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Championship Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 08 April 2007

Trials Manager’s Report  

The weather was great, except for the Tuesday, which started drizzly and cloudy, which matched the hold up on the M25 and A1, with competitors and a TD tracklayer stuck in the traffic.  But as usual everyone rallied round filling in where necessary, with only an hour’s delay.  What a great team you are, making my job easy.

Field divider on the Sunday, Tom Darby; helping me erect jumps on the Sunday, Lee Kane; Base, Jean Howells;     Kitchen: Jan Vallack, Jackie Rutter, Genine Newport, Julia Skipp, June Raymond, Hilary Mercer, Dave Skipp in between their other ‘duties’.

TD:  Tracklayers - Tom Darby, Mark Lewindon, Lynne Baker; Squares - Jan Darby. 

WD: Tracklayers - Arthur Jeal, Dave Skipp, Lynne Baker, Julia Skipp; Squares - June Raymond

UD: Tracklayers - Arthur Jeal, Dave Skipp, Julia Skipp; Squares - Chris Theobald

CD: Squares - Peter Morley

Certificates on the Sunday (written as the results were brought in, allowing for an early finish), Mary Cooper.  And a big thank you to my Judges - Judy Meekings TD, Lindsey Poole WD, Les Theobald UD and Jean Morley CD - you were a pleasure to be with.

Even when a hot air balloon was preparing for lift off in the TD control field on the Sunday, everyone shrugged and got on with whatever they should be doing.  Thank you all for giving your time so the trials can run as smoothly as possible.  The farmers were great and allowed us on whatever crop fields we needed; thank you to them, and thank you to all competitors for making a happy trial. 

Vana Moody


Stake: CD


Steward: Peter Morley

My thanks to ASPADS committee for the invitation to judge at this trial and special thanks to Trials Manager, Vana Moody, for her calm efficiency in running the trial.  The organisation was brilliant, nothing was left to fate - even the weather was well organised - you really must have friends in high places, Vana!!  To all the ladies in the kitchen who looked after ‘the inner man’  - what was it, the four J’s and an H - many thanks.  Especial thanks to my other half, Peter, who drove me down, stewarded and ferried me around.

We had two days of very mixed abilities, as is the norm for the early stakes. There was no special element that prevented a qualification - it was generally a mix of all.  Unfortunately it only takes the few marks lost here and there that decide those that do and those that don’t!!  The competitors were a super group of people, from the experienced to the very novice, and those working a dog for someone else (not easy).  You all accepted my decisions with such good humour and good grace; you were a credit to trials, and if you keep at it with a happy disposition success will soon be yours.  I always think if you can be positive, knowing that your dog has done some exercise better than last time, or tried his best, you will still be taking the best dog home.

1st     Sandra Lewindon working her GSD, BRACOKELI DELIVERANCE, 92, Q CDEx.  Worked first on the second day and what a good round.  Well done.

2nd   John Turtill with his WSD, BISQUET TORRA, 90.5, Q CDEx.  Very committed and speedy

3rd   Bob Cook with VIVAX D RUH FROM STEINMETZ, a Hollands Herder, 87.5, QCDEx.  Not a breed I have met before, but he works extremely well

4th    Roger Shrimpton with CORNDON TAFF AT GRELGANNA, BC, Q CDEx, 87.  A few drops in the search proved costly.

Other Qualifiers

Diane Ling with her small dog, DEBEN MOSS, a Cocker Spaniel, Q CDEx, 83.  One of two small dogs entered, who each were committed to their tasks (each of the two dogs did an excellent sendaway and qualified in the agility section - well done to you both)

Lynne Baker with her Labrador ACQUACADIAN BLACK AZELL, Q CD, 77.

Jean Howells did a fantastic job deciphering my scores at the base - thanks a lot, Jean.  It is not easy working with all the noise that goes on around you.  A special thanks to all the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions - the pleasure was all mine.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal and Dave Skipp

Steward : Chris Theobald

I would like to thank ASPADS for the invitation to judge the UD stake and thanks to Vana for running the trial with her usual unflappable efficiency.  My thanks also to the ladies in the kitchen.  Thanks to Arthur and Dave who laid all the tracks just as I required.  My thanks to Chris who laid all the squares, and scribed for me in the control rounds.

The tracking was on crop about 3” high, which although we had fantastic weather (suntans all round), with the tracking in the morning the ground was still damp for all of the dogs.

enfield UD TRack 440x480

There were 16 dogs entered of which 14 ran.

As to be expected in UD Championship the standard was varied.  10 dogs completed the track with the other 4 doing at least half of the track.  We only lost 2 dogs on the agility, one of which had to withdraw after the hurdle as it was limping.  5 dogs failed the down stay.  Although I was disappointed with the attitude of some dogs in the search, only two dogs failed to get at least 2 articles from the square and there were three full mark searches.

1st           Mrs D Turner with LUCY GREENGAGE, (B/C), Qualifying UDEx, with a total of 190.  A dog and handler to watch for the future; lost 5 on the track and failed the long jump.  A pleasure to watch.  Well done, and good luck for the future.

2nd          Miss M McLellan with ASTRA STORM, (B/C), Qualifying UDEx, with a total of 189.  89 for the track plus 2 articles, and 27 for the square, losing just odd marks on the C/A 

3rd           Mrs J Tucker with WAGGERLAND WYRD, (WSD), Qualifying UDEx, with a total of 170.  Only one article on the track but a full mark square.  Failed the down, but otherwise had a full mark C/A.

4th           Mrs B Riste with GEMWELL STORM DRAGON, (Gordon Setter), Qualifying UDEx, with a total of

167.5 .   Well done, not an easy dog to work.

Qualifying UD without the Ex  -

Mrs S Lewindon with BRACOKELI DELIVERANCE, (GSD), with a total of 159.5.  Only getting one article from the track and a struggle with the Sendaway was very expensive, but made up for it the next day when you both qualified and won the CDEx.

Once again, many thanks to you all for two enjoyable days.


Stake: WD

Judge: Lindsey Poole

Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal and Dave Skipp (4 days), Lynne Baker (2 days), Julia Skipp (1 day)

Stewards: June Raymond (3 days) and Julia Skipp (1 day)

My thanks to the ASPADS committee for the invitation to judge their WD Championship stake. To Vana for running a very happy trial and for welcoming me into her home (thanks also to hubby John).  To everyone who worked in the kitchen, keeping us supplied with food and drink and to Mother Nature for such lovely weather.

Now to my wonderful team of helpers. You were great fun to be with and very conscientious towards all the competitors – giving each of them the opportunity to show off their dog. Thank you all for your time and company.  I must say a particular thank you to June and ‘well done’ for offering to steward for me at your first championship trial.

1st     Lynne Watkins and STARSHOT DOLGOS WITH SZRIKAS (HW. Vizsla) On 195 marks (N/w - 89 / 20 / 32, C&A - 34 / 20).  Lynne you handled Bracken beautifully. A well deserved win.

2nd   Sue Redshaw and MEADOWMILL TRAVIS (Labrador). On 191 marks (N/w – 88.5 / 20 / 32, C&A 31.5 / 19).  Super Lab, easily qualified and with a little bit of tidying up, another one well on the way to competing in Ticket.  Well done Sue.

3rd   John Simpson and GLENROYAL YAZZ (GSD).  On 187 marks (N/w 86.5 / 20 / 33, C&A 32.5 / 15).  John, I think I was as pleased with Yaz as you were, though my heart was in my mouth when she came to do the scale.  Well done both.

4th    Rosemary Woods and HOLLY COLLIE (WSD).  On 186.5 marks (N/w – 85.5 / 20 / 29, C&A 31 / 20).  Holly worked well for you, good luck in the future.

Also qualifying WDex: -

Steve Liney and GEMSTONE EASTER WISH (Crossbreed) on 183

Mike Robinson and FLINT OF GLEN MEL (BC) on 182

Marie Dixon and HYPERBOLIC ORBIT (Crossbreed) on 178

Ruth Payton and GOYTRE’S ACES HIGH WITH KALIAZAR (BC) on 170.5 (looks like you’re going to have to reconsider retiring him Ruth!)

