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Open Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 12 December 2004


CD Stake


Steward: Jackie Sears

I would like to express my thanks to: the Society for inviting me to judge; Vanna for her hard work as Trials Manager and organising my super B & B; the ladies in the kitchen for keeping us so well fed; Jackie for making all the competitors feel at ease, calling the round and laying the squares so efficiently.

10 entered, 8 worked.

There were a mixture of breeds including Labradors, GSDs, a BC, FCR and WHWT; most of whom trained together and all of whom showed that a qualification was not far out of reach.

I was very conscious of the fact that most of the competitors would be "trials virgins" and therefore set a very simple test.  Nerves and inexperience being significant factors that would affect both the handlers' performance and that of their dogs.

Heelwork counts for 15% of the marks in CD as opposed to 2.5% or less in the higher stakes and overall HOL was poorly performed with a lot of tight leads, tugs and extra verbal/visual commands.  HF was, in general, better executed.  The main observation I would make is that there was not enough contrast between the 3 paces; especially that between "medium" and "slow" pace. The majority of the sendaways achieved good marks and the recall did not present any problems.

Jumps, as usual, took their toll with more than a few dogs being "surprised" at the brown long jump and few handlers pacing out the jumps or using consistent "set ups".

We had a success rate of 100% in the sit and 80% in the down stays; no mean achievement! 

The  articles in the search square were:

15cm long green garden cane, 10cm x 3 cm piece of green carpet and 8cm piece of transparent tubing. Some dogs appeared to be under the impression that the idea was to put articles "in" the square rather than remove them

Again most of the dogs achieved good marks for the retrieve.

Unfortunately we had no qualifiers but the placings were as follows:

1st           Mrs M Swift with Berrytree Sirius, Lab, D. 87/100 NQ.

This black lab was very keen and was the only dog to achieve full mark jumps and lost only 1 mark in the search square.  His HOL let him down today and led him to just missing out on qualifying.  The handler was very business like. Well done and good luck for the future.

2nd         Mr I Bradley with Hoe Grange Zeus, Lab, D. 75/100 NQ.

Ian and (leave the grass) Reggie had my only full mark sendaway of the day and performed lovely relaxed heelwork.  If you can keep this  super, big, chocolate lad a little leaner he should have few problems with the scale in the future.  Congratulations.

3rd          Mr P Macdonald with Casblaidd Game Pie, FCR, B. 74/100 NQ.

A very nice liver flattie, keen to carry out the exercises and her only real downfall today was the jumps and perhaps a lack of adequate exercise prior to the search square.  I think both the handler and the dog would benefit from a lighter lead though!  I look forward to seeing this dog in the future.

4th          Mrs R Banfather with Starco My Guy of Bannersway, GSD, D 72.5 NQ.

Rita appeared to relax more as the test proceeded which in turn benefited the dog.  The heelwork was a little tense and affected the marks accordingly.  I hope you manage to sort his problem with the square and good luck in your next trial.

The dog the judge would most like to take home had to be the WHWT!  Full mark recall and it was only the jumps that spoiled a really good round.  I shall watch this team's progress with interest.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions. Please remember to always thank your steward(s) for their time and effort; having said that I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as I did and happy trialling.




Control Stewards: Paul Beasley, Jan Vallack, Penny Bann And Doreen Hook

Although because of a family crisis Paul and I thought we might not be able to fulfil this appointment we were glad to be able to do so and thoroughly enjoyed it. The weather was very kind, dry and not too cold, and we were well looked after by Vana and her team.  I saw some super dogs in both stakes who coped very well with my test and although a few of the others were not quite ready they all remained cheerful and positive. My stewards did an excellent job and put all the competitors at their ease and I was never kept waiting for people to work.  A very well run and enjoyable trial.


1st           Mr G and Mrs J Atkins BC D OUR DUG (handled by Julie Atkins) Q 182.5. A super round from this young dog in Julie's capable and experienced hands.

2nd         Ms R Shields WSD D MERRY MARSH TUMBLING DICE Q 182.5 This dog is a bundle of enthusiasm and Rita handles him very well. Another top class control round with a full point sendaway.

3rd          Mr A.J and Mrs Z L Finlay ASD D TRIJEM REBEL IN RED WITH OVERDRIVE (handled by Zoe Finlay) Q 178. A lovely control round from this handsome dog but he cut it a bit fine on his agility.

4th          Mr J Lambert GSD D UNION JACK. Q 170.5. This dog really impressed me and although John is a complete newcomer to trials he knows just how to get the best out of him.

C.of M  Mr D Clarke GSD D LYFAME URI Q 170. Although Dave has only had this dog for such a short time they have already formed a bond and worked well together.

TD C & A

1st           Mrs S Bergh-Roose GSD D TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY. Q 200.5. I really liked this dog who was full of enthusiasm. Both he and Sally were a pleasure to judge and gave me my only full point sendaway.

