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Championship Trial
Venue: Oxford
Trial Held: 19 February 2005

Trial Managers Report

Our entry was up on last years 54 T.D. 24 U.D. and 49 C.D.

This meant we started tracking on Monday T.D. Thursday U.D. and Friday C.D

The ground was the driest & most lush I can remember, laying tracks in walking boots and not sinking into the ground if you stood still. We never had to change the field throughout the whole week, that's a first.

It was cold but dry except for a short time on Thursday & Friday when we had to get the judge wet.

I will leave the stewards & tracklayers to the judge's. The team of helpers were excellent thanks, Jean Howells & "speedy" Arthur Jeal for their help during the whole week, Wendy Richards & Julie Atkins for writing the certificates. The ladies working so hard in the kitchen Le, Von Fearon & Lyn Liney. Most of the evening meals were cooked by Le, 53 in total & 25 full breakfasts, without this work the cost for the Oxford Trial would be much higher. 

Thanks to the competitors for letting me know that they were scratching, with sufficient time we could reorganize the stake in advance. 

The Judges and I were concerned that some competitors do not know Kennel Club Rule 27 (e) look it up and see if you were guilty of this. It is no fun waiting for nobody!!

Le & I appreciate the personal thanks & cards we have received. Politeness costs nothing, this should also cover tracklayers, search stewards, escorts.

Lastly thanks for the calls on the welfare of Le after her shock, horror incident!!!



Stake: C.D. Control and Agility


Steward: Mrs. Anne Thorpe

Thanks to the A.S.P.A.D.S. committee for the invitation to judge at this trial and to the trial manager, Len Newman, for running the trial, as ever nothing was left to chance. Thanks also to Jean in the base and to Le, Lynne and Von in the kitchen. Carla kindly stepped in to judge the nosework when the entry soared to 49. Anne guided the competitors round the course and tried to calm their nerves. Thanks for your hard work and excellent company.

As usual in this stake, there were a mixture of genuine newcomers and experienced handlers with their youngsters. I set a straight-forward test with the heelwork leading from one exercise to the next (obviously allowing for praise between the exercises) to enable handlers to keep control of their dogs without the need to grab their collars. The sendaway was straight up the field to the only solid boundary without distractions behind it. This was either done very well by dogs who obviously fully understood the exercise or in some cases, not done at all. Jumps and stays took their usual toll.

1st           After a run-off with second placed dog, Paula Wright and FLYNNTASTIC LICENZ TO THRILL WSD (25.5/20/20). A newcomer to Trials but clearly not to dog training. A keen young dog obviously going places. Qual. 95/100.

2nd         Val Upton and JAXBERRY JOE BC D. (26/20/20). When we came to the run-off Val was still on cloud nine after winning the Ticket with VINNIE and JOE was even higher. Another pin point sendaway but the heelwork was a little loose! Well Done. Qual. 95/100.

3rd          Chris Gregory and VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM, GSD. B. (28/20 /15). Very attentive little bitch, excellent control round, pity about the clear jump but I am sure that you will soon solve that problem. Qual. 92.5/100.

4th          Chris Stewart and BELDORM DUNCAN, Std. Poodle, D. (26.5/20/18.5). Yet another experienced handler with a keen youngster. A nice round, just losing the odd mark. Well done. Qual. 87/100.

Also qualified:-

Lynne Liney and HORNAGE COPSE LAD, WSD. D. (23.5/20/15). In spite of languishing in the car while Lynne was pouring out all those teas in the kitchen, BOSS worked well. Qual 85.5/100.

Gary Squires and ARNCOURT DELTA, GSD. B. (23/20/20). One to watch. Qual. 85/100.

An excellent group of competitors – well done to the qualifiers. If you didn’t qualify, don’t give up, we’ve all been there – there are more non-qualifiers than qualifiers at all Trials. Keep training and make it fun for the dog. That way, you will also have fun. And remember – if a qualification was that easy it wouldn’t be worth having.

My apologies for the lateness of this report, I’m afraid domestic circumstances were to blame.


CD Stake

Nosework Judge: Carla Nieuwenhuizen

Search Stewards: John & Shirley Simpson

Thank you to ASPADS and Len & Le Newman for the invitation to judge the Nosework section of this stake due to the fact that there were 49 entries. In the event only 37 teams showed up.  On the Friday everything went like clockwork with a steady stream of competitors but on the Saturday we waited nearly 2 hours in the freezing cold for the last competitors to turn up. They did not all turn up. Perhaps some of the beginner handlers are not yet familiar with Reg. I Rule no.27 e. which states: No dog entered for competition and at the meeting may be withdrawn from competition without notice to the WT Manager. So next time you decide not to do your Search Square if you have failed your C & A, please go to the base and inform the Trial's Manager of your intention.

The weather was ideal for Searching, although extremely cold, it was dry and sunny and there was a nice breeze, except for first thing Friday morning when it was very still.  The ground conditions threw a lot of the dogs as the Squares were laid on stubble which not many handlers appear to have seen before this trial.  Although it is always best to train your dog on as many different types of terrain to prepare for all eventualities, in the end searching is all about motivation and confidence and I felt a lot of the dogs were lacking in both. The majority of the teams who did qualify had also not been on stubble before, but once asked to search, they just got on with it and visibly enjoyed themselves.  I don't think they noticed that they were on stubble!

I was particularly impressed with some of the more unusual breeds and was only sorry to hear they did not qualify overall.  In particular Sue Pickering's Border Terrier, Sally who had a super attitude and of course Marney Wells's Staffie, Buzby, who only lost 1 mark in the nosework, only to come to grief in the C & A.

Hope you will both soon qualify.

Big thank you to my stewards John & Shirley Simpson who, although very experienced Obedience handlers, are new to trials. They did a superb job, giving all teams an equal chance to qualify. The articles were a 3" black hose, a black cartridge case and a cork.  Although only 16 teams managed to find all 3 articles, 25 teams qualified in the nosework section, but only 6 qualified overall. They were:

1st           ARO: Mrs. P. Wright and FLYNNTASTIC LICENZ TO THRILL, WSD (D) 95pts. Only lost .5 mark in the square.  Many congratulations on qualifying in great style on your first outing.

2nd         ARO: Mrs. V. Upton and JAXBERRY JOE, BC (D) 95pts, losing 1 .5 in this section.  Experienced handling got the best out of young Joe. Many congratulations, Val, on winning the ticket as well. This one looks like another champion in the making!

3rd          Mrs. C. Gregory and VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM, GSD (B) 92 .5 pts, losing just 1 in the square. Buffy was on her first outing and appeared to find the conditions difficult but Chris waited patiently and let Buffy work the square on her own. Very well done and here is another one destined for the top!

4th          Mrs. C. Stewart and BELDORM DUNCAN, Std Poodle (D) 87pts. Duncan did not find it easy either but managed to locate 2 articles thanks to some very nice quiet handling. Another experienced handler getting the best out of her dog and so nice to see 'another' breed work so well.

Also qualifying:

Mrs. L. Liney and HORNAGE COPSE LAD, WSD (D) 85 .5 pts

Mr. G. Squires and ARNCOURT DELTA, GSD (B) 85 pts.

Finally, thank you to all the competitors for accepting my decisions with a smile. You were all a pleasure to judge; you all had lovely attitudes to your dogs and were keen to learn.  Keep on training and your day will surely come. 


UD Stake


Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal, Norma Ansell, Mark Richards

Stewards: Vicky Dixon

Thank you to ASPADS for giving me the opportunity to come over and judge in the UK. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Everything ran like clockwork due to Len's efficient management.

We were well looked after by Le, Lynn and Yvonne in the catering dept. and Le also produced a delicious meal each evening as well.

Vicky travelled over with me, laid all the search squares and then stewarded the C&A each day.

I had a great team of tracklayers in Arthur, Norma and Mark who were all great company. Thank you to you all for making it a most enjoyable three days.

Tracking was on rape and most dogs coped well, with 17 of the 23 dogs completing the track and all dogs finding at least 2 articles in the square.

After the C&A I was left with 8 qualifiers.

1st           Mrs P. Pearce, DUSTER'S RAGAMUFFIN (WSD) 195. Lovely attitude to her nosework and very impressive full point control round, nice no fuss handling, lovely to watch. Congratulations.

2nd         Mrs J Atkins, OUR DUG (BC) 193. Highest nosework mark, but managed to lose a few marks on C&A. A young dog on his way up. Well done.

3rd          Mr D Marchant, WAGGERLAND MURPHY (WSD) 186. Nice work by this youngster, only the search square with room for improvement. Good luck for the future.

4th          Mrs J A Speake, SANTROVASO SONATA (GSD) 185. First dog to work on the first day and set a high standard. Very well done.

Also qualifying U.D.Ex.:_

Ms Shields, MERRYMARSH TUMBLING DICE (BC) 180. Really impressive dog, one to watch for the future!

Mrs C Stewart, BELDORM DUNCAN (Standard Poodle) 177.5 Well done, also qualifying C.D.Ex. on same day!

Miss K Woolley, TYNSIL TIGER WALKS AT DUNSA (GWP) 166. Lovely to see a GWP competing and also qualifying. Well done and good luck for the future.

Mrs M Cooper, SAGENHAFT MARINEER (GSD) 161.5 A very handsome dog. Well done on your qualification.

Winner of the Barrybourne Trophy for best UD track was Le Newman and BAYRIVER ANTICS (GSD). Ruby did a beautiful track, 88.5 + 20. Such a shame she just missed out on qualifying.




TRACKLAYERS: Steve Liney 5 days, Linda Bowden 4 days, Len Newman 3 days and Mark Richards 2 days. Thank you for your hard work and good company.

STEWARDS: Thanks to Joan Watkins on duty for squares Monday, Wednesday and Friday and to Val Isherwood for Tuesday and Thursday. Joan was also my Gate Steward and Val was my Scribe on Control Day. Both very accurate, with even the trickiest articles found when dogs had moved them and they were great company.

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation and a big thank you to Len and Le for all their hard work. Len must be probably the most efficient Trials Manager in the world and long may he continue to run Oxford. Your attention to even the smallest detail was much appreciated by a very stressed Ticket Judge! Thanks also to Le and her kitchen staff, I was very well fed during my stay.

aspads oxford ch TD track small

I wonder if all the competitors realise quite how much tracklayers agonise over getting it right and judges worry about setting a fair test? First thing Monday morning a very nervous Steve Liney and equally nervous Judge watched Jean Howell's Jed do his version of our track pattern and as the second dog came out we wondered if we would be equally confused! Instead Arthur Jeal's Spot did a superb track (98) which was not bettered all week. (But escorting the Judge past a speed camera - at great speed - didn't gain Arthur any extra marks! Follow this man at your peril.) Strong winds and near freezing conditions made it tricky for the dogs but some shone through. The older, more experienced dogs coped better in the wind. 18 qualified the nosework, 12 overall. I marked the straightforward control round hard and it surprised me how badly some dogs performed the sendaway of 120 yards to a hedge and 150 yards right redirect along the boundary. Heelwork too was disappointing, but some very keen dogs did manage to start with well controlled fast pace heelwork (worth 1 mark!), and they include three of those in first four places (but Vinny had the last laugh!). A tethered speak out of sight behind Len's car offered a chance to gain marks and most took advantage of that. Dave Marchant's Jake blew his considerable lead after nosework on the control field and Chris Gregory and Paul Adams dogs were also on good marks but sadly failed the scale.

1st           Val Upton and W.T.Ch. GLENALPINE VINNIE BC. Q Ex 198.5. I have always admired Val's handling and her judging so I was delighted when Vinny triumphed despite not listening on the sendaway. A good track mark of 95 and 3 + 3 also helped you win through. Well done.

2nd         Sheila Tannert and W.T.Ch. STYPERSON TERN Lab. Q Ex 198. Heather (and I was told it WAS Heather) showed how full mark jumps and good control can improve your position in the field.

3rd          Arthur Jeal and BRIDGALPINE SPOT BC. Q Ex 197. Best track but sadly only 3 out of the square and no long jump relegated you to third. I knew Spot was a good tracking dog but had never had the pleasure of watching him before, very impressive.

4th          Chris Pilton and W.T.Ch. LAETARE CERIOUSLY GORGEOUS GSD. Q Ex 195. Uncharacteristically weak redirect, and only 3 from the square, but otherwise good work from this lovely dog. Now give her a brush please Chris!

Also qualifying:

Mrs T Clinick and FURSDON WINTER WHIRLWIND Weim Q Ex 194.5

Mrs L Newbold and LITTLE BRADLEY XB 194.5

Mr & Mrs P Jones DURSTONE MOSS WSD Q Ex 193

Mrs J Howells and GLENALPINE JED BC Q Ex 188.5

Mr E Nichols and TYTRI NIKKI BC Q Ex 188.5

Miss S Boyall and STYPERSON LOMOND Lab. Q Ex 187

Mrs A Porter and HECTOR OF CARISBROOK G.Ret. Q Ex 183.5.


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