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Championship Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 09 April 2006

Trial Manager's Report

An eventful trial, as no fields day before start, but as ever we found a way round the problem. A terrific team who supported the trial all the way. I thank all the judges and helpers for being such good company. The judges will thank individuals in their reports, but I thank Jean Howells base and track laying one day, Arthur Jeal and Dave Skipp erecting jumps, Arthur and John Bowen dismantling them. Dave Skipp, Judy Meekings, June Raymond, Jackie Rutter, Sue Drake and everyone in the kitchen. Tom Darby for helping me with fields on the Sunday, when we were allocated them. Judy Meekings on computer and supplying paperwork. Well done qualifiers, keep working those who did not.




Steward: John Weselby

25 entered - 18 competed

Many thanks to ASPADS for inviting me to judge CD Championship at Enfield. A special thanks to Vanna Moody and her team for a well organised trial. The catering was excellent, especially Dave Skipp who slaved away over his hot pan of bacon and eggs. Also thank you John for stewarding for me and helping the competitors to feel at ease.

The weather was kind to us, a little cold on Friday but a glorious day on Saturday with the sun shinning on us most of the time.

Thanks to all the competitors for entering under me. Unfortunately the jumps took their toll especially with the young dogs.

1st           Mrs. J. Webb with INSTINCTIVELY PIPPA, WSD. It was a pleasure to watch this young dog with her experienced handler. A team to look out for in the future. 95.5 Q.

2nd         Mrs. H. Mercer with STARDELL INDI, BC. Another excellent partnership and with heelwork to die for. Good luck in the future. 93.5 Q.

3rd          Ms. G. Raddings with MINK MORGAN CHECK, BSD Terv. Check just needs a little more confidence on the long jump. Well handled. 91.5 Q.

4th          Mrs. J. Gray with GORMARINGEN HANNS AT DERJANCA, Lab. Lovely heelwork and a brilliant sendaway. Well controlled round. 88 Q.

Also Qualifying:

Mr. R. Shropshire with STYPERSON OLIVER, Lab 87 Q.


Congratulations to all who qualified and those who did not, keep trying you will get there.


WD Stake


Tracklayers: Lynne Baker, Arthur Jeal, Jean Howells and Angela Porter

Steward: Jan Vallack

Thanks to my tracklayers and steward.  You all did a brilliant job and were good company during the four days.  Thanks, too, to Vana for running the trial, and the team who kept us fed and watered.

enfield WD track small

Tracking on lush corn, weather varied, just as we have come to expect in April.  We were treated to watching good tracking for the most part, and although all articles were found on both track and in the search, no single dog achieved all 6 articles.

38 entries, 8 scratches.

1st           Paula Wright & FYYNNTACTIC LICENZ TO THRILL, WSD, 174.  Good nosework and an excellent control round.  Well done.

2nd         Steph McBride & STAFTLY THUNDERBOLT, Lab, 171.  The only dog to get a full mark square, super dog, excellent handling.

3rd          Sharon Carter & IVYMOOR KALYPSO KATE, Weim, 168.  Good nosework, a bit tight on the C & A!

4th          Nick Boyce & SARAMAK DANCING DIVA, 167.  A very keen young bitch, an excellent control round.

Also qualified WDEx.

Yvonne Fearon & LAETARE BREAK DANCER, BC 166.5

Alan Ballinger & DUSTER’S RAGAMUFFIN, WSD, 165.5

Pearl Rigg & FRONSAC KRUGER, GSD, 165

Yvonne Filleul & SODEN JAY, WSD, 164


Dean Woodcock & LAETARE LEFT IN THE DARK, BC, 162.5

Anne Wright & CARISHILL CHESTNUT, Goldie, 162

Qualifying WD, Jan Rex & IVYMOOR MISTIE, Weim, 155.

Well done to all qualifiers and thanks to all competitors for entering and showing good sportsmanship.  Finally, it is worth commenting that every competitor thanked their working team.

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