2nd         Mr E Nichols BC D TYTRI NIKKI  Q 196. The first of three litter mates in the line up who worked really well in Eric's experienced hands and on this showing looks ready for Championship.

3rd          Mr L Theobald BC B TYTRI TESS. Q 189. Very little wrong here and another one heading for the ticket stake with an experienced handler.

4th          Mrs M Robinson BC B TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY Q 182.5. Lace worked well and Margaret knew just how to handle this sensitive little girl.

C of M Mrs J Findeisen GSD B GEFNI YELLOW MELLOW FOR GRACORN. Q 180. Another GSD I could have happily taken home. I must be careful!


UD Nosework


Tracklayers:   Jane Gray, Ruth Payton, Penny Bann, Allyson Tohme,  

Square Steward:  Joan Watkins

A very well run trial thanks to Vana and her team. My experienced track layers did a great job as did Penny laying her first tracks despite her nerves. All were good company and Joan took very good care of the competitors and me. Most dogs coped well with the nosework and those that did not just need more experience. I hope they all enjoyed my test.

1st           Mr G and Mrs J Atkins BC D OUR DUG (handled by Julie Atkins) Q 182.5. This team made the track look easy and were one of only two to get all four square articles and thus the best overall nosework.

2nd         Ms R Shields WSD D MERRY MARSH TUMBLING DICE Q 182.5 A very keen and fast dog well handled by Rita.

3rd          Mr A.J and Mrs Z L Finlay ASD D TRIJEM REBEL IN RED WITH OVERDRIVE (handled by Zoe Finlay) Q 178 A neat and accurate track - well done.

4th Mr J Lambert GSD D UNION JACK. Q 170.5. This newcomer to trials was a pleasure to judge and he was certainly delighted with his dog's performance.

C.of M  Mr D Clarke GSD D LYFAME URI Q 170. Dave's experience paid off with this dog that he has only had for five months.


TD Nosework


Tracklayers: Lee Kane, Ann Clarke, Jan Vallack, Lynne Baker

Stewards: Paul Beasley, Mary Cooper

I would like to thank ASPADS for the invitation to judge the TD nosework at Enfield, a venue which I always enjoy.  There was a large entry, and so the stake lasted for 4  days, which meant hard work for Vana (Trials Manager), and Jackie, Genine, Janis and Joan in the kitchen.  Thank you all for a job well done.

Lee, Ann, Jan and Lynne laid all the tracks just as I wanted - thank you very much.  Paul laid squares on the first day, and then Mary for the next 3 days - many thanks for your efficiency and good company.

Nosework was on 3 - 4" corn, on soft ground, with heavy dew overnight, which should have made for easy tracking conditions.  Dogs which were ready for the stake found it fairly easy, but some dogs struggled from the start, while others tracked well for a short time and then went off for no apparent reason.  It was noticeable though, that the tracks which were run as the sun disappeared over the horizon, and the temperature dropped sharply, seemed to be much more difficult than tracks run earlier in the day.  All the articles were "Christmassy", with a piece of artificial Christmas tree, a mince pie dish and a sprig of fabric holly on the track - dogs that were committed to tracking generally had no problem with them.

The square articles were a Christmas gift tag, a bit of drinking straw, a piece of tinsel and a 2" piece of garden stick bound with gold cord.  Of the 29 dogs that competed, only 1 achieved full marks for the square - Angela Sanders' crossbred dog, Jazz, who had the highest nosework mark, but unfortunately failed the control.

1st           Sally Bergh-Roose with TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY, GSD dog.  This is the 3rd time I have judged Ji recently, and he has improved every time.  He did a brilliant track, 96 with all 3 articles, and then got 3 articles cleanly out of the square.  Nosework: 150   Total: 200 .5  Q

2nd         Eric Nichols and TYTRI NIKKI, BC dog.  I was very impressed Pep's work. He also tracked brilliantly, with 96 and all 3 articles, but only got 2 from the square.  Good luck in Ticket, Eric. Nosework: 144 .5   Total: 196Q

3rd          Les Theobald with TYTRI TESS, BC bitch.  Tess also worked a lovely track, with all 3 articles, and recovered 3 square articles.  Nosework: 149    Total: 189Q

4th          Margaret Robinson and TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY, BC bitch.  Lace tracked very nicely, but had a bit of difficulty at one point, which made her miss the middle article.  3 articles from the square helped towards a good qualification.  Nosework:  133                  Total: 182 .5Q

I wonder how unusual it is for 3 of the first 4 placed dogs to come from the same litter - very impressive.

Also qualified: 

Julia Findeisen with GEFNI YELLOW MELLOW FOR GRACORN, GSD bitch.  Good track, with 3 articles, and 2 from the square. Nosework:  143 Total:180Q

Other dogs that impressed me were Nicole Greville's Dillon and Lynne Watkins' Folly, as well as Angela Sanders' Jazz.  I'm sure it won't be long before they qualify.

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