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Open Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 01 December 2007

Trials Manager’s Report

A big thank you to everyone who made this trial a happy place to be.  Lee Kane, who helped with everything from erecting the jumps, to taking them down, tracklaying, showing fields to judges and tracklayers - any job I asked of him - and worked his Rott,  THANK YOU.   Hilary Mercer for offering to run the kitchen, thank you.  Jackie Rutter in the kitchen and square stewarding for the first time, THANK YOU.  Genine Newport, Julie (non trial person) Rutter, no relation to Jackie, THANK YOU.  Jan Vallack, cake supplier, general dog’s body, etc, THANKYOU.  Zara Mehmet for shopping and use of her land for overnight parking, THANK YOU.  Mary Cooper, first time tracklayer, writer of certificates, THANK YOU.  Tracklayers Jan Rex, Penny Bellis and Barry Harvey, search squares and kitchen June Raymond, C/A steward Paula Jaques, THANK YOU. And to judges Lynne Baker, Jim Sewell and Ron Jaques, THANK YOU.  And of course, thank you farmers for the use of their land.  Without your help there would be no trial.  You make my job so much easier with the willingness to do any task. Well done to the qualifiers, bad luck to those not making it this time, but I hope you all enjoyed your day

Vana Moody


Stake: UD Nosework


earch Steward: Jackie Rutter

Tracklayers: Mary Cooper and Lee Kane

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge UD Nosework at the Enfield Trial, to Vana Moody and her excellent team of helpers, Jan in the base, Hilary and Julie in the kitchen for making sure we had plenty to eat and drink, and to June Raymond for making me so welcome in her home and being such good company.  All the ingredients for making a good friendly trial, thank you. Thank you to my tracklayers, Mary Cooper and Lee Kane, Mary laying tracks for the first time, and my Search Steward Jackie Rutter, also laying squares for the first time - you both did an excellent job.  All of you were such good company, smiling and laughing despite the weather being horrendous, very cold and very wet on both days. Sunday did show a glimmer of hope - it didn’t rain until we went onto the tracking land, then it rained all the time the dogs were tracking, and decided to stop for a brief moment when we finished.  This made tracking very difficult on both days, with the land being very wet and sticky.  With 15 entered and 10 working, this proved to be very costly, leaving us with only three qualifying the nosework, but unfortunately these we lost to control. I would like to thank all the competitors for entering under me and wish you better luck next time. Thank you.

1st Robert Willatts with GOWRAN INDIGO EXTRA, FCR, 181.5, NQ.  A super nosework round, lovely attitude.  Well done.  Shame about the stay.

2nd Penny Bann with JENNALINE’S QUACKINUP WISUKY, GSP, 180, NQ.  Another super nosework round only losing 3.  Well done.  Shame about the stay.

3rd Carol Burgess with SPYCE IS NYCE AT CAROBILLS, WSD, 150.5, NQ.  Unfortunately going out on the control.


Stakes: UD and WD Control and Agility


Steward: Paula Jaques  

Thanks to ASPADS for invitation to judge the C/A.  Thanks to Vana and all her helpers for all their hard work and organisation.  Thanks also to Paula for a super job of stewarding as always. Judging was over three days with dogs working in some awful weather, cold and torrential rain.  


Unfortunately there were no qualifiers, but we saw some good C/A rounds, with the usual casualties in stays and jumps.

1st Robert Willatts with RIPLEY, FCR, 181.5, NQ.  Only dog to get full mark jumps.  Well Done.

2nd Penny Bann with LS, GSP, 180, NQ.  Lovely round, just the stays let you down.  Well Done,

3rd Carole Burgess with SPYCE, WSD, 150.5, NQ.  Nice round, just the long jump to sort.  Well done.  


We had 4 qualifiers in WD.

1st Ruth Cahill with BUD, GSD, 188, Q.  Nice round from an experienced handler. Very well done.

2nd Jan Vallack with REBA, Lab, 183, Q.  Well done. Full mark sendaway and lovely jumps.

3rd Christine Brooks with JAKE, BC, 177, Q.  Nice round.  Well done.

4th  Hazel Burton with LUCY, WSD, 165.5, Q. Well Done.   Well done to everyone who qualified in such awful conditions.




Tracklayers: Jan Rex, Penny Bellis (3 days) and Barry Harvey (1 day)

Search Steward: June Raymond

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the WD nosework, and to Vana for her hard work in organising the land and the helpers. It’s not an easy task being a Trials Manager. Well done you.

To my tracklayers, Jan, Penny and Barry, thank you for giving up your time, being excellent tracklayers and great company throughout the 3 days.  Thank you to June for your really good company and for laying all squares to perfection.

Thank you to all those in the kitchen who kept us fed and watered throughout. You really do a great job. Without people like you willing to cook and prepare food for others everybody would go hungry. Thanks a bunch.

Thanks to the farmers for the use of their land and to everybody who helps behind the scene - scores, certificates, jumps, etc.

We were tracking on quite short grass and the weather was not very kind to us. Very cold and lots of heavy rain  Still, I suppose with such a good team of helpers at this trial, we can’t have it all.

I would like to thank all the competitors for entering under me, and I hope you enjoyed my test.  To those who qualified - well done. To those that didn’t, keep trying. It was a pleasure to judge you.

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