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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 12 February 1997


This years Oxford CH was the most eventful ever!!, vehicles breaking down, getting stuck, stones through the sump, punctures, and even a get you home service to Holyhead. A.S.P.A.D.S/ subs should include the AA, RAC and vehicle recovery service.

The Ups

We had loads of offers of help in the kitchen and out in the field. Some people even wrote letters offering to take holiday so they could give us help all week and they have since offered the same next year. Thank you, and yes please. Linda Bowden stepped into the breach and judged the W.D. stake in Malcolm's absence. She took on his pattern, articles etc. and judged it like a true professional. Thank you Linda. The only problem really was her dinner party for eight on Friday evening, but we got round that with Le' and Maureen preparing

The Downs

Many competitors have said how much they like all in one day championships but they do not seem to realise the difficult is this poses for the organisation. Because we are a winter trial we can only work a limited number of tracks in the morning and to allow for the judge to continue in the afternoon with the C & A,stays before we lose light.( Please sec longer explanation in letters page). Also we had 76 entries in TD. To our knowledge only 12 of these people have ever laid tracks for TD championship, Do I really have to say anymore ! ! We hope you liked our newly vamped hall and your acceptance of the village hall no smoking policy was appreciated. We have booked Horspath for the next two years. I would like to thank both Jean & Malcolm for sending their track patterns down prior to the trial so the track layers could go out and lay with confidence especially the early ones and to Jean once again and Brenda for judging for us through all the events!!, Le' and I are not going to try and thank all our helpers by name for fear of leaving someone out. You all know who you are it just leaves us to say thanks to everyone for your help and offers for next year have already been accepted gratefully.

Happy and successful trialing.

Le' &, Len Newman 

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