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Championship Trial
Venue: Oxford
Trial Held: 19 February 2012


And so, another Oxford Trial reached a successful conclusion, thanks to a great team of helpers.  The local farmers, as usual, came up trumps, this year not only supplying us with great tracking fields, rape for TD and corn for WD, but in one case, accommodation as well; my thanks to all of them for their enormous generosity in allowing us to trample all over their fields.

It really made my life easy to know that every team member could be totally relied on to do the job they had volunteered for with no interference from me.  This was especially true of Arthur, who as usual, had done various jobs before I even asked him to.  Many thanks to you, and to Jean, for your advice and help throughout the week, and to all the helpers who made the trial possible.  Without people such as you, trials wouldn’t exist.  And special thanks to Judith, who was thrown in at the deep end to take charge of the kitchen, and ran it like clockwork all week, without seeming to even get hot, never mind bothered!!  Thank you very much, and also to Margery, who stepped in to help on Saturday.  And also thanks to everyone who brought cakes – they were all delicious!

The judges, Paul Adams, TD, Jan Vallack, WD, and Caroline Ashford, CD were all super efficient and conscientious, and gave every competitor equal attention and consideration.  I can recommend all of them for future appointments.

We were lucky enough this year to be sponsored by Kudos Pet Products, who donated a dog bed to the Ticket winner, Margo Brothwell.  I hope Ryan is enjoying his cosy bed, Margo.  Martyn from Kudos also set up a stand in the base and gave a generous discount to anybody who bought products at the trial.  Kudos will be sponsoring all ASPADS trials this year, with beds or vouchers for winners.  Many thanks to them.





Steward: Chris Brooks

Thank you to ASPADS for the opportunity to judge CD at the Oxford trial; it was my first championship appointment and I had a great couple of days.  There was great support from Judy, Jean and Arthur, Judith and Margery in the kitchen and Chris Brooks out on the field.

Our two days were very different in temperature from a damp day to a bitterly cold one; we saw lots of good rounds and had 7 qualifying out of 14 runners.  A thank you to the competitors for accepting my judgement – to those that didn’t qualify, keeping trying, there was merit in all the rounds.  

Whilst keeping the control location at one site was good from the logistical point of view, it did mean avoiding the locals out for a meander.  However, thanks to Chris’ vigilance, distractions were few.  The searches were on sparse short rape and the articles – sash cord, leather and a plastic spoon - were well scented and placed on the bare earth. 

1st John Turtill and WAGGERLAND TAYOVULLIN, WSD, D, 94 Q.  Congratulations on a suburb round, it was a joy to watch.

2nd Jan Baker and MERRYWAY PEBBLE OF JABY, G Ret, B, 87, Q.

3rd Daphne Mussell and CHINA BOY, NSDTR, D, 85.5, Q

4th Lynn Bricknell and SOLINDY BLACK MAGIC, WSD, B, 84, Q

Also qualifying CDEx:


Sandra Lewindon and QUARIES KAI AT BRACOKELI, BC, D, 82.5

John Simpson and FAR CANAL FOSTER, Cross, D, 82.5




Tracklayers: Mike Williams and Jackie Gibney

Search and Control Steward: Sandra Lewindon

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge this stake.  Also thanks to my tracklayers for their excellent work on top of a hill and despite the very strong cold wind, quite a few competitors got round.  The wind strengthened on Saturday which made it difficult for some dogs; Friday was the better day.

A big thank you to Sandra, a brilliant steward, both search and control, putting all the competitors at ease; she was cheerful even during the heavy rain that poured down during the stays - only one dog moved.

All the ladies at the base were great, Judy organising with Jean booking in and Judith and Marjory behind the kitchen counter being cheerful and efficient, thank you.  Not forgetting dear Arthur, always there when needed.  You will get your crackling in heaven!

The track and articles were designed for the unpredictable Oxford weather, as it was proven.  The control round was straight forward, the sendaway was 175 yards to crossed poles, but the dogs couldn’t see them until at least half way.

1st David Warwick with SPACE COMMANDER, X-breed, D, 193.5, Q WDEx.  This dog did brilliant nosework losing one on the track and one in the square, with four out in 52 seconds,  then did a tidy control round.  Track 89 + 20,  square 34, control 32.5, agility 19.  Well done, David and Vulcan, lovely to watch, congratulations.

