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Championship Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 04 April 2010



Steward: Penny Bann

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the CD stake.  My steward, Penny, did a wonderful job, very competent and putting all of the competitors at ease.

Thanks to Vana; every year the worry and frustration over getting land and a base seems to increase.  And to the ladies in the kitchen for food and drinks, also to Jean Howells for doing the scores and certificates - many thanks.

1st Margaret Robinson with JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, D.  The marks reflect the top quality of this pair – perfection. 100/100. Q CDEx

2nd Mrs E Carter with MY GIRL HEIDI, WSD, B.  Well done Eva, a golden oldie. 89.5, CDEx

3rd Richard Lee with C’EST LA FOLIE, Malinois, B.  Well done Richard, what a super, lively dog, keep the faith, you know she can do it.  83, CDEx

4th Helen Smith with SCHARZE PRINZESSIN, Lab, B.  Well done, Helen, I know you were pleased with your achievement.  82.5, CDEx

Also qualifying CDEx:

Mick Head with SHERIGEM JAZPER, BC, D.  An exciting few days, Mick, well done. 82, CDEx.

I was disappointed there were so many scratches, as this stake could have all been done in one day.  Thank you to the competitors that did make it.  As usual in CD there was joy and dismay, mainly the agility.  As was proven, this weekend, a qualification can still be gained, even if one of the stays is a failure.

If you didn’t qualify, keep trying as there were some very nice working dogs.  Lots of good fortune in future trials, it was my pleasure to see all of you.




Tracklayers: Chris Theobald and Sue Ashby

Steward: Jean Howells

My thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge at their Spring trial.  Vana does a wonderful job despite the various difficulties which seem to appear each year, but somehow the trial goes ahead - thank you, Vana.

Many thanks to Chris and Sue, my tracklayers on both days, who made sure every competitor had a good chance of completing their tracks, and everyone did complete their track.    Completing a very experienced team of ladies was Jean, my steward - thanks for your company and for putting the competitors at ease.  To all the ladies who helped out in the kitchen and at base - thanks.

Tracking was on oil seed rape which the dogs found easy, my lowest track mark being 85.5.  The search square caused slight hiccups for some but all dogs qualified the nosework.  The sendaway was to a large oak tree in the hedge, very obvious to us humans but not so obvious to some of the dogs.

There were 16 entries, 11 ran, and 6 qualified.

1st Wendy Beasley and LUNAR, BC, B,  196.5, Q.  A sticky moment on the track but Wendy’s experience paid off.  Full mark square and lost only 1 on C/A.  Well done.

2nd Isla Cameron and LEXI, WSD, B, 183.5, Q.  Lost most of your marks on the search square; apart from that a lovely round. Very quietly and competently handled by a newcomer to trials.

3rd Nathan Wilson and MR DARCY, Weim, D, 183.5, Q.  Tied for 2nd place with Isla but pipped at the post in the run- off.  A missing article in the search square and no long jump today were costly.  A very handsome dog.

4th Paul Beasley and SPIKE, BC, D, 181, Q.  Lovely track but search square and long jump lost the marks today.  A gentle dog, quietly worked by an experienced handler.

Also qualifying UDEx:

Sheren Perez and KAI, WSD, D, 176.  A good attempt after a long lay-off.  Kai had more enthusiasm than attention today.

Ron Davies and KAI, WSD, D, 174.  Full mark track, but only 2 out of the square.  Nice control round by an experienced handler with a new dog.

To all the competitors, many thanks for letting me judge your dogs.  Congratulations to all those who qualified.  To those who didn’t qualify this time, you were all close.  Good luck to everyone in the future. 




Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal and Judy Meekings

Search Stewards: Chris Theobald and Jan Darby

Control Steward: Jan Darby

I would like to thank the committee of ASPADS for the invitation to judge at the trial.  Thanks to Vana Moody for a very well run trial.  Thanks to my experienced team of stewards and tracklayers who never put a foot wrong and were great company. 

A big thank you to all the ladies in the kitchen for the plentiful supply of food whenever we wanted it.

We were very lucky with the weather, with most of the rain holding off each day until we had finished.  The tracking was on crop which was a nice length for both track and search, producing some excellent results.

27 dogs entered with 18 actually running, of those only 3 failed to complete the track.  With heavy rain most nights the control field was very wet, with the jumps having to be moved twice, but most people gained sufficient agility marks.  I allowed one second attempt on the agility and several dogs needed this, due I am sure to the heavy going.

1st THE TITAN, WSD, handled by Mrs Sue Ashby, Track 89.5, Articles 20, Search 33, Total 194.5.  An excellent control round, losing just 3 marks on the sendaway, out of all the C/A.  It was a pleasure to see Sue do so well as she has put so much into trials over many years.  Best of luck in ‘Ticket’

2nd LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, Cross, handled by Mr Lee Payne, 87, 20, 33, Total 191.5.  Another very nice control round.

