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Open Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 05 December 2010


Although snow was a problem in many places, we were quite clear around this area, so we went ahead with the trial.  There were 18 cancellations, but only a few were due to the weather.  Lee Kane was brilliant on the freezing Friday, putting up jumps and helping me mark out the fields, then clearing them when finished on the Sunday.

Thank you to judges Mark Lewindon, Gary Martin and Eric Nicholls, square stewards Sheren Perez (1st time) and Jan Vallack (with her lovely supply of cakes), Deb Williams stewarding C/A, tracklayers Sandra Lewindon, Lee Kane, Rita Banfather (also with cakes), Caroline Martin and 1st timer Phil Roberts.  And in the kitchen, Maggie Moran and Val Isherwood.  You were all great company thanks for making a happy, no prob. weekend.  And thanks to Judy for all the paperwork.

To the offers of help I had to decline - thank you, please come back to me for the Champ in March/April.  Big thanks to Genine for use of her barn and paddock, we’ll be back here for the next trial.  Also to the farmers for the use of their land.

To the qualifiers, well done.  To those not managing it - keep doing that training!!!






Steward: Debbie

Thank you ASPADS for the invitation to judge the C/A at your Enfield trial.  Vana, the Trials Manager, did an excellent job, along with her helpers, in difficult conditions, which included providing plenty of straw in case needed for the agility area due to the snow.  Also, I must thank my steward, Debbie, for braving the cold and putting the competitors at ease for the two days.

There were 24 entries in WD and 20 in UD, with 12 working the control round in WD and 10 in UD.  The jumps took their usual toll and several competitors decided not to do the stays.  However, we ended with some qualifiers.


1st Mark Herris with MASTER MARKATS INTUITION, WSD, 192, Q.  A nice controlled round, well handled; should do well in trials.

2nd Catherine Parker with MYALL OSSIE TOO, Std Poodle, 178.5, NQ.  Well done, Cath.  Pity about the scale – I’m sure you will master the jumps.

3rd Lyn Griffiths with STARDELL AVELA, BC, 176, NQ.  Only the jumps let you down on this occasion.

4th Richard Lee with C’EST LA FOLIE, Malinois, 167, NQ.  The stays were your downfall in these wet, cold conditions.


1st Stevie Boyall with VANQUISH ULTIMATE EDITION, Lab, 186.5, Q.  A very smart and well executed round; a worthy winner.

2nd Les Allen with GARRETHALL QUENYA, Lab, 178.5, Q.  A really nice round, well handled.

3rd Nick Brunner with EASTER PRINCE, Cocker Spaniel, 177.5, Q.  Well done, Nick, another lovely round from this small dog, well handled.




Tracklayers: Caroline Martin, Phil Roberts

Search Steward: Jan Vallack

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge UD nosework at the Enfield trial.  I have always enjoyed the atmosphere at Enfield - it’s always friendly and this year was no different; I had a great time.  The trial was expertly organised by Vana, who did everything to make sure my job was trouble free; all I had to do was turn up, and everything was laid on.  Vana does an excellent job, not just on the day but prior to the event she was letting the judges know what was happening with the land, entry numbers and snow depth!  She really is an asset to this sport of ours and I personally thank her for all her time and effort she puts into trials.

My team in the field were such good company and in spite of the cold weather we had a great time with plenty of laughs.  Jan Vallack was first class laying the squares with her trademark precision.  Caroline and Phil laid all the tracks just as I wanted them and in a way that gave each competitor the very best chance of getting round.  Thank you all so much.

The ladies in the kitchen, Val and Maggie, were fantastic and kept us well fed and watered throughout the day with excellent fare – the cakes were superb, courtesy of Jan and Rita.

The tracking took place on 5 inch high oilseed rape, and there was a small amount of snow in patches over the three fields we used, but in all honesty nothing that was going to help/hinder the teams.  The weather was very cold but bright with little or no wind.  Originally I had 20 entries but eventually only 10 ran.  I think people were worried about the travelling conditions but in Enfield there was no snow at all on the roads. 

Overall the quality of nosework was very good and at times simply suberb, however the C/A proved the undoing of the majority of the seven nosework qualifiers,  so we ended up with just the one qualifier overall.

My track articles were (i) 2 inch piece of 40 mm wood dowel (ii) 4 inch green hosepipe.  The square articles were (i) green plastic tent peg (ii) 3 inch piece of leather (iii) 2 inch square piece of wood and (iv) a 4 inch x 1 inch piece of green scourer.

1st Mark Herris with MASTER MARKATS INTUITION, WSD, dog, 88/20/34.5, Q com.  Mark handled this lively little lad really well and thoroughly deserved his win.  Tracked very nicely with just one hiccup on the first corner.  Mark managed to retrieve the situation and then stormed around the remainder of the track without losing a mark.  Dave (that’s the dog) worked the square superbly, with just half a mark lost thanks to a bit of juggling by dad!  A really cracking partnership, well done on your win and good luck in the future.

2nd Cath Parker with MYALL OSSIE TOO, Std Poodle, bitch, 90/20/35, NQ.  THE nosework round of the stake – absolutely perfect and a joy to watch.  There was no messing about, Cath just harnessed Ossie up and off they went, collecting both articles en-route followed by excellent square.  Fantastic work!  I know Ossie can sometimes infuriate you, Cath, but on this performance she has a lot of potential - keep at it with her and your hard work and patience will pay off in the end.  Good luck in the future.

3rd Lynn Griffiths with STARDELL AVELA, Border Collie, bitch, 89/20/33.5, NQ.  Avela worked her socks off for Lynn and she produced a lovely nosework round.  She really is a busy little worker who seems to thrive on her work.  Small amount of mouthing in the square but apart from that a very nice performance.  Good luck in the future.

4th Richard Lee with C`EST LA FOLIE, Malinois, bitch, 84/10/33.5, NQ.  Folie started off a bit unsure on the track but at the first corner the confidence in her just grew and that was it - she was off like rocket.  Brimming with enthusiasm she tore into the track and Richard just hung on!  This enthusiasm caused a bit of untidiness but she got round, much to the relief of Richard.  Nice square in double quick time.  Keep at it with her, Richard - with patience you’ll get there.  She is a cracking bitch.  Good luck in the future with her.

Quick mention of Alan Sword with Ziggy, who lost just half a mark on the track, and dad lost half a mark in the square with a juggling act!  What a lovely prospect Ziggy is, boundless energy and a real desire to please.

Thank you to all the competitors who entered; I hope you enjoyed the test.  Well done to the qualifier, and to those that didn’t, keep at it; I saw some cracking work out there.  Good luck to you all.




Tracklayers: Lee Kane, Rita Banfather and Sandra Lewindon

Squares: Sheren Perez

I would like to thank the ASPADS Committee for the invitation to judge the WD nosework for the Enfield open trial.  This appointment was carried over from 2009, when the trial was cancelled due to extremely wet weather that waterlogged the farms in the area.  As the trial approached this year, the south east of England was blanketed in snow, and I had some doubt that the trial would go ahead.  In fact, when I left home on the Saturday morning, my area was still under a good covering and I was surprised when I arrived in Enfield (only half an hour’s drive) that the only snow on the ground slid off my van!!  The trial was, as ever, as a result of Vana’s calm organisation, a success.  She really had a good team around her and everything ran smoothly.  Unfortunately, due to the weather and a number of other reasons, only 12 of the 24 WD entries undertook the test.

Tracking was on rape that was very sparse but had quite lush grass growing amongst it.  Whilst it was still very cold, conditions seemed to be good for nosework, with the ground damp and a slight breeze.  My thanks go to the team on the field who all did their jobs to perfection, were very good company and put the competitors at ease; Lee laid the early tracks with Sandra and Rita sharing the later ones.  Sheren laid all the squares and helped me throughout the trial.  She claimed not to have done this task before, but I have some doubts as she seemed to know exactly what was needed. 

The first article on the track was a strip of brown leather that blended well with the ground and the end article was a football card collected during the world cup (If they had won the trophy, the collection may have been worth a few bob in years to come, but!!!).  The standard of the nosework was very high, with some experienced handlers bringing young dogs through, and other competitors also dealing competently with the test.  Of the eight nosework qualifiers, five recovered both track articles, with two teams missing the first article and one the end article.  Four teams qualified on each of the two days, demonstrating that the conditions were probably consistent.  The square articles were a knotted piece of nylon rope, a piece of rubber plant tie covering, a piece of cloth and a piece of grey plastic electrical conduit about three inches long.  Half of the teams recovered all four articles from the square, four teams recovered three articles and two teams only two.  After the control and agility, we were left with three qualifiers overall.

1st Stevi Boyall with Aston, VANQUISH ULTIMATE EDITION, CDEx, UDEx, Labrador, 186.5, Q.  Track 86, with both articles, square 26, missing one article.  Well handled and showing lots of promise for the future with this dog.

2nd Les Allen with Kira, GARRETHALL QUENYA, CDEx, Labrador, 178.5, Q.  Track 77.5 with both articles, square 27 also missing an article.  Les is really doing well with this dog that is also showing promise for the higher stakes. 

3rd Nick Brunner with Rueben, EASTER PRINCE, CDEx, UDEx, Cocker Spaniel, 177.5, Q. Track 88.5, with both articles, square 20, recovering two articles.  This little dog is always a pleasure to watch and is doing really well to compete with the bigger dogs at this level.

4th Mike Williams with Marina, MARINA BEN’S PAL, XB, 185.5, NQ. Track 88 with both articles, 32 for the square recovering all four articles.  A good nosework round, but unfortunately went out on the C/A.

Finally I would like to thank the land owners and farm managers for allowing us onto the land - without their cooperation we would not be able to run our sport - and Val and Maggie in the kitchen for keeping me fed and watered throughout. 



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