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Championship Trial
Venue: Enfield
Trial Held: 05 April 2015


Stake: CD


Steward: Rita Banfather

A thank you to ASPADS for this invitation to judge CDEx, and an even bigger thank you to Rita for stewarding, especially on the second day when the wind gusted up the field and it was cold.  Also to all at the base, the guys and girls behind the counter and those at the desk - Jean, Judith and Vana – who made a lovely chauffeur even if my car was too low and not good for your back!!

We had 14 competitors with 4 qualifiers, all on the second day in the wind.  Only one article h­­ad to be retrieved on the search squares over two days.  The articles were a cartridge, leather 4.5” and a wooden plant label 4”.   The sendaway was a straight 80yds to a large section of hedge - three dogs gained full marks and another 7 dogs had high marks, but the jumps and the stays took their toll.

We saw two new handlers - Eayew with Archie and Steve with Missy; I hope you both enjoyed yourselves and look forward to seeing how you both progress.  I must mention Claire Lush with Kai – your heel free was symmetry in motion; I really enjoyed watching you both perform as a team, made all the more remarkable when she mentioned how hard she had to work to get that result.

1st           Barbara Brown with EVA PARNASSUS MUSE (Eva), WSD, B, 94.5, Q.  A steady and consistent show.   Both Barbara and Eva were calm, confident and competent in their approach - well done.                                                                                    

2nd         Eayew Dunsby and MR MISCHEVIOUS (Archie), WSD, D, 83.5, Q.  Congratulations, and on only their second time in competition.  Archie enjoyed the search square and did well in all the other exercises, but it may increase your confidence to observe more handlers and note best practice in the exercises.  Then this team will move briskly up the stakes.

3rd          Gary Haim and LUPITOONZ SPACE RANGER, (Buzz), WSD, D, 82, Q.  A really nice round, shame that it was only two articles out of the square and no sit stay, because the other exercises were lovely to watch, and I’m sure we will being seeing Buzz’s name in future reports.

4th          Jennifer Speake and TIEKIEDRAAI ENCORE (Tiekie), GSD, B, 80, Q.  Jennifer teased the best out of Tiekie and had full marks for her retrieve and sendaway; she just squeezed through the agility group as there was no position and no return on the scale.  Also the sit stay was broken, but CD being the difficult stake that it is, this handler was quietly determined.  Congratulations.

To those handlers and dogs that were not ready this time, I am sure you will be there soon, and thank you to all the competitors for accepting my decisions.

Thank you 


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Mike Williams and Sheren Perez

Steward: June Hines

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the UD stake and to the Trials Manager, Vana Moody.  Vana always looks after her judges and helpers so well at this trial, and with Rita Banfather’s catering skills, we enjoyed some excellent meals in the base.  Thanks as well to Jean for running the base.

We had eight entries and seven worked.  We worked over one day, with the control rounds first, ahead of the nosework.  Some teams found the test a little hard, maybe not quite ready.  Those who tracked did very well but a couple of teams missed articles, which was costly.

Many thanks to Mike Williams and a nervous Sheren Perez, who needn’t have worried because all the tracks were laid perfectly and gave all the competitors the best chances.  Tracking was on grazing ground which had previously been rolled.  June laid search squares and stewarded control.  We ended the day with two qualifiers.

I do enjoy judging this stake and seeing young dogs at the start of their trials work.  Well done to those who qualified and to those who weren’t successful this time, good luck for future trials.

1st           Steph Cooper with RYANSTOCK LIBERTY, CDEx, Weim, 178.5, Q.  Steph had a very good nosework mark and control; a worthy winner.

2nd         Belinda Spensley with CARISHILL EMERALD, CDEx – UDEx, G Ret, 175.5, Q.  Dafni left one article on the track, which cost her the first place.  Well done, a pleasure to watch.     

3rd          Jill Kevis with BUMBLEBRIDGES NIGHTSTAR, CDEx, BC, NQ.  Dexter did a lovely track but didn’t find the articles, unfortunately. 

4th       Emily Mayer with VONLUCIANHAN ANUBIS, Mali, NQ.



Stake: WD

Judge:  DEB WILLIAMS (nee Allen)

Tracklayers: Mike Williams, June Hines

Square and Control Steward:  Sheren Perez

Firstly, thank you to ASPADS for inviting me to judge the WD stake.  To Vana Moody, Trials Manager, your brilliant hospitality and strong team of helpers at base of Jan Darby, Sue Zackheim, Jackie Rutter, and Jean Howells were superb.

To my tracklayers, Mike and June, and to Sheren, who laid all the squares and was also my control steward - you all performed the roles exactly as I wanted, many thanks. 

Tracking was on short grass and virtually the same for everyone.  The search square was well performed by all competitors and contained a piece of black rubber, cardboard ring, piece of wood and a drinking straw.  Unfortunately the cardboard ring came back in various conditions.

enfieldWDtrack 440x307

The control rounds varied in competence and competitors, please understand that judges are also competitors and will see the extra commands on heelwork.  The stays were excellent, however only three competitors obtained full marks for the jumps. Sendaway was 100 yds at an angle to a hedge slightly downhill and seemed to present a few problems.  The retrieve was performed well.

All the dogs found the conditions hard for tracking.  Conditions on Thursday were dry and sunny, however the temperature was cool; on Thursday night we had rain and on Friday conditions were damp and 4 degrees higher in temperature. Unfortunately not one dog completed the track on Friday.

1st           TADMARTON EVITA, Lab, with Mrs Ann Clarke, 186.5, Q.  An excellent performance from this team.  Good control and excellent nosework ensured this position.

2nd         STARDELL ZUBEN, BC, with Mr Roger Shrimpton, 170.5, Q.  Good control round, full mark jumps and the best track.  Super dog.

3rd          GLENALPINE NIKKI, BC, with Mrs Martine Taylor, 164, Q.  Another good control round.  Your superb full mark search enabled this qualification, well done.

4th          TADMARTON EASTER LILY, Lab, with Mrs Jenny Orchard, NQ.  Good control round.  She really tried hard on the track and I’m sure she will succeed.

Finally, thank you to the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions and good luck in your next trials.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Nigel Hines, Lee Kane

Steward: Pat Herbert

Thank you to ASPADS for the judging appointment and to Vana and all her helpers for putting on a lovely trial and for taking such good care of me, and to Jean and Jan in the base, and also for doing such a great job on the Sunday at the control field, inputting all the scores after each competitor had worked and doing the certificates, which meant we all got to finish early.  The numerous helpers manning the kitchen did a great job - thank you all for all your hard work keeping us all fed.  Thank you to Rita, who provided us with our evening meals at the base - she only had very basic equipment but still managed to turn out some lovely food.

Thank you to my tracklayers who all did a terrific job, especially on Tuesday when the weather was horrendous, with gale force winds making it difficult to stand up, let alone track!  I felt really sorry for the competitors and dogs who had this day to work, but that’s trials, and all of them put in a brilliant effort and the ones that got round the track were amazing to watch.  The weather gradually improved over the next few days and we did get some sunshine.  The land was great and produced some very high scoring tracks, with 26 qualifying, so thank you to the farmers for allowing us to use it.  A big thank you to Pat for putting out all the squares and stewarding the control and for her great company all week, and special thanks to Moo, Jill and Fen for looking after Fletcher on our walks and showing him the ropes at his very first trial.   

1st           Gary Atkins and WTCh GLENALPINE PETE, 216.5, Q.  A pleasure to judge and to watch such a super team work and to see a dog enjoy working so much, great attitude.  A lovely track followed by a full point square and then a fabulous control round gave this team a very well deserved win.  Congratulations.  Track 98/30, Square 35, Control 33.5, Agility 20.

2nd         Jane Wood and LUDGATE POWER ‘N’ GLORY, 205.5, Q.  Another lovely track and recovered all 3 articles.  Nice control round.  Congratulations and well done. 98.5/30, 30, 29.5, 17.5

3rd          John Simpson and FAR CANAL FOSTER, 205, Q.  A few sticky patches on the track but a lovely square and control round kept them in the placings.  Well done.  89.5/30, 34, 31.5, 20 

4th          Diane Ling and WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, 202.5, Q.  A super track, but a missed article proved very costly.  Nice square and control and agility gave them a well-deserved place.  Well done. 99/20, 33, 30, 20

Also qualifying TDEx:

Paul Adams and Sheringem Glynn, 198.5 

Gavin Thomson and Tracelyn Dancing in The Dark, 195

Tony Lockyer and Triple Top At Hartshill, 193

Mike Williams and Marina Ben’s Pal, 192

Julia Skipp and Zak of Skipaway. 189.5

Joyce Tibbetts and Vonhauswolf Maud, 178.5.

Sue Russell and Glenalpine Danny, 177

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