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Championship Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 10 April 2005

Trials Manager's Report

Day one. Different! Set of jumps stolen from field before time to assemble. But due to a super team trial proceeded as happily as ever. I will let my super judges - Pat Hodgkins TD, Tony Orchard WD, Joan Snowden UD and Neil Symons CD name and thank their stewards and tracklayers. At base Judy Meekings supplied me with stationary etc and wrote certificates on Sunday.

Jean Howells was base steward and wrote certificates all week. Arthur Jeal, Tom Darby, John Bowen, Dave Skippa and Pete Hodgkins sorted jump problems for me.

The kitchen was run by June Raymond, Jackie Rutter, Zara Mehmet with Jan Darby, Dorothy Bowen, Sue Drake, Joan Watkins all doing their share at times between other 'duties' And of course 'my men' were there as usual, John Bowen and Dave Skipp, what stars they all are.

Without all the team who give freely a week of their time there would be no trial, so I thank you sincerely on behalf of myself and all the competitors and for your good company all week. Also the farmers to whom we owe so much.



C.D. Stake:


Steward: Jan

Many thanks to ASPADS for inviting me to judge my first Championship stake and for all the help I received throughout the weekend and to all the competitors who made it a very enjoyable weekend. I would especially like to thank Jan my steward who made me laugh and kept me sane and who makes the best cherry slice I have ever tasted.

Out of the 23 entries I had 18 competitors over the two days. On the Friday the weather was unkind to us with wind, hail, snow and rain but it brightened up in the afternoon for the Control and agility. Saturday was a much nicer day weather wise. Out of the 18 dogs I only had 2 qualifiers both on the Friday but I felt with a little bit more luck and training all could have qualified.

The search: A lot of the dogs did not seem to be motivated enough and preferred to eat the long lush grass.

Control: The heelwork of most competitors was not of a very high standard with dogs losing concentration during the test. Some of the competitors’ left hand turns resulted in collisions with their dogs. Heelwork off lead seemed to be generally better than on lead.

Retrieves and recalls were on the majority done well.

Sendaway: This was 75 yards to an orange traffic cone. A lot of dogs did not seem to see it, maybe because there was no reflective jacket on the cone, and the handlers did not seem to be able to stop their dogs by the cone and they ran past towards the gap in the hedge.

Agility: There were only two competitors out of the eighteen with full jumps which took its toll on the qualifications.

Stays: This was done to a decent standard with only a couple of dogs breaking their stays on each day.

1st           90. Q. Mrs. C. Dewship with BINTIBIN ARDESSIE BC. Well done Caroline and HOLLY. Excellent control and agility only dropping 3 marks.

2nd         84. Q. Mrs. H. Mercer WITH HAREWOOD ELDERBERRY Lab. Congratulations Hilary and PENNY on your qualification. Another good all round performance.

3rd          82.5 NQ. Mr. I Bradley with HOE GRANGE ZEUS Lab. What a sendaway, best one of the stake. Keep on trying Ian.

4th          82 NQ. Mrs. J. Speake with SANTROVASO SONATA, GSD. One of the best squares of the weekend. Nice to see a well motivated dog in the search. 


Stake : UD


Tracklayers : Tom Darby, Malc Snowden

Steward : Jan Darby

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the UD stake.  To Vana and her team of excellent helpers, who had organised everything spot on and despite having a brand new set of jumps stolen on the first day before they had been set up everything went ahead without a hitch.  The nosework was on Vana's training ground which couldn't have been better on lush grass 4" long.  My tracklayers and steward were excellent company, thank you. 

UD ran on the Friday and Saturday after the nosework.  All but 1 dog were still qualifying.  Unfortunately after the control this wasn't the case with dogs going out on stays, jumps and the sendaway.  The standard of work was excellent and all dogs were more than capable of qualifying.

1st           Mrs. Val Upton with JOE (BC).  This young dog worked excellently on all the exercises and gained 192.5 Q.  Well done.

2nd         June Brine and PADDY (BC).  A very nice round 181.5 Q.

3rd          Gary Martin and ROY (BC).  Again another well handled round. Q

4th          Ruth Cahill and BAYRIVER AMBUSH OF SALENZE.  A shaky start n the track but gained confidence as he tracked. Q.

Also qualifying excellent.

P. Harding with AUDLYNTON GILBERT (GSD) 171.  Well done.

Gaining UD only J. Lambert with UNION JACK (GSD) 158.

Well done to all who qualified and good luck at future trials to you all.


W D Stake


Stewards: Julie Skip & Dorothy Bowen

Track Layers: Arthur Bowen, Paula Harvey, Angela Porter

40 Entered and 28 Ran

I would like to thank ASPADS for inviting me to judge and to thank Vana for managing the trials so efficiently. Able to take everything in her stride, even when a set of agility equipment was stolen and her dog was taken ill.

Fortunately she was, as usual, helped by an experienced unflappable team of willing helpers.

With such a large entry I started judging on the Tuesday and finished on Saturday.

The Control and Agility was in the morning followed at midday by the nosework, there were 12 cancellations spread evenly across the week. In an effort not to keep competitors waiting around we started early and were all finished by early afternoon.

There were 16 qualifying control rounds, the majority that failed the C&A on the day did not have a sendaway.

Heel work marks were a little disappointing with only 13 teams performing well.

When it came to the agility, 12 dogs were confident enough not to need any second attempts.

The retrieves were executed well with 21 dogs performing enthusiastic tidy retrieves.

The tracking conditions were superb, on lush cereal. We had typical April weather which was mainly blustery showers except for Wednesday morning which was very wet and cold.

These conditions created difficult searching conditions, but I did not expect the dogs to find the test quite so difficult, with only one dog finding all the articles.

The articles were an emery board, a milk bottle top, a 2 inch x 1inch underlay and a three inch piece of television aerial wire.

The stewards were instructed to hold the articles from the start of the track and lay the square once the dog had found or past the first track article on the fifth leg. 

The top and underlay were towards the middle of the square and the other two near the top line.

The gusty weather, the fact dogs did not cover the square well after having done a fast track of 800 yds and the very lush growth led to 12 dogs recovering two articles, 2 recovering three and only one getting all four.

Had there been an award for best search it would have gone to Mrs Atkin with Bronfynnon Brecon WSD with all articles in four minutes, unfortunately missing qualification by breaking the down.

1st           188 Q Mrs M Robinson TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY Cdx Udx Wdx BC (b) A 34 control round, full mark agility a superb track and three articles from the square. An experienced handler knowing how to get the best out of the dog. A very worthy winner, congratulations.

2nd         179 Q D Boxall BOXALONG BOY Cdx Udx Wdx WSD (d). Only lost .5 on the control and agility. Another good track and three from the Search square. Experience bringing another good performance and qualification. Well done.

3rd          173.5 Q Mr G & Mrs J Atkins OUR DUG Cdx Udx BC (d) Handler Julie Atkins A confident control and agility round completed in style. A shame less experienced handlers were not there to watch. A good track only loosing 3.5 but all worked out when it came to searching, two from the square achieved a very well earnt qualification. Well Done.

4th          164 Q Mr D Marchant WAGGERLAND MURPHY WSD (d) Good retrieve and heel work fast sendaway and full point agility. No problems with the track losing 4 marks but missed the first article. Two out of the square, a good qualification.

Also Qualifying


I would like to thank my stewards Julie Skip and Dorothy Bowen who relaxed the competitors and gave clear precise instructions. The track layers Arthur Bowen, Paula Harvey and Angela Porter put the tracks down exactly as I wanted giving everyone entered an equal chance of qualification.

The refreshments were excellent and provided by the cast of Ready Steady Cook: Jan, Dave, John, Jackie, June, Janis, Sue. Supplies by Zara.

I would finally like to thank all the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions. I wish you all good fortune in your future trials.




Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Pete Hodgkins, Lynne Baker

Search Steward: Mary Cooper

C/ A Steward: Pete Hodgkins

This was my first visit to Enfield. What a friendly trial this is. Thank you ASPADS for giving me the opportunity to judge the Ticket here. Vana as Trials Manager had quite a few unforseen problems to sort out at the start of the week, but with a good back up team all went smoothly as far as competitors were concerned. Well done Vana on running such a super trial and thank you for all your help.

67 entries, 62 worked.

My "support team " were great. Tom, Pete and Lynne many thanks for laying tracks for 6 days, no mean task. Tracking was on lush crop which meant we saw some superb tracks. The weather was very mixed -from sunshine, strong winds, hail, snow and rain. Why was I concerned at the beginning of the trial when I had forgotten to pack any T shirts!!

However on Control day the sun shone which made it very pleasant for spectators as well as competitors.

Mary was with me all week laying perfect squares, driving me around and generally looking after me. Nothing was too much trouble. You did a fantastic job Mary. Thank you so much. We both managed to keep smiling even on those mornings when we were wet watching the first tracks being run.

Thanks to all the ladies and gents in the kitchen, the food bags were really appreciated. Jean Howells ran the base very efficiently. I was pleased you qualified your dog in TD. As we all know when we help, judge or organise trials our own dogs have to spend an awful long time in our vehicles, therefore very little time for training.

The C/A started with slow pace heelwork. Speak was next with the handler leaving the dog and commanding the dog to speak whilst walking away. After 15 paces the handler then sat on a chair, back to the dog whilst the dog was still barking. Then a cease command and another speak with the handler still sitting on the chair.6 dogs gained full marks for this exercise. Fast pace and normal pace heelwork around the jumps took the competitor up to the point to start the sendaway. Sendaway was at an angle across to a large log in a hedge{approx 120yds}.Redirect was left along the edge of a wood{approx 180yds} to a large tree. This looked straightforward but many dogs found it difficult. The highest mark was 8.5.

Thanks to Pete for stewarding C/A and also to those who came forward to steward the stays.

1st           Tony Lockyer and W.T.Ch. HARTSHILL ROB. WSD.

At 10.5 years old Rob still works well and accurately and takes Tony for a stroll round the track. A good all round performance. Congratulations Tony. Another Ticket for this remarkable dog and I guess that competing at the KCC's will depend on his fitness. N/W 162.5 Control 31.5 Agility 20 Total 214 marks.

2nd         Pat Herbert and W.T.Ch. JOLLY JILL. WSD

Jill did the best track, a joy to watch. Only lost bits and pieces on C/A because of her enthusiasm. Good to know that Jill is back on form after her "rest". Congratulations on this Reserve Ticket. N/W 163 Control 30 Agility 20. Total 213 marks.

3rd          Sheila Tannert and W.T.Ch. STYPERSON BRIAR LAB. Briar did the best sendaway and had the highest C/A mark. Her keeness to do the track so quickly caused the odd marks lost but a lovely attitude. Well Done. N/W 158 Control 32.5 Agility 20. Total 210.5

4th          Gary Atkins and CAFCOLL RON. BC. Another consistent team to watch. Good track and solid C/A round. Ron missed the 4th search article this time. Best of luck for the future. N/W 153.5 Control 30.5 Agility 20. Total 204

Other qualifiers were;

Barry Gilbert & W.T.Ch. LAETARE DAY JAVU 202.5



Stevie Boyall & STYPERSON LOMOND 197.5

Anne Fowler & W.T.Ch. WAGGERLAND FLOSS 197

Julie Skipp & SKIPAWAY ZORRO 194.5

Ann Clarke &TARNEDGE SOLAR 192

Jean Howells & GLENALPINE JED 191

Barry Harvey & TADMARTON BRIAR 190.5


Tony Lockyer & HARTSHILL NUTMEG 189.5

Glenys Page & BRIGLEN NUTMEG 184.5

Rita Evans & CARFIELD GYPSY 183.5

Sue Jones & DURSTONE MOSS 182


Glenys Page & GETAWAY BACK TESS 178


Sharon Perez & KAY LAREN 176


Dr N Prescott and SKIPAWAY FORTUNE 171

Well Done to all the above qualifiers. A big thank you to competitors. I enjoyed watching some great dogs working.

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