2nd Emma Baker with JESSZAKS RICHOCHET RIK, BC, D, 193, Q WDEx.  Super track despite a very strong cold wind.  Full mark square, lost 1.5 on control.  87 + 20, 35, 33.5, 17.5.  Very quiet competent handler, surely this team are on their way to the top.  Well done Emma and Rik.

3rd Gary Martin with CARISHILL ATLAS, G Ret, D, 192.5, Q WDEx.  I wish I could bottle and sell the enthusiasm and good cheer that Gary and Dillon brought to this trial.  87 + 20, 34, 33, 18.5.  A lovely team to watch, to be with and to listen to – yes, they do talk to each other.  Well done, Gary and Dillon.

4th Ruth Payton with CORIES BLAZING STAR AT KALIAZAR, BC, B, 185.5, Q WDEx.  A very determined little bitch, she tows Ruth round the track with gusto.  84 + 20, 34, 32.5, 15.  Well done, Ruth and Luna, a well deserved qualification.

Also qualified WDEx:

Lindsey Poole with VOMKYNA DIAZ, GSD, B, 178.5.  84 + 15, 33, 26.5, 20.  The only dog to get full marks jumps, I think you were pleased, Lindsey.  Well done, my lovely!

Gill Cooke with SWEET GEORGIA BLACK, X-Breed, B, 178.  81+20, 32, 29, 16.  Well done, Gill, a very gentle handler with a lovely dog.

Thank you to everyone at the trial, but most of all thanks to all the handlers for giving me the privilege to judge your dogs.  Good luck to you all in future trials.




Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon and John West, every day

Search Steward: Sue Jones, every day

C/A Scribe: Sue Jones

Stay Stewards: Sue Jones, Pete Jones, Jan Vallack, Jean Howells, Judy Meekings and Arthur Jeal

Personal Assistant during stays: Mark Lewindon

I would like to thank ASPADS committee for the invitation to judge my first Ticket stake.  A big thank you to Judy Meekings who kept me up to date with every development during the 12 months prior to the trial and organised everything I wanted before the trial, she worked hard during the trial and was ably assisted throughout the week with a very efficient team of helpers around her.  Thanks go to Jean for the endless work she did including sitting in a car at the control field filling in the control sheets and working out the final scores, then back at base writing out 21 certificates.  Thanks to Jacqui Gibney for writing the ticket and reserve ticket for me.  Thanks go to Judith Owen who ran the kitchen all week and kept the 4 of us in the TD fields fed and watered.

There were 61 Entries, 50 worked and 11 scratched, giving 32 nosework qualifiers, 1 scratched due to illness, and 21 qualified TDEx.

Track articles: Cartridge, carpet and cable.  Search articles: Stick, Cable, Webbing, Blue Spoon

On control day I had 6 very experienced trials people stay steward for me and I briefed each one individually on what I wanted from them and what in my opinion was a down stay.  They all agreed with my views and every one of them did exactly as I wanted, so a big thank you to them.   I also decided that so that my stewards could keep doing their jobs, and I could do mine, that I would have a personal assistant whose job it would be to take care of any little incident that could have taken place, eg. a dog moving and causing a problem could have a slip lead placed on it and walked off the field to its handler or as was more likely (because there is a public footpath around the field) prevent the world and his dog from causing chaos by running all around the dogs doing the stays.  Mark Lewindon kindly agreed to do this job for me and did it well – thanks, Mark.

I was privileged to have two very experienced tracklayers in Mark and John, who laid tracks all week; Mark did the first 6 tracks starting at 7 am and John followed with the remaining tracks, which varied every day.  They were excellent company and we had a good time together (Mark even picked me up when the competitor and their dog were disappearing over a hill so that I could see properly which I thought was nice!); every track was good and they didn’t have to pick up many articles.  My search steward and scribe was Sue Jones.  As expected, Sue was a first class steward and scribe but above all great company.  She laid every square just as I had asked and didn’t lose any articles.  On the control day she scribed and it worked well, enabling us to do 7-8 dogs per hour.  I was very lucky that before the trial Pete offered to lay the track and Sue would work it with her Meg, and also lay the square and work that - it was good to see it worked and also highlighted a couple of problems that I could sort out, so thanks both.

Originally tracking was going to be on wheat so I set about getting 70 sets of articles to suit, however it turned out to be tracking on rape so in the end I took with me 3 x 70 sets of different articles so I could decide when I saw the growth of the fields what I should use.  In the event I think I made the right decision and chose the best for the ground.  I have tried to see if there was any article that proved difficult but there doesn’t seem to be any particular one.

