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Championship Trial
Venue: Oxford
Trial Held: 17 February 2013


Well, against all the odds, the trial went ahead, thanks to the wonderful farmers who allowed us on to their wet, muddy fields, and assured us that we wouldn’t be doing any harm; one farmer even said that he would make sure he didn’t spray his field of winter barley during the week of the trial.

When we looked at the TD land, it was just several fields of mud, with the faintest suggestion of green in places, and the general opinion of judge and tracklayers was that dogs would really struggle on it.  What do we know?  On the first day, most dogs sailed round with no difficulty, including one on full marks for the track, so my worries that we wouldn’t have any dogs back for the C/A were unfounded.  So many thanks to the TD team, judge Sue Jones, tracklayers Mark Lewindon, John West and Dave Stewart, and steward Sandra Lewindon, for their hard work on the mud, and especially to Mark for laying the run-off tracks.

Tony Orchard judged the UD stake, which was on fairly well grown winter barley, which was tough going for the tracklayers, Vana Moody and Rita Banfather, and steward Jenny Orchard, as it was very sticky, but again it tracked well, with a good success rate.  CD nosework was on very soggy stubble near the base, which meant that CD competitors and judge Joyce Tibbetts and steward Steve Banfather didn’t have to drive anywhere.  Thank you very much to all concerned with both these stakes for all your hard work.

All the C/A for all the stakes was worked on the outfield of the cricket pitch next to the hall (avoiding the wicket), as the original ground was water-logged, and it was impossible to get the jumps to the field.  My thanks go to Horspath Cricket Club, who not only allowed us on the field, but some members even stayed to watch dogs working, telling us how impressed they were with the dogs’ performances.  Local dog walkers were very co-operative, and cheerfully agreed when asked to keep their dogs under control.

As ever, a trial such as this couldn’t function without ample refreshments, and these were expertly provided by Judith Owen and Liz Stewart, helped later in the week by Di Assheton-Bowtle and Ann Ferens, who both answered my plea to Banbury DTS for help.  Many, many thanks to you all for your extremely hard work.

Jean Howells was base steward, and kept us all in order, made sure competitors knew exactly when and where they should work, kept the score sheets up to date, and was an invaluable advisor; Arthur Jeal was my right hand man, escorting competitors to their tracks, transporting and putting up jumps, and doing the myriad jobs which arise during the course of a trial, usually before I’d even realised they needed doing!  Thank you both very much for your invaluable contribution to the smooth running of the trial.

We were lucky enough to be able to give the placed competitors "Winners’ packs" of CSJ dog foods, including a 15Kg bag to each winner.  These prizes should have been presented at the MBCC trial in January, but when that was cancelled Barrie James offered them to me, with the approval of CSJ.  Thanks to the company for their generosity; they have expressed an interest in supporting all ASPADS trials, for which we are very grateful.





Steward: Steve Banfather

I would like to thanks ASPADS for the invitation to judge the CD stake at their Oxford trial.  Judy ran the trial with her usual efficiency, even arranging two dry sunny days after the dreadful winter, though the ground was still a little bit boggy.  Jean managed the base and my scores with ease - thank you both.  I was also grateful to the kitchen crew, Judith, Liz, Di and Ann, for providing hot snacks and cakes on demand - especially that lemon cake!

My square steward and scribe for the C/A was Steve, who was a competition square virgin.  He laid them just as I asked and all with equal precision - thanks Steve, and your numbers were legible too!

We ran over two days; 24 entered and 20 ran with five qualifying CDEx and one CD.

Searches were on sticky corn stubble with no growth; my articles were a piece of brown carpet, a dolly peg and 2" sisal rope, all of which were not easily visible to the dogs or handlers, so I was very pleased that 15 dogs found all three articles.  The C/A round was on the cricket pitch outfield, with a 60 yard sendaway out to a cone.

The standard varied but we saw some very good work in all sections.  Thank you for entering under me, and good luck to you all in future trials.