Joan Watkins and DURSTONE O’RILEY (WSD) on 167

Jane Gray and GOMARINGEN HANNS AT DERJANCA (Labrador) on 165.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Mark Lewindon, Lynne Baker

Square Steward and Scribe: Jan Darby

My thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the Ticket at one of my favourite trials.  Thanks also to Vana for her usual super-efficient job as Trials Manager, and to the team at base – Jean Howells, Base steward and general dogsbody, Mary Cooper for beautiful certificates, and in the kitchen, Jan, Jackie, June, Julie, Genine and Hilary.

My tracklayers, Tom, Mark and Lynne, did a great job, including coping with a major problem on the dreaded M25 – many thanks for all your hard work, and your cheerfulness at all times.  And as for Jan – what wonderful company for seven days, and an absolutely first class steward.  Thanks a million, Jan.

The weather started with a lovely sunny, though windy, day on Monday, turned cold and windy for two days, and then finished the week with unbroken sunshine and light breezes.

WTM MAY TD Champ track Enfield. For WTM 406x480

Tracking was on winter corn, inevitably variable in length.  Most dogs tracked well, and the weather didn’t appear to affect the standard at all.  Squares were generally successful, but I was surprised at the extent of chewing and dropping of articles – I wouldn’t expect it at this level.  However, a few dogs got full mark squares.  The control field was rough underfoot, so I didn’t set any long sessions of heelwork, but used it to move between the other exercises.  For the sendaway, I set out three small poles, with a red rosette on the top of each, in a triangle, with the point of the triangle straight out from the sendaway marker, 120 paces away close to a hedge, and the other two, on the base of the triangle, 80 paces away to left and right.  I asked handlers to get their dogs to each of the three poles, but the order of working them was up to the handler.  All dogs made a good effort, and very few didn’t manage at least two of the poles, with a good percentage reaching all three.  Jumps were mainly well done.

58 dogs entered, 50 ran, 22 qualified TDEx, and 1 qualified TD.

1st           Dave Marchant with WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD, D, Qual, 210.  Lovely nosework round, with all articles recovered, followed by a very tidy control and agility round (well, apart from the heelwork!).  Well done, Dave, Murphy’s really on a roll at the moment.

2nd          Sheila Tannert with WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR, Lab, B, Qual 207.5.  After giving us a scare early on the track, Briar recovered well to get all the articles.  Super control round, well done.

3rd           Pat Herbert with WTCh JOLLY JILL, WSD, B, Qual 204.5.  Superb nosework round in the rain, and Jill overcame her eye problems to have a very creditable attempt at the sendaway.

4th           Dave Marchant with WTCh WAGGERLAND MISTER JAKE, WSD, D, Qual 202.5.  Another very good nosework round, but Jake’s control round could have been tidier.

Also qualified TDEx:

John Currie and DREAGANTA SAMH, BC, D, 202.

Maeve Weselby and STYPERSON TAY, Lab, B, 202.


Barry Gilbert and WTCh LAETARE DAY JAVU, BC, D, 200.

Anne Fowler and WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS, BC, B, 199.5.

Stevi Boyall and STYPERSON LOMOND, Lab, D, 198.5.

Jean Howells and GLENAPLINE JED, BC, D, 198.5.  Won the Best Track Trophy – well done.

Sally Bergh-Roose and TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY, GSD, D, 194.5.

Eric Nichols and TYTRI NIKKI, BC, D, 194.5.

Margaret Robinson and WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY, BC, B, 194.5.

Maeve Weselby and STYPERSON MILLIE, Lab, B, 194.

Roger Shrimpton and GRELGANNA KIRI, BC, B, 192.5.

Paula Harvey and ELECAMPANE SPRUCE, Lab, D, 190.5.


Jill Carruthers and JASUETER RED GARNET, GSD, B, 185.

Julia Skipp and SKIPAWAY ZORRO, Cross, D, 184.5.

Malcolm Snowden and FLYNNTASTIC JUST JAY, BC, D, 180.5.

Lee Payne and SWEET ASSASSIN, WSD, D, 178.

Nick Boyce and SARAMAK DANCING DIVA, WSD, B, 176.5.

Qualifying TD:


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