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Open Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 10 December 2006

Trial Manager’s Report 

Thank you to the farmers for the use of the land, even though it was very wet.  We were lucky with the weather, the rain starting after all was cleared away.  Thank you to Lee Kane for helping erecting jumps and checking fields on the Friday, then dismantling back into my van on Sunday.  To June Raymond for making sandwiches on Friday, as there was no kitchen help for Saturday morning – it was “self-help” to begin with.  VACANCY available - kitchen help for Champ Trial, 2 – 8 April!!

Thank you to Genine Newport and Jackie Rutter for filling in in the kitchen when they could; Genine also let us use her house Saturday evening. Thank you to Judy Meekings for supplying the paperwork.

I’ll leave it to the judges to thank their helpers, without whom there would be no trial – you were all great.  To the competitors, well done to those that qualified - to the not quite, you will soon, keep going.



UD nosework 


Tracklayers:  Judy Meekings and Mark Lewindon

Steward:  June Raymond 

I would like to thank ASPADS for giving me the opportunity to judge at this trial, and also Vana (one”n”!), the Trials Manager, for a very well run trial.  The tracklayers, Judy and Mark, did a fine job, and most of the dogs got round the tracks.  It was the first time June had laid squares at a trial, and she took to it like a duck to water!  Thank you.  The food was great, thanks to the girls in the kitchen. 

1st           Marie Dixon and ORBIT, X-breed, Q.  A good track and search, what a good team.  Well done!

2nd         Rosemary Turner and KWIKS, GSD, Q.  Nearly didn’t make the first corner, but after that went on to finish the track.

3rd          Elaine Betts and ORCHID, Hovawart, Q.  Very slow on the first leg, but then seemed to realise that she was tracking and did the rest of the track very well.

4th          Coral Greville and JAZZ, Lab, NQ.  Boy, can this dog track – a pleasure to watch. 

Finally, I would like to thank all the competitors who entered.  I hope they enjoyed my test.


WD nosework 


Tracklayers: Penny Bann - 2 days, Val Upton - 1 day, Lee Kane - 1 day

Steward: Mary Cooper 

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge, standing in for Sally, who had a very important appointment.  Hope it all went well Sally.  A very happy, friendly trial, managed by Vana and her team.  She even organised the weather; despite the forecast, it was frosty with a cold breeze.

Many thanks to the tracklayers, who did an excellent job, and to Mary for stewarding.  A great team with good humour, very pleasant and thanks again to all of you. 

1st           Miss Lynne Watkins with STARSHOT DOLGOS WITH SZIKRAS, Wire haired Hungarian Vizla, B.  Super working, a joy to watch, full mark track, Lynn lost the one mark in the square!  Well done, great teamwork.  195, Q.

2nd         Mrs Jane Gray with GOMARINGEN HANNS AT DERJANCA, Lab/Ret, D.  Fast tracking dog, committed tracking, losing one mark, then left one article in the square, well done.  189, Q.

3rd          Mrs Caroline Martin with BINTIBIN ARDESSIE, B/C, B.  A few tense moments at the end of the track, had us hand wringing, but finished in fine style with a full mark square.  Well done.  163, Q. 

Only three qualifiers, well done to you and well deserved.  Thanks to all the competitors for giving me the pleasure of judging your dogs.  I saw some lovely nosework.  Good luck to all of you in 2007.

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