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Championship Trial
Venue: Oxford
Trial Held: 10 February 2007

Trials Manager’s Report

This year, apart from the Monday, we were very lucky with the weather.  This helped the TD tracking rate, especially on Wednesday when it was 100%!!  Something we had not experienced before.

Thanks goes to Pete Hodgkins, our TD judge, for sending the track pattern earlier allowing the tracklayers to try it out in the fields.  They all commented on what a good pattern it was because of its flexibility.  This highlighted the importance of a judge having the experience of tracklaying.  Pete’s experience showed that he not only thought of the dog and handler, but also the tracklayer in the pattern and suitability of articles for the terrain.

It has been suggested that TD follows the lower stakes with all work completed in one day.  In my opinion this would be unfair for the obvious reason.  Everyone will want to work later in the week!!  The weather would play a major part and the whole championship atmosphere would be lost if TD handlers were not together on control day.

I would like to thank the other two judges, Linda Bowden and Alison Davidson, for their help and cooperation before and during the trial, plus tracklayers and stewards who will be named in the judges’ reports.

Thank you to Jean Howells running the base all week (with a poorly knee) and Arthur Jeal for escorting on TD. Also Jean and Wendy Richards for the scores and certificates.  In the kitchen, thanks to members of BAGDS Chequers dog club, Jane, Maureen and Doug, and to Le and Von Fearon for help later in the week.  Also Le for the evening meals in the base.  Lastly, thanks to Tut and John Jennings for the meal and hospitality on Monday, what a lovely evening!

All these people gave up their time and helped us to make to make the Oxford trial a great success. Thank you.

Len Newman.


Stake: CD


Steward: Jennifer Speake

Thank you to ASPADS for inviting me to judge the CD stake at Oxford Championship trial.  Thanks to Len for keeping everything running smoothly and of course to Le and the helpers in the kitchen for our refreshments.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Jennifer Speake. She stewarded for me Friday and Saturday and did a splendid job.

The competitors were very prompt, the result being we managed to get through the day without any time being wasted, so thanks to them too.

27 entries, 24 worked

1st           Judy Meekings with STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, Labrador.  Lovely working Lab,  excellently handled by Judy.  95.5, Q.

2nd         John Turtill with BISQUET TORRA, WSD.  Very well motivated, enjoyed his work.  93.5, Q.

3rd          Joyce Tibbetts with OAKENHEART PHANTOM, GSD.  Full marks for the agility section. Three articles out of the square in 2 mins 24 secs.  88.5, Q.

4th          Caroline Martin with YES MALADY, X Breed.  A joy to watch this team. Super attitude from dog and handler.  88.5, Q.

Also Qualified

Eleanor Mestraud with WOLFHART FIRENFUL IDES, GSD.  Did the square in 52 seconds!  87.5, Q.

Clive Griffiths with WAGGERLAND CHILE, WSD.  86.5, Q.

Lyn Edmunds with BECKENBERRY BUD, Sch1, GSD.  80.5, Q.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal, Jane Webb, Mark

Steward: Lynne Liney

Thanks to ASPADS and Len Newman for this appointment.  The trial was ably run as always by Len, assisted by Le, who produced not only the food for us in the field all day, but provided an excellent hot meal at the end of the day.  Thanks are also due to John and Tutt Jennings for a lovely evening meal and entertainment earlier in the week whilst I was a tracklayer.  Thank you, Len, for changing arrangements to suit my work should it have been icy; in the event it wasn't and we had mild weather all week.

Thank you to Lynne Liney, my search and control steward for the two days, for your efficient work, and to Arthur Jeal for organising the tracking and laying the tracks over two days, ably assisted by Jane Webb on Friday and Mark on Saturday.  It was nice to work with you all again.

From an entry of 21, 16 competed, resulting in five qualifiers.  Tracking was on winter wheat, which was well established.  The articles consisted of a green plant tie and a piece of laminate flooring.  Search articles were cardboard tubing, a length of plastic tie, a plastic straw knotted and a dark green plastic label holder.  Ten dogs completed the track with qualifying marks and all went on to get qualifying marks in the square.  However, the stays were the downfall of a number of dogs, resulting in only five qualifiers.  The standard of sendaways and agility was good, but heelwork in many cases was ragged or too 'obedience', with dogs wrapped round handlers knees. Some teams clearly had more work to do before moving to a higher stake, some of this due to inexperience, but the winning teams demonstrated they are ready to move on by endorsing the qualifications they had already gained.

1st     Miss Margaret Jones, RUSKATH ONESTEP AHEAD CDEx, UDEx, WSD, with 188 marks.

2nd   Mr and Mrs T J Wells, BERAKA HURRICANE OF COPYHOLD, CDEx, UDEx, Staffordshre Bull Terrier, with 182 marks, handled by Marney Wells.

3rd   Mrs Marie Dixon, HYPERBOLIC ORBIT, Cross, with 180 marks.

4th    Mrs Sally Baker, IVYMOOR HESTER, CDEx, Weimeraner, with 176.5 marks.

Also qualifying:  Colin Harrison, WAGGERLAND TED, CDEx, WSD, with 171.5 mark.s 


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Steve Liney, Linda Bowden, Ruth Cahill, Mark Richards, Len Newman

Steward: Pat Hodgkins

Thank you to ASPADS for inviting me to judge the TD stake at Oxford.  Pat and I thoroughly enjoyed the week watching some super dogs working.

The trial was very efficiently organised by the trials manager Len Newman.  Everything ran like clockwork.  Thank you, Len, for all your hard work before, during and after the trial.  Le kept us supplied with food during the day and in the evening cooked delicious meals for all the helpers in the village hall.  This was greatly appreciated after being out in the fields all day.  Thank you, Tut and John, for Monday night’s evening meal.  A good time was had by all.  Jean, who ran the base daily, and did the scores and certificates, did an excellent job.

To my tracklayers; Steve, who did all the earlies, and put  run-off tracks down on control day, Linda, Ruth, Len and Mark, a big thank you from myself and the competitors. All tracks were laid perfectly giving everyone an equal chance to qualify.  Many thanks to Pat who was my search steward and scribe on control day.

We had wind and rain on the first day which resulted in 2 qualifiers. At this point I began to think tracking was proving difficult.  However, the next day the weather improved and we had 4 qualifiers. On the Wednesday everyone qualified!!  By control day we had 31 nosework qualifiers with many on high marks.

Control commenced with the speak, dog placed in any position in between 4 poles with the handler sitting on a chair 25 yards away, back to the dog, speak, cease, speak.  Then heelwork at normal and slow pace to the start of the sendaway. The sendaway was to a dead tree (which I dragged 150 yards into the centre of the field); redirect was 150 yards to the right to a bush (also placed by me into the open field).  Although this exercise looked very straightforward, there were very few dogs who did it well, and only one competitor on full marks. Fast pace was next, ending near the jumps.

1st           Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD, D.  Leading after the nosework by one mark, maintained this position to take a worthy win.  Yet another ticket for this very consistent team.  Very well done, Dave.  212.5.

2nd         Jane Webb and WTCh FLYNNTASTIC WININ VENTURE, WSD, D.  Tracked on the worst day and still managed to achieve a high nosework mark.  A good control round made sure of the reserve ticket.  Congratulations, Jane. 210.5

3rd          Paula Harvey and ELECAMPANE SPRUCE, LAB, D.  Won the run-off after a sendaway with the 4th placed dog. Very good nosework (160) followed by a good C/A round.  Only hiccup was the speak; Oliver did not want to speak today.  I know you were really thrilled with this qualification Paula...well done. 209.

4th          Judith Owens- Poole and FIRCROFT DOON, BC. D.  A super nosework round (159) and solid C/A. Good luck for future trials.  I am sure it will not be long before you win another ticket. 209.

5th          Sheila Tannert and WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR, LAB, D.  Briar was on equal marks with the above two dogs, but could not stay for a run off, as Sheila had back problems and had to go home.  Won the trophy for the best track by a Labrador.....this track was just like a walk in the park!!  Well done. 209.

The Best Track Trophy was won by Chris Gregory and VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM, GSD, B.  A super shepherd, who was totally committed to the track.

Also qualifying TDEx:

Barry Gilbert and WTCh LAETARE DAY JAVU, BC, D. 204


Julie Atkins and WTCh OUR DUG, BC, D. 201

Sally Bergh-Roose and TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY, GSD, D. 198

Jeff Poole and LATCHETS BOSS, GSD, D. 196.5

Margaret Robinson and WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY, BC, B. 192.5

Jill Carruthers and JASUETER RED GARNET, GSD, B. 192.5


John Currie and DREAGANTA SAMH, BC, D. 188.5

Sue Ashby and THE ECHO, WSD, B. 177.5

Qualifying TD: Carla Morris and AZI AZA KITE, WSD, D. 174

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