We started tracking on Tuesday and every day up until Saturday afternoon was dry but with a strong cold wind; Saturday afternoon was heavy rain for about 2 hours so I guess we were pretty lucky with the weather.  Sunday was great with sunshine, a little cloud and a bit of wind and NO SNOW.

I decided that throughout the week I would not look at any of the scores, and so after giving Jean the scores I put the sheets away in a folder and didn’t look at them again, so on control day, apart from knowing that the top 10 were going on first, I didn’t know any of the scores.  Also, with Sue scribing, once I had given her the mark for each exercise then I completely forgot what I had given them, which worked out great.  After we had done the stays Jean worked hard on updating the score sheets and came up with our winner, I then checked the scores and agreed with her and it was a great honour to inform and congratulate the winner who was :-

1st Margo Brothwell with TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, CDEx - TDEx, PDEx, Cross, D, Q, 209, Qualifying  and winning the Ticket, making Ryan, subject to KC Confirmation, a Working Trial Champion.  Ryan did a steady track and square on Friday afternoon and followed this up with an equally good control round on Sunday.  I am so pleased for you.  Good luck at this year’s KCC’s.

2nd Vana Moody with GLENALPINE SHEP, CDEx - TDEx, BC, D, Q, 207.5, winning the Reserve Ticket.  The dog that stood out for me all week, with a good track and a full mark square in 1 minute.  On control day full mark jumps, heelwork needed a bit of work, sendaway was good.  This lady puts a lot into trials and I was very pleased to give her the news that she had the reserve - she was gob smacked.   Well done, Vana.

3rd Mike Williams with MARINA BEN’S PAL, CDEx – TDEx, Cross, B, 206.5, Q.  Good track with 3 articles, did a good square but mouthing and a dropped article was to prove costly; nice control round with a full point sendaway.  Well done, Mike.

4th Andy Baker with WTCh SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, CDEx - TDEx, PDEx, BC, D, 206, Q.  Tracked on Saturday, which was probably the windiest day of the week.  It’s easy to see why this dog is a champion - he is brilliant.  Well done, Andy.

Also qualifying TDEx:-

June Reed with SHADOWQUEST LEGACY, GSD, D, 204

Len Newman with SALLY BELL, CDEx - WDEx, WSD, B, 203.5

Dianne Ling with DEBEN LITTLE TOM, CDEx - TDEx, Cross, D, 202

Sue Ashby with THE TITAN, CDEx - TDEx, WSD, D, 200.5

Ron Davies with KAI JUMPING JACK, CDEx - WDEx, WSD, D, 197.5

Sheila Tannert with STYPERSON EBONY, CDEx – TDEx, Lab, B, 196.5

Yvonne Carpenter with HEX AT CARFELD, CDEx – TDEx, BC, B, 195.5

Ken Coleman with SHERINGEM MAC, CDEx – TDEx, BC, D, 194.5

John Phillips with WESTMIDS WANDERER, CDEx – WDEx, GSD, B, 193.5

Liz de Unger with WTCh STYPERSON ROYCE, CDEx – TDEx, Lab, D, 193

Anne Clarke with STYPERSON QUINCEY, CDEx – TDEx, Lab, D, 191

Anne Sheperd with LITTLE MISS LOTTIE, CDEx – TDEx, Cross, B, 188.5

Gary Haim with WTCh WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, CDEx – TDEx, D, 188

Tony Lockyer with WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, CDEx – TDEx, WSD, D, 180.5  

Julia Skip with ZAK OF SKIPAWAY, CDEx – TDEx, WSD, D, 178.5

Marie Dixon with THE GODWIT, Cross, B, 178.5

At the beginning of the week I put a notice at the base and it was on view all week; it said, ‘Speak will take place before the track’.  It was there to give everyone the same opportunity, however a lot of people didn’t read it and those that did forgot to tell their dogs, consequently a lot of marks were lost at the start of the test which is a shame.  The good bit, however, is that there were a lot of full mark speaks. 

I would like to thank everyone who thought me worthy of judging their dogs and wish everyone good luck for the future; a special thank you to Pat Golding for going on as a non qualifier at the start of the control - it was appreciated.  To my friend at the end, keep going and you will get there.  Good luck to Sue Jones, who is judging the Ticket here next year.

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