3rd STYPERSON ROYCE, Lab, handled by Mrs Liz de Unger, 87, 20, 35, Total 191.

4th GLENALPINE RAFFERTY, BC, handled by Mrs Val Upton, 87, 20, 35, Total 190.5.  A hiccup on the retrieve and no long jump, otherwise full marks on the C/A.

Also qualifying WDEx:

STARSHOT BUCCANEER AT SZIKRAS, Hun WH Vizsla, handled by Mrs Angela Sanders, 185.5

AMBERSIDE BUCKANEER, ASD, handled by Mrs Suzanne Jaffa, 183

TRI ONE JETRIL, WSD, handled by Mr Ian Brown, 181.5

ZAK OF SKIPWAY, WSD, handled by Mrs Julie Skipp, 164.5 - best C/A losing just 0.5 on the heelwork.

BAILLIE OF CHELASA, Cross, handled by Mrs Ann Trodd, 163.5

Once again many thanks to the society, Trials Manager, helpers and all the competitors  for a very enjoyable four days.




Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Sue Ashby, Lee Kane, Mark Lewindon

Stewards: Di Asheton-Bowtle (searches Tues, Wed, Thurs), Colin Ball (searches Fri and Sat, and  C/A Sunday)

My thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge this event and to Vana for running this complicated trial, which seems to have problems with both the land and the base, but from my point of view - and the competitors’ - the land was the best anyone could ask for at this time of year - nice winter wheat and the same for everyone.

My tracklayers were the very best and the most conscientious you could wish for.  Tom laid the first batch each day, followed by Sue, Lee or Mark laying the remainder.  Di laid the searches on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Colin laid them on Friday and Saturday.  Di also acted as my chauffeur for quite a bit of the time.  Thank you all for your work and your super company.

Although the land may have been pretty much the same for everyone, the weather wasn’t!  Tuesday was cool and breezy, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were very cold and windy and on Saturday it got slightly milder and less windy again.  The last track on Thursday - Margaret Robinson’s - had pretty much everything thrown on it.  As Margaret came up to report to me the wind, rain, sleet and hale got up - and as Lacey recovered the end article it all stopped again.  By then, I would be surprised if Margaret could feel anything as she must have been frozen right through - but Lacey had worked her socks off to complete a very nice track.  It was also cold and wet for the last three tracks on Friday, but nothing like on the same scale as Thursday. 

The track articles were a small piece of green wellie, a piece of plastic clematis netting – about 3" with two sets of cross bars of about 1" each - and one eighth of a scouring pad.  The search articles were a string of 6 gold coloured beads, a Yale type key, a plastic slide holder and half a wooden clothes peg.  All articles were recovered but probably the ones most missed were the clematis netting on the track (and no handlers saw it!) and the beads in the square.

Colin stewarded the C/A for me - and did a sterling job.  Thank you.  We both had a fair bit of walking to do but that kept us warm.  Handlers were told that any physical control of their dogs in the control or agility would be penalised, as would any incitement to bark prior to the speak.  The control started with a long straight stretch of heel work with only the winner gaining full marks.  A lot of dogs started losing concentration after only a few yards and by the time they got to me were all over the place.  The speak had the handler 25 paces away with their back to the dog - mixed results.  The sendaway was only just over 100 yards down the field, with the redirect across to a fence - the first dog on (Judy Meekings’) made it look easy but only a few others did.  More heelwork took us back to the jumps.

1st Tony Lockyer’s WSD, WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL.  A near faultless round - just what we have come to expect from Tony.  Congratulations on yet another fine performance. 95.5+30, 35, 33, 19 = 212.5, Qual TDEx

2nd Gary and Julie Atkins’ BC, WTCh OUR DUG, Handled by Julie.  Another fine all round performance just losing bits and pieces here and there. A pleasure to watch.  99+30, 29, 29.5, 18.5 = 206, Qual TDEx

3rd Margo Brothwell’s X-Breed, TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN.  Yet another nice round - but with a very costly missed search article.  Congratulations.  97+30, 26, 32, 19.5 = 204.5, Qual TDEx.

4th Andy Baker’s BC, SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER.  Super track but left (having found) the beads in the square. Nice C/A, except no redirect today.  Well done.  97+ 30, 27, 28.5, 20 = 202.5, Qual TDEx

Also qualified TDEx:



Miss M McLellan’s BC, ASTRA STORM, 197



E and Y Carpenter’s BC, HEX AT CARFELD, Handled by Eric, 188

Mrs J Howells BC, GLENALPINE JED, 187


Thank you to everyone involved - helpers and competitors - for a very enjoyable week.

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