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Open Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 11 December 2005

Trials Manager's Report

Another successful 4 day trial due to the help of a good team, thank you all.  I will leave judges to thank their helpers in their stakes.  Thank you Jacqui Gibney forstepping into Paul Morling’s shoes when he was unable to come for C/A.  To John Bowen, June Raymond, Jacky Rutter, Judy Meekings for the kitchen, a thankless but needy job.  Judy also did paperwork before the trial and scores on her computer.

Well done to the qualifiers, keep trying those who did not quite make it.  Again THANK YOU all for giving up your time to help.  Come on you out there, how about you helping at your local trials.



Stake UD & TD C/A


Steward Jan Vallack

Many thanks to Jan Vallack for being an excellent steward and good company for the 4 days. Weather varied from cold to freezing, we had fog rain sun and the Buncefield cloud. 

I know the nosework judges will give full results, so to avoid repetition, I will just name the teams who did good C/A rounds.

In TD, Chris Gregory and GSD Buffy, CC Guard and Lab Bertie, Judy Meekings  & Lab Megan and Malc Snowdon and Collie Jay all gave good accounts of themselves. Quite a few teams scraped through on minimum qualifying marks, the sendaway and redirect (or lack of it) mostly responsible, and only 9 dogs ( of the 22 worked) achieved full marks on the jumps.

In UD, we worked 18 of the 33 entries, 12 scratches !!  Although no dog achieved 20 for the jumps, Sally Baker & Hettie, R Woods & Holly, Lynne & Steve Liney with Boss and Gem , Sue Jones & Meg and Joan Watkins & Riley all did good rounds, and went on to qualify. 

Congratulations to all the qualifiers, best of luck in Championship.

Last but not least, thank you Vana, for running the Trial. There were lots of problems to overcome, but you still managed to smile and sort them all out.


Stake U.D. Nosework


Tracklayers: Ruth Payton & Angela Porter

Steward:  Penny Bann

Many thanks to A.S.P.A.D.S. for the invitation to judge. A big thank you to my tracklayers Ruth & Angela who had laid tracks exactly as requested even in the thick fog! Also thanks to my square steward Penny who laid excellent squares. Thanks to Vana, Trials manager who as usual ran an excellent trial, to Judy Meekings for the scores & printing the certificates and to everybody who helped in the kitchen. The food was excellent.

When I was told 33 had entered I panicked, but then set about finding articles which I would have liked to have had in an Open U.D. (In fact only 21 dogs worked.) I designed a track pattern that finished away from the pole to allow handlers to play with their dogs on the way back. The end article (a cloth Bone) was given as a reward for their dog. (1st Article was a square piece of underlay) Conditions for tracking were excellent although on the Sunday we did stand under the black cloud from the oil refinery at Hemel Hempstead!

On the whole all the dogs made good attempts at the test set. The square had 2 easier articles (a piece of carpet & a generous piece of vinyl) & 2 harder ones (a dolly peg & a green milk top). All the dogs got at least 2 articles out. Over the three days I saw some excellent tracks & searches from young dogs some at their first attempt in competition. To those who qualified good luck in Championship U.D. If you didn't quite make it I am sure that a qualification is not far away. Lastly thanks to all the competitors who accepted my decisions.

1st           Mr Steve Liney & GEMSTONE EASTER WISH, (Crossbreed)  An excellent track & search the only dog to gain full points in the square. A pleasure to watch. Good luck in Championship U.D. (Track 88, Art. 20, Search 35)    194.5pts. COM.

2nd         Mr & Mrs S L Liney & HORNAGE COPSE LAD ( WSD.) Handler Lynne Liney

Another excellent track & search, just losing odd marks here & there. Good luck in future trials. (Track 88.5 Art. 20 Search 32)    188.5pts. COM.

3rd          Mrs Joan Watkins & DURSTONE O'RILEY (WDS.) An excellent attempt for his first trial, most impressive. Good luck in Championship U.D.(Track 88.5  Art. 20  Search 34)    188pts. COM.

4th          Mrs Sue Jones & DURSTONE MELODY (WSD.) Another excellent track & search. Another dog that should do well in Championship U.D.(Track 88 Art. 20 Search 27)      183.5pts COM.

Also qualifying Com

Pat Parkinson & CARISHILL HYACINTH (Golden Retriever) 179.5pts

Mr A. Goodley & HOLLEY COLLIE (WSD.) Handler Rosemary Woods 178pts.

Mrs Sally Baker & IVYMOOR HESTER (Weim.) 176.5pts

S. Zackheim   & TIMBA OF HARDY VICTORY Handler Sue Drake 172.5pts.


TD Nosework


Steward : Joan Watkins and Genine Newport

Tracklayers : Lee Cane, Penny Bellis, Jane Gray and Lynne Baker

Thanks to ASPADS for inviting me to judge at this trial.  Thanks to Vana, the trials manager, for organising everything and also for letting all the judges and helpers have the use of your house on Saturday for our evening meal.  Thanks to Joan Watkins, my search steward and chauffeur, who was great company and also an excellent search steward.  Genine Newport laid the squares on the day that Joan gained a COM in UD with her dog.  (well done).  Genine also laid the squares perfectly.  I am sure you will be asked to steward again.  My excellent tracklayers were Lee Cane, Penny Bellis, Jane Gray and Lynne Baker.  Special thanks to Lee for laying the first tracks on all four days in the fog and thick frost.  Thanks to Judy Meekings for printing the marks and certificates on the computer and also working in the kitchen with June and John.  The food was excellent, especially the cakes made by Jan Vallack.

36 entered, 27 worked, 8 gained a COM.

1st           Chris Gregory with VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM GSD (B).  Lost only one mark on the track and one mark on the search square.  Excellent nose work.  215.

2nd         Andrew Buchanan with GLENALPINE SOCKS BC (B).  Full mark search square and another excellent track.  203.

3rd          Judy Meekings with WITHYLINCH MURR AT WINDLEBROOK Lab.  (B).  Another full mark search square.  Well done.  198.5.

4th          Caroline Ashford with WOLFHARTS ULFHETHIN GSD (D).  Good track.  I was pleased when you had the second search article in your hand. 186.

Also gaining a Certificate of Merit :-

Norma Ansell with GEFNI WALKS ON WATER. GSD (B) 184.


Gill Lawrence with SLIEVE CHANCE. BC (D) 181.

Pearl Rigg with FRONSAC KRAUGER. GSD (D) 180.

This was a trial where the day you competed was important.  All the dogs which worked on Sunday were unable to find the articles in the square.  Was it due to the Hemel Hempstead fire which made a black cloud over the fields we were working in or was it the heavy frost that stayed on the ground all day due to the cloud of black smoke obscuring the sun?  There must be a reason as we had full mark squares on other days and the same articles and steward were used.  Commiserations to all the handlers whose dogs got round the track and got nothing out of the square.

The four days of the trial were very frosty and foggy but we had no rain.

John and Dorothy Bowen

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