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Open Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 06 December 2014


For the first time ever, there were only enough entries to have a 1 day trial, which after 9 cancellations became half a day.

Thank you to my judges, Gary Haim, John Turtill and Di Ling. And to the kitchen help, Zara Mehmet ‘jumps storer’ and Jackie Rutter, early shift, followed by Vicki Lawes and Ross McCarthy, who all made great bacon and egg French bread baguettes; to Lee Kane, as always sorting the jumps and fields with me; to Rita Banfather for the yummy cakes and homemade soup and general help.  Trusty tracklayers - Sandra and Mark Lewindon, Sheren Perez and Judith Owen; square stewards - Sandra Haim on her first time helping at a trial, overcoming her nerves, and Angela Gourd; C/A steward - Margo Brothwell; Genine Newport, there ‘in case of’ as well as letting us use her barn and paddock as a great base; Judy Meekings for all the paperwork she does for all ASPADS trials as well as being secretary.  Thank you all for your hard work, time, and super company and bringing a lovely dry, cold, sunny day - you’re all fantastic.

Overheard, ‘Do we have to pick up here?’  Words escape me!!!!!





Steward: Margo Brothwell

Many thanks to ASPADS and Vana for inviting me to judge at this lovely well run trial.  I was so very well looked after; Vana and her wonderful team had everything running like clockwork, both at the base and out on the control field.  Many thanks to all the helpers in the kitchen - bacon butties, toasted sandwiches and cakes to die for!  Many thanks to the farmer for the use of his land, great facilities!  Weather was cold but dry and sunny.  Many thanks to Margo for her excellent stewarding, fantastic jump mending and for keeping me in order!


1st A E and J M Orchard’s TADMARTIN EASTER LILY, Labrador bitch, handled by Jenny, 189, Q.  Lily is a very neat, precise girl who was calmly handled by Jenny. This team thoroughly deserved their place.  HW 5; Ret 4; SA 7.5; Stays 10;  Jumps 14.5 - no return over scale.

2nd Val Thompson’s TRACELYN ASHLEA, GSD bitch, 173.5, NQ.   Control lovely to watch with full mark sendaway. The jumps let you down today but I am sure that your girl will soon qualify!

3rd Jennifer Speake’s TIEKIEDRAAI ENCORE, GSD bitch, 172, NQ.  Nice sendaway and retrieve from Tiekie, but again the jumps proved to be your downfall today.  I am sure you will get them next time!

4th Lee Kane’s STORMHAUS DASCHA Rottie bitch, 160, NQ.  Just bits and pieces today, Lee - Dora is so very nearly there.  What a shame she missed the long jump!


1st Roger Shrimpton’s STARDELL ZUBEN, CDEx - UDEx, BC dog, 173.5, Q.  This experienced handler quietly guided Ben through my control round and, but for dropping 1.5 on heelwork, put in a perfect round.  Very well done, Roger, it was a pleasure to judge you and your young lad.

2nd Pat Parkinson’s WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW, CDEx - UDEx, WSD dog, 177, NQ.  If only, Pat!  On fantastic marks until the jumps let you down.  Once these are sorted, Shadow will be flying!

3rd Belinda Spensley’s CARISHILL EMERALD, Goldie bitch, 125.5, NQ.  Another lovely gundog from the Carishill line.  Can’t get used to seeing you with a Goldie though, Belinda!  Dafni only missed qualifying control by half a mark.

4th Sue Zackheim’s COOLHAND FLOOK, CDEx-UDEx, Cross dog, 107, NQ.  Sue and Flook (love that name!) qualified the control and agility with good marks, only losing 1.5 on heelwork and half a mark on the sendaway.

Thanks to all competitors for being so cheerful and accepting my decisions with good humour.  For those who did not qualify today, you will get there.   I saw some good dog work today.




Tracklayers: Sheren Perez and Sandra Lewindon

Square steward: Angela Gourd

I would like to thank the committee of ASPADS WTS for the invitation to judge at this open working trial, run very efficiently by trials manager, Vana Moody.  Vana, thank you for the organisation in the base and for arranging the sunny, fresh winters day for us ‘out in the fields’.  Thanks also to the catering team for looking after us.

The tracklayers were Sheren and Sandra, who gave every competitor an equal opportunity to work their track, and Angela very capably looked after the squares.  Many thanks to you all for your help and great company.

The ground was corn, occasionally sparse, and the articles were: Track - dolly peg, and 4 x 1" grey/black rubber backed carpet; Square – 2 x 3.5" green scourer, 3" dull red hosepipe, 4 x 4" green/brown cloth, and a green bottle top.   

1st A E and J M Orchard’s TADMARTON EASTER LILY, Labrador, B, handled by Jenny Orchard, 189, Q.  A happy, keen, accurate dog.  Once clear of a ‘sticky’ section in the field Lily continued, tail in overdrive mode, making up for lost time!  Four from the square in three minutes completed the competent display.  A great first trial, very well done.

2nd Val Thomson’s TRACELYN ASHLEA, GSD, B, handled by Gavin Thomson, 173.5, NQ.  Another first timer who took things steadily, but with a few distractions.  Anji is more used to having mum holding the line, I understand.  Well done.

3rd Jennifer Speake with TIEKIEDRAAI ENCORE, GSD, B. 172, NQ.  A good accurate track, with a few marks lost for chomping two of the four square articles recovered.  Well done

4th Lee Kane with STORMHAUS DASCHA, Rottweiler, B. 160. NQ.  A good track, but the slightly messy square was costly.

Competitors, thank you for letting me judge you, and good luck at your next Trial.




Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Judith Owen

Square Steward: Sandra Haim

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge at their open trial.  Thanks to Vana Moody for all her hard work as trials manager, and as you would expect, everything ran like clockwork in Vana’s capable hands.  Thanks also to Vana’s right hand man, Lee, for all his work before during and after the trial.  Thanks to Mark Lewindon and Judith Owen for laying the tracks and to Sandra for laying all the squares. 

Tracking was on winter wheat with a reasonable growth.  The tracks started with the ground being frozen and within 2 hours it was quite soft underfoot, but at all times tracked very well.  There were 12 entries and 7 ran.

1st Roger Shrimpton with STARDELL ZUBEN, BC, D, 173.5, Q.  First dog to track, on frozen ground.  Nice track and 3 articles from the square.  Very well done.

2nd Pat Parkinson with WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW, WSD, D, 177, NQ.  Very delicate piece of tracking from Shadow in quite sticky ground, followed by a full mark square.  Well done, Pat.

3rd Belinda Spensley with CARISHILL EMERALD, GR, B, 125.5, NQ.  Unfortunately Dafni went wrong with 3 legs left to go on her track, followed by 2 articles out of the square.  Good attempt.

4th Sue Zackheim with COOLHAND FLOOK, Cross, D, 107, NQ.  Flook lacked commitment on his track today but went on to do a lovely full mark square.  Well done

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