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Championship Trial
Venue: Oxford
Trial Held: 15 February 2015

Trials Manager’s Report

Thankfully, the weather was kinder to us this year, and Oxford trial went ahead.  The farmers, Dennis Walker, Rob Surman, John Shrimpton, Mike Wheeler and Roger Buswell, as usual allowed us to use their crop fields for the nosework, rape for CD and UD and winter wheat for TD, both of which were slightly sparser than they have been in previous years, but provided some good results from the tracks.  Many thanks to them for their support of this trial.  The C/A for all stakes took place on the cricket field next to the base, by kind permission of Horspath Cricket Club, and the local dog walkers were most considerate in keeping their dogs under control while the competition dogs were working.

As with all trials, nothing could happen without a team of dedicated helpers, and my sincere thanks go to all – judges Vana Moody (undertaking her first Ticket appointment), Les Allen, UD, and John Simpson, CD; tracklayers Mark Lewindon, Dave Stewart, John West and Tony Orchard in TD, and Liz de Unger and Rita Banfather in UD; stewards Sandra Lewindon (TD), Pete Ross (UD) and Shirley Simpson (CD); in the base - Jean Howells, base steward excellent, and Arthur Jeal, escort, kitchen hand, jump organiser, jack of all trades; in the kitchen – Liz Stewart, who did all the preparation but for family reasons couldn’t actually come, Judith Owen, Dave Stewart, Ann Ferens and almost every other member of the team at some time!  Many, many thanks to everybody who helped in any way.

Congratulations to all the qualifiers, especially to Gary and Pete for their Ticket win.  See you all next year!

Judy Meekings


Stake: CD


Steward: Shirley Simpson

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the CD at their Oxford Trial.  It is 10 years since I attended my first ever trial at Oxford, stewarding for Carla in the CD squares, and although I have competed here since then, it was nice to be on the other side for a change.  Thanks go to Judy, Jean, the catering team and all the other helpers for making it a success again, and also to my wife, Shirley, for her stewarding of both the nosework, on a sparse rape crop, and the C/A round.  Finally, thanks to the farmers for the use of their land.

1st           Ursula Furter and ASOLDO DIAMOND SKY LUCY AT AVONWOLF, Malinois, B, 96, Q.  Lucy is a very motivated dog, a clear winner and a joy to judge.  A bit of over excitement, which needs controlling, in the sendaway and long jump marred a lovely C/A round.

2nd         Elinor Anderson and JEMAS CAROUSEL FOR MYRTILLAS, Cross, B, 89, Q.  The only qualifier on the Friday, Vodka completed the day with a lovely set of jumps.  A well-deserved qualification.

3rd          Bob Shropshire and TADMARTON EARL, Lab, D, 85.5, Q.  After good nosework, Bob and Harvey just held it together in the C/A, with a faultless sendaway being the highlight.  Well done.

4th          Claire Norton and DREAGANTA KAINAAT, BC, D, 82.5, Q.  This pair did enough in each section to gain a well-deserved qualification.  Really pleased for you.

Although only 4 dogs qualified, so many others nearly made it and I’m sure it won’t be long before they succeed.  Special commiserations to Lee Kane and his Rotti, Dora, who slipped on the scale and frightened herself so much that she refused to go anywhere near it.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Liz de Unger and Rita Banfather

Search and control steward: Peter Ross

I would like to thank ASPADS and Judy Meekings for the invitation to judge and Jean Howells for running an efficient base and keeping us all in order.  Judith Owen headed up the kitchen whilst I was there but there were also a number of other faces throughout the day serving grub through the “hatch” - my thanks to you all.  A very special thanks to the farmer who provided the tracking land - all the tracks fitted in one enormous field of rape.

I had a team of experienced tracklayers who put the tracks down exactly as planned; Peter also did a great job putting competitors at ease for the C/A and laid the squares exactly as required - you were all great company, many thanks for your help and support.

The day started with control in the field adjacent to the base.  I set a very straightforward round; as there was not a suitable boundary for the sendaway it was to a pair of crossed poles 65 paces out to the middle of the field.

ASPADS Oxford UDEx track square

The tracking land was on early rape and pretty wet underfoot, with some rain whilst we were tracking.  Most dogs managed to complete the track with minimal casting, although several dogs missed the first article.  The track articles were a 2” square of brown carpet and a dolly peg for the end article.  The square articles worked well in amongst the rape and were a red 410 cartridge, 2.5” piece of green hose, piece of leather 3” x 1” and a wooden plant marker, all recovered but with a fair amount of mouthing in a number of cases.

8 entered and 6 ran.

1st           Hill with JOYFUL JENSON, GSD, D, 191.5, Q UDEx.  Full mark heelwork, very neat and tidy and very natural; the sendaway confused Stanley slightly but recovered by Kevin.  Just lost half on the jumps for a casual foul on the clear.  Great performance on the tracking field, 88.5, recovering both articles and 33 in the square.  Solid all round performance resulting in a well-deserved win.

2nd         Jenny Orchard with TADMARTON EASTER LILY, Lab, B, 190, Q UDEx.  Another very strong control round; once again the sendaway cost a few points but recovered well by Jenny with a strong redirect.  The jumps were a bit tight on the day, as Lily decided the long wasn’t something she wanted to do but it is what made the difference between first and second place.  Another superb track, also on 88.5, recovering both articles and a full point square - if you blinked you missed it!  Despite the speed each article was brought out very cleanly.

3rd          Belinda Spensley with CARISHILL EMERALD, G Ret, B, 186, Q UDEx.  The strongest control round on 33.5, with a full point sendaway; just didn’t take the position over the scale otherwise pretty faultless all round.  87.5 for the track, Belinda recovered the first article and Dafne the last one.  All four out of the square but with some mouthing.  All in all a great round with just the track article making the difference on positions. 

4th          Jill Kevis with BUMBLERIDGES NIGHTSTAR, Bearded Collie, D, 151, Q UD.  Dexter did really well - full point sendaway, lost a little on the heelwork and retrieve but generally a good control round; unfortunately he didn’t make it back over the scale, which made the jumps tight but qualified them.  Lost a few points around the track but unfortunately missed the box at the end of the track and as a result the end article - made the difference between UD and UDEx.

Well done to all that competed; those that didn’t qualify are very close.  As always there were some real hard luck stories on the day.  I hope you enjoyed the test and thanks for accepting my decisions. 


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Dave Stewart, John West, Tony Orchard

Steward: Sandra Lewindon

To Judy Meekings, with ASPADS committee, for inviting me to judge my first ticket at Oxford trial, thank you, and for all your hard work.  And the farmers allowing us to use their land.  Thanks also to:- Jean Howells, base, as well as kitchen; Arthur Jeal, escort and jumps mover; Judith Owen, Dave Stewart, Arthur Jeal, kitchen; Tracklayers, Mark Lewindon, 3 days, Dave Stewart, 2 days, (kitchen duties on Friday), John West, 2 days, Tony Orchard, 1 day; Squares and C/A steward, Sandra Lewindon.  Thank you all for your time, help, support and great company, doing what I asked of you brilliantly.

Saturday had the better weather which helped the tracking and articles.  Thurs was very still, Fri cold, wet and windy.  The speak was done on the field before tracking, this was because I knew the C/A field could have walkers and dogs going across, especially if it was a bright day, so least time spent there the better.

1st           Gary Atkins with WTCh GLENALPINE PETE, BC, 217, Q.  A very worthy winner, great partnership, well done.

2nd         Julia Skipp with ZAK OF SKIPAWAY, WSD, 212.5.  Another excellent round, well done.

3rd          Anne Shepherd with MILLIE MOONBEAM, Cross, 210.5.  What a lovely rapport with dog and handler, well done

4th          Andy Baker with WTCh SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, BC, 205.5.  Only nosework qualifier on Friday and had to work hard in the worse weather.  Well done.

Also qualifying:


Tony Lockyer with TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, 201.5

Mike Williams with TADMARTON ELEANOR, Lab, 201

Mike Williams with MARINA BEN’S PAL, Cross, 198

Sue Ashby with WTCh THE TITAN WSD, 194

Sheren Perez with KAEFFER KAL, WSD, 188

 Well done all who qualified, unfortunately conditions beat some.  Thank you for allowing me to judge your dogs and good luck in the future.

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