1st Catherine Mansfield with GLENALPINE OZZY ZIG, BC, D,  91.5, Q CDEx.  Well handled dog - a lovely square and only dropped one on control; a pleasure to watch.  Well done, Catherine.  27.5, 49, 15.

2nd Brenda Nevard with I SPYDA SPIDER, WSD, B, 90.5, Q CDEx.  A super little bitch with the only full mark search and retrieve.  Well done, Brenda.  30, 43, 17.5.

3rd Sue Main with JAZZ THE JOKER, WSD, D, 8,8 Q CDEx.  Another full mark square, well done.  29.5, 40.5, 18.

4th Dave Currier with CLASOLA TIGER’S EYE, Weim, D, 87.5, Q CDEx.  Boz worked very well for Dave. One of only three to get full marks for agility, and steady stays with only a short whine!  Well done.  28.5, 39, 20.

Also qualifying CDEx:

Ann Ketteringham with PADDY PAWS AT COALWAY, X-breed, 87.5.  Same mark as Dave, but lower nosework mark lost her 4th place.  Ash is a super little rescue dog, full marks jumps too.  22, 45.5, 20.

Qualifying CD.

Shirley Simpson with WESTMIDS KYRE, GSD, B, 78.5.  A competent round, qualifying each section but falling just short on the total.




Search and C/A: Steward Jenny Orchard

Track Layers: Vana Moody and Rita Banfather

24 Entries 19 Worked

I wish to thanks ASPADS for inviting me to judge the UD Stake and Judy Meekings for organising a very successful trial.  Thanks also to Jean Howells for controlling the base and Arthur for setting up the jumps.  I would like to thank all the catering staff for providing the super refreshments, even kept a Labrador person satisfied.  A big thank you to Jenny for stewarding, it makes judging so much easier having someone who is totally reliable.

For a change the weather was perfect; dry bright and not too cold.  Vana and Rita did a great job laying the tracks, giving all competitors the same chance to qualify, and even positioned some them so I did not have the wind in my face or look into the sun!  Thank you also for being great company.

We started each day with the control and agility, right next to the village hall on the cricket pitch.  Although very wet underfoot, it proved ideal for my round.  I started with the retrieve, followed by heelwork, sendaway, then clear, long and scale.  With so many distractions around the area to draw inexperienced dogs I set a straight forward 70 yard sendaway to three crossed poles with a white bag attached.  There were 11 very good sendaways marked at 7 or more.  Heelwork and retrieves were however untidy and, not surprisingly, 7 teams went out on the agility.

Considering the condition of land around Banbury; the UD tracking land had an amazing amount of growth and was perfect for the inexperienced dogs.  Of the 16 tracks worked only one competitor failed to gain qualifying marks; half also retrieved all four search articles.  The searches were very well done; the search articles were - a cork, a cartridge, plastic milk top, and 3 x 2 inch brown felt.  The first track article was a dolly peg, the end article a 3 x 1 inch strip of fawn carpet, both very easily seen if the handler was on the track.

1st Mr G and Mrs J Atkins, GLENALPINE PETE, CDEx, BC, D, 195.5, Q, handler Gary Atkins.   Lost 0.5 on the track with a full mark search.  A super round, lovely to watch.  Very smart control round, an impressive TD sendaway lost the other four points.  Bodes very well for the future.  A good win and qualification.  Extremely well done.

2nd Mrs B Briley, JETRIL JIG, GSD, B, 190.5, Q.  Very professional control round losing only 0.5.  85 for a very confident track and only losing 2 marks for minor mouthing of search articles. Another dog that will do well in the higher stakes. Congratulations.

3rd Mr D Laskey, SHARDEE’S KOS, CDEx, GSD, D, 181.5, Q.  A competent control round but unfortunately no long jump.  An excellent track losing only one point followed by a good search.  Another well earned qualification.

4th Mr K Johnson, VOMKYNA ECHO, CDEx, GSD, B, 180, Q.  A very good sendaway and retrieve.  Unfortunately no return on the scale.  Congratulations on the qualification.

Also qualified UDEx:

Mr and Mrs G and V Thomson, TRACELYN DANCING IN THE DARK, CDEx, GSD, B, handler Gavin Thomson, 178   

Ms T James, BOSCKOP DYNAMIC, CDEx, Boxer, D, 175   

Mrs C Brooksby, RAVENSBROOK MAID, BC, B, 173   

Mrs A Ferens, CLOVER HAYES MAISIE MOUSE, Spaniel Cross, B, 171   

I would just like to finish by congratulating all the competitors; it was a real pleasure to watch you work.   You all thanked us both, arrived to work on time, and most had your numbers! And you gave the test your all.  As always with UD, things went wrong for some of you, but as one of you said ‘there is always tomorrow’.  




Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, John West and Dave Stewart

Square Steward: Sandra Lewindon.

C/A Scribe: Pete Jones

Trials Manager: Judy Meekings

I wish to thank the Society for the opportunity to judge the Ticket stake at their Oxford trial.  Special thanks must go to Judy, the Trials Manager, who did brilliantly to get this event up and running - even on the Saturday prior to the start of the trial I was expecting a call to say it had been cancelled.  When we arrived at the caravan site on the Monday lunch time it had a thick covering of snow, and we all had problems setting up the vans.  We then went to look at the tracking fields, and although there wasn’t any snow, there was no growth at all; I thought this was going to be rough going for the dogs, but Mark assured me that it would be OK - and it turned out that he was correct.  We saw some fantastic nosework rounds and the handlers must have been well pleased with their dogs.  My three track layers did a magnificent job in difficult conditions and were great company with plenty of camaraderie within the team.  I can’t thank them enough.  Particular thanks to Sandra, who laid squares all week and only had to retrieve a handful of articles.  You were a great companion.

I looked at the usual control field three times during the cause of the week and thought that it was not suitable for purpose; Judy came to the rescue and with a little reorganising, we decided to use the outfield of the cricket pitch, but recognised that we might have problems with locals walking their dogs on the Sunday.  As it turned out we only had one incident when a Staffie came running across the field, but Sandra came to the rescue and managed to catch him and return him to his owner.

Thanks to Jean Howells as Base Steward and collating the scores, also thanks to Arthur for escorting competitors to the tracking fields and sorting the agility equipment.

Thanks to all concerned for my surprise birthday get together at the village hall!

The ladies in the kitchen, Judith and Liz, one of the important jobs at trials, did us proud out on the fields and back at base keeping us fed and watered.  Last, thanks to Pete for looking after the dogs and scribing for me on Sunday.

I had 63 entries with just a few scratching and about 50% of those who worked qualified the nosework.  Some went round as if on train lines and others didn’t get off the pole or only did one or two legs.  There were about 12 dogs within 5 marks of each other, so it looked like that after the C/A it was going to be very close.  Again, I had to have a run-off for the Ticket, which was the same as when I judged at Poole.

1st Mick Head, SHERINGEM JAZPER, BC, D, 211.5 (161, 30.5, 20).  A super solid round, bar for heel free, winning the Ticket after completing the run-off track.  Wishing you all the best at the KCC’s.

2nd Liz De Unger, WTCh STYPERSON ROYCE, Lab, D, 211.5 (163, 29.5, 19).  Full mark track, which was super to watch.  Was unable to complete the run-off track.

3rd Tony Lockyer, WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, D, 209.5 (161, 28.5, 20).  Sendaway didn’t go to plan today, but otherwise a first class round.

4th Sue Ashby, WTCh THE TITAN, WSD, D, 208.5 (160, 28.5, 20).  Another steady and consistent round from this team

Also qualified TDEx:

Glenys Page, BRIGLEN JOSS, BC, D, 208



Mike Williams, MARINA BEN’S PAL, X-Breed, B, 196

Jill Carruthers, WTCh VOMKYNA DARCA, GSD, B, 178

I hope that everyone enjoyed the test I set.  I thoroughly enjoyed my few days in Oxford and watching your dogs work.

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