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Championship Trial
Venue: Oxford
Trial Held: 25 February 1990



This was our second year of running the Oxford Championship Trial and yes, it was easier and less stressful because we had done it before- well almost! The weather was good to us except for the last day when it tipped it down but due to the thoughtfulness of our TO Judge working all his qualifiers

before lunch and considerate competitors who did their best not to keep the judges waiting we were able to finish the presentations and be away from the base by 3.45 p.m. That was even with John Barron's run oils in UD!

Only a couple of bad moments! The first was when it had got to Friday lunchtime and our CD and Control fields still had a herd of pregnant sheep and three obstreperous bullocks daring us to enter! By Friday evening the sheep had been rounded up and penned but the bullocks had legged it to the

far corner and we had to accept defeat. Fortunately our farmer came up trumps and found us other fields.

The second was losing 19 tracks in two days when the farmer decided to spray all the WD fields. The machines were queuing up at the gateways to get in while the dogs were still working!

All in all it was a very successful trial - a big thank you to all our escorts, tracklayers, search stewards and helpers. We made a small profit again this year, all down to the fantastic ladies in the kitchen, without them we would struggle to break even. They are one of the major keys to the success to the Oxford Trial. Tut. Jennings, June Brine, Pat Golding and Gwen Sowers by who supplied lovely evening meals. A special thank you to all.

It just leaves us to say Good Luck to everyone for 1990 and happy Dogging!





Tracklayers: Steve Fearon, Rob Bracey-Wright

Control and Agility Steward: Steve Fearon

Square Steward: Jennifer Speake

Escort: Alan

What a difference a day makes! Thursday and Friday the weather was beautiful, and we were treated to some excellent tracks. Saturday turned very windy with only the first two dogs completing the track. Sunday absolutely foul, with high winds and driving rain, all credit to dogs and handlers for putting up some very good control rounds. 5 dogs failed stays out of the 20 nosework qualifiers, 13 qualified the control section and 11 the agility. We ended the trial with 9 UDex's and 1 UD only.

The atmosphere at the trial was superb. UD was fortunate to have a first class team of helpers with Alan the escort getting the competitors to the right place at the right time, Jennifer Speake square steward extraordinaire! Only one dog failed on the square! Rob Bracey-Wright and Steve Fearon laid all the tracks (Rob's having a compass for Christmas), I still haven't worked out how Rob always had the fields with hills in, thanks lads. (The Tufty Club).

With such an excellent set up, not forgetting the lovely ladies in the kitchen, it was easy to sit back and enjoy my four days. The only little niggle, which gave me food for thought regards the Working Trial Regulations 117.b, where is the dividing line between observing and interfering?

Congratulations to all the teams who made it this time and best of luck to the others who didn't quite make it.


2nd. Max Parker HOG MANