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Championship Trial
Venue: Oxford
Trial Held: 18 February 2006

Trial Manager’s Report

Since taking over this trial in 1988 I am amazed. I never stop leaning, each year something new happens.

Without the good will of the minority trialist, trials would never exit. Such as, when your escort & base steward decide to go off roading in a vw van and Le had to be AA recovery, Ray Lea wife took over the kitchen, as I am track laying. When we needed a four-wheeled drive car to collect the jumps in the trailer, Garry Squires assisted. When we needed the fourth set of jumps for insurance Steve Liney supplied. Thanks to all of you.

I think we have to keep reminding ourselves that trials is a hobby and nearly always it's the same people helping. If only trialist would give up one championship we would not have this happening. I bet if you asked them to judge, people seem to have the time off then!!!

We had a large entry TD 69, UD 23 & CD 35 so we started on Sunday, but I have never had so many cancellations. 8 TD, 8 CD & 3 UD with one person not turning up or cancelling. I find it so bad mannered when this happens especially when it is the second track of the day in U.D. I will leave the tracklayers thanks to the judges.

The Judges made my life much easier by giving the track pattern to the tracklayers prior to the trial, so we were able to practice before the start of the trial. I feel that this is very important so from day one, every body is competent.

As we started on the Sunday in TD, this makes a seven-day trial hard work but thanks to Jean Howells base, Arthur Jeal escort/track layer, Von Fearon in the kitchen-helping Le to serve evening meals & 132 baps! Tut & John Jennings hospitality it made the week very enjoyable. It is nice to receive letters and thanks from the competitors thanking our team & us.

Lastly thanks to all the landowners who helped so much before and during the trial and to all that helped.



Stake: CD

Judge: Norma Ansell

Steward: Maurice Cooke

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the CD stake. Thanks to Len Newman and Lee for all their work behind the scenes. Oxford is always a good trial with good atmosphere. Thanks also to Maurice Cooke square steward and control steward. He even let me judge!

We had an entry of 34 but strangely quite a few scratches, mostly on Saturday. Perhaps the freezing fog had some influence on this. It did however clear later and we had two days of bright sunshine. Searches on frozen rape caused some problems with only 7 dogs managing 3 out of the square. Articles wood, linen cloth, and hair scrunchy. Stays were good losing about 6 but agility mixed 4 full points and 7 failures. Final results 7 qualifies CDEx one CD only on 79 marks. Hard luck Bob Shropshire.

1st           Mrs. S. Jones DURSTONE MELODY (WS) 93 CDEx. A good solid performance with one of the best sendaways. Just 2 years old should have a successful future ahead.

2nd         Mr. J. Allen CAPTAIN VAN DANWRYAM VONGRAF (Malinois) 90 CDEx. Lovely work from this pair. Handler seems inexperienced but kept in control, obviously well trained, both handler and dog.

3rd          Mr. F. Boulderstone UTHYR DRAGON (Lab) 89.5 CDEx. The best handler I have ever seen in CD. Dog was never in any doubt what was required. Well done to both of you, we will see you in ticket. Full point agility.

4th          Mr. Simpson GLENROYAL YAZZ (GSD) 89 CDEx. Well handled, again leaving dog in no doubt, full point jumps. Also qualified UD today so another one on the way to the top. Congratulations.

Also qualified CDEx;

Mrs. M. Dixon HYPERBOWL ORBIT (Cross) 86

Mrs. H. Mercer STARDELL INDI (BC) 80.5

Mr. A. Goodley HOLLY COLLIE (WS) 86

CD only Mr. B. Shropshire STYPERSON OLIVER (Lab) 79


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Arthur Jeal (Fri), Mark Richards (Fri & Sat), Ruth Cahill (Sat)

Search Steward & Control Steward: Jenny Speake

Catering: Le Newman + Von Fearon, and many others

Thanks to the ASPADS committee for inviting me to judge UD championship and for all the teams who entered under me. Twenty-three were entered and eighteen competed over the two days.

A big thank you to Len for organising the land and all the work put in pre-trial as well as during the trial, it was much appreciated on my part. Also thanks to Le and Von for all the food and drinks, they just kept coming, I even let the tracklayers have some.

I designed a straight forward track with only 90 degree angles, but still with enough corners to ensure an effort was required in order to get round. Over the two days we had 3 teams go wrong on the tracks, I am sure as you gain more experience you too will get round. The weather conditions over the two days were from a competitor's point of view almost ideal. However, the swirling fog on Saturday made the tracklayers think a little, but I knew all would be well as all my tracklayers are well used to laying TD ex tracks in all sorts of conditions. The track articles were a black plastic cork and a piece of astro turf matting. The tracklayers had very few articles to pick up on both days, please accept my sincere thanks again for a job well done.

richard UD track small

The gun test was carried out after the track and before the square with the dog and handler walking 15 paces away from me, placing the dog in any chosen position and staying at the dog’s side, on confirming that they were ready the gun was fired. Two teams moved from their positions and one dog moved in a circle round the handler in a nervous manner.

The square or property articles were graduated across the four articles to ensure the dogs had to work to get all four articles. These were 7.5cm (3 inches) leather, red string 7.5cm (3 inches), brown plastic cork and a green plastic bottle top. Jenny laid all squares carefully and thoughtfully as I had asked and the square was fouled (foiled) as asked. Most of the teams got at least 3 articles and on few occasions the dog found the last article as I called time, making Jenny's life that much easier.

The control and agility round was in the same large set aside field as the TD and I did try my best to keep you away from stray dog walkers, but the length of grass did cause some of you a few problems. On each afternoon we were blessed with sunshine and I am glad I had considered this when telling Len where I would like the scale to be placed. Not at all like the weather you usually get at Oxford this time of year.

Dumb bell was first and one handler was having a joke with me, as I am sure they tried on purpose to throw the dumb bell down a rabbit hole. Fortunately one end stuck out and the well-trained dog found the bell and returned it to the handler.

Heelwork was next and with a few exceptions was performed very well. Then came sendaway, to a bush in the middle of the field about 100yds away. Over the two days this caused the most problems and I only had one team get 10 out of 10. Please train not only for boundaries, but all the variations that can and do happen in sendaway.

Then came the jumps and misery for some. I allowed 2nd attempts on clear, long and face of the scale, to give the maximum chance possible to young dogs.

Last were the stays and as usual in this early stake we lost dogs that would have otherwise qualified, please remember to do your stays in lots of different places to build your dogs confidence in the fact you are not with it. Having said that none actually broke, they just bobbed up and down to see where you were.

Despite my couple of constructive criticisms above, I really enjoyed watching some fantastic tracks and I am sure most of you will soon be competing at the top. Thank you all for entering under me and also the good humour and manners shown by all of you even when your dog failed you really are a credit to working trials. The Barrybourne Trophy for best track and fourth place went to Dean and Abbey, as Nicky & Maddi had worked the previous day meaning a run off was not possible. I did some hard thinking and exercised my discretion.

1st           Steve Liney with GEMSTONE EASTER WISH Q 194.5. Cross Breed (Gem). Well done on this performance not long till you'll be in ticket.

2nd         Tony Lockyer with DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL Q 187. WSD (Gyp). Another steady performance by the Maestro.

3rd          Gary Squires with ARNCOURT DELTA Q 181.5. GSD (Elle). Good handling was nice to watch

4th          Dean Woodcock with LAETARE LEFT IN THE DARK CDex. Q 177.5. WSD (Abbey). Super track in idea conditions gave you best track.

Also Qualifying

5th          Nicky Prescott with DUNNSLAYNE DOVE. Q 177.5. WSD (Maddi)

6th          John Simpson with GLENROYAL YAZZ Q 175.5 GSD (Yazz). Hope you enjoy trials more than obedience

7th          Sue Pickerin with NIKONIS QUIET RIOT AT HOBHILL CDex Q 175. GSD (Rio). Square let you down to-day

For those who didn't qualify please persevere I am sure you will all qualify in the near future.


Stake: TD


Search Steward: Lynne Liney

Track Layers: Steve Liney, Mark Richards, Roger Shrimpton, Len Newman and Linda Bowden run off tracks.

Control Steward: Jenny Orchard

67 Entries

Thank you to ASPADS for inviting me to judge my second ticket. It is a special privilege to set a test for the best handlers and dogs in the country.

Thanks to Len Newman who managed the trial in a very efficient and friendly manner, organising the land and order of work to the advantage of dogs and handlers.

Conditions for nosework were probably the best I have experienced at Oxford with good growth, very mild temperatures and apart from a very wet Sunday basically dry.

The track had 21 legs and approximate 930 yards, the first article was a 3 inch length of television aerial wire, then a 3 inch house plant stake and the last an 1.5 inch piece of hosepipe.

We were treated to some excellent tracking with good line handling particularly on the tracks where there had obviously been game. The searches were generally well done with dogs working enthusiastically and covering the square, any articles missed were because the dog did not work the whole area. The articles were a plant tie, 2inch cord, bottle top and piece of thin material.

There were 25 with qualifying marks after the nose work.

The control day was cold with a very foggy start so I was relieved to be able to see the two send away markers. The out run was 120 yards out and to the left, with a 130 redirect coming back and to the right across the front of the handler.

There were 11 good send ways the only full marks going to Mrs Tohme's Weim. bitch FURSDON TWYLITE TRAMONTANO.

The speak was with the dog tied to the front of a car with the handlers then positioned 35 yards away with back to the dog. There were 14 good speaks with 7 barely making a sound.

The heel work saw 15 good rounds. The rest was pretty dismal for a ticket stake.

The gun test was set up on the tracking ground simply walking across the front of me with the dog at heel the gun was fired once when handler and dog passed me. I positioned myself four paces from the dog.

1st           209.5 Mrs J Webb FLYNNTASTIC WININ Venture WSD D A dog and handler working on top form and it showed on the track, the search square and the C&A. It was a real pleasure to watch, a team enjoying any challenge they meet. Congratulations on your CC and subject to KC approval a Working Trial Champion Certificate.

2nd         201 Miss P Herbert WT.Ch JOLLY JILL WSD B Another good all round team performance. The best track mark - it was a shame everyone could not have watched, but very unfortunately missed the first article. A very professional C&A round. Congratulations on the Reserve CC. Well done.

3rd          198 Mrs A Bussey WTCh ROMENO IF SIX WAS NINE WSD D  A display of line handling on land well visited by deer, this team really had to work, all three articles then pulled off a full mark square. A very worthy 3rd place after a run off. Well done

4th          198 Mr D Marchant WAGGERLAND MURPHY WSD D A superb track with three articles missed the plant tie in the square. Held it together in the C&A with a good speak and out run on the send away. Congratulations a worthy place.






181.5 Mrs M Weselby STYPERSON TAY LAB B


TD only

171 Mrs S Ashby THE ECHO WSD B

I would like to thank all the tracklayers who without exception put the tracks down to the advantage of the competitors, taking account of all the variables that good experience track layers automatically do, you did a great job. A special thank you must go to Steve Liney who was out there for six mornings putting down the earlies. Think how important that is to the trials, well done.

Lynne also deserves special praise for laying the squares every day and putting up with me, again you did a brilliant job.

Jenny acted as my control steward and scribe on the Saturday giving all the competitors clear easily understood instruction giving them the opportunity to perform to their best.

Throughout the trial Lee was working away in the background producing refreshments for during the day and excellent five star meals in the evening. To you and all the various helpers that popped in I very much appreciated your efforts.

Thanks to Arthur Jeal for escorting and Jean Howells for looking after the scores and base.

Finally thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and showing such sportsmanship, without exception you are a credit to trials.

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