature Poodle - Laycee only got 13 on her jumps, the rest of her work was lovely: Emma Baker and her 20 month old Border Collie - Rik only lost 2 on his nosework and 1 on the sendaway.  Everything else was perfect until he misjudged the take-off for the scale - what a shame.  Emma was a super, quiet handler who got the best out her young dog.  Certainly one to watch out for in the future.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and good luck in the future.




Tracklayers: Julia Skip, Arthur Jeal and emergency stand-in Vana Moody for WD

Steward: Pete Jones

Many thanks to ASPADS Committee for the invite to judge the WD and UD Stakes.  Vana did her usual magnificent job as Trials Manager.  Thanks to Jackie and Hilary for giving their time in the kitchen and keeping us well fed.  Jan Darby and Jean Howells controlled the base and scores, and thanks to all the other people behind the scenes who had helped to make this a well run trial.

My two tracklayers did a super job and were great company; Vana took off her Manager’s cap one day and laid 3 WD tracks so that Julia could get an engineer to sort the electrics on her caravan.  Thanks also to Pete for stewarding for me.


Tracking was on lush grazing grass. We had 6 entries and 4 dogs worked with one competitor obtaining UDEx.

1st Tracey Collier, CHARLOATS AVIN FUN AT GLENTRADA, GSD, D, 185.5, Q.  88, 10, 34: 34, 19.5.  Czech missed the first track article, but all other work was near perfect.  A well deserved win.  

2nd Anne Thorpe, GLENALPINE MISS MOLL AT DALEMAIN, BC, B, 187, NQ.  85.5, 20, 35: 33, 13.5.  Molly just lost qualifying on the jumps otherwise a very nice round.

3rd Eleanor Mestraud, WOLFHART CRY HAVOC, GSD, B, 171, NQ.  87, 20, 28: 23.5, 12.5.  Purdy lost out on the jumps and stays.

4th Graham Taylor, G RONIMO BATES, WSD, D, 167.5, NQ.  80, 10, 35: 32.5, 10.  Another casualty on the jumps.


Tracking was on lush grazing grass.  We had 33 entries and 28 dogs worked, with 9 obtaining WDEx.  Standards were mixed, with some good C/A, but some came to grief on the nosework.  We worked over 5 days with varied weather and some high winds a couple of days, which made it difficult for some competitors to handle.

1st Sue Hough, STARDELL ALYA, BC, B, 187.5, Q.  88, 20, 26: 33.5, 20.  Sue said she had not done much with Hattie lately, but she certainly shone today.  A well deserved win.

2nd Mike Williams, MARINA BEN’S PAL, XB, B, 187, Q.  87, 20, 27: 33, 20. Only 0.5 separating the first two.  Second time I have judged Marina and a joy to watch.  Nice to see Mike back in trials.

3rd Diane Ling, DEBEN LITTLE TOM, XB, D, 179.5, Q.  84, 20, 24: 34, 17.5.  Tom tackled my test well.

4th Mike Head, SHERINGEM JAZPER, BC, D, 179.5, Q.  80, 10, 35: 34.5, 20.  Jazper was unlucky not to win today, turned short on the last leg which was costly.  Best square of the contest.

Also qualified WDEx:

Nick Brunner, EASTER PRINCE, Cocker Spaniel, D, 178.  Full mark track, delight to watch this little dog work.

Judith Owens-Poole, FIRCROFT BELISIMA, PWD, B, 174

Lé Newman, STARDELL LEDA, BC, D, 167

Les Allen, GARRETHALL QUENYA, Lab, B, 164.5

Jeff Poole, FIRCROFT CASHEL, GSD, D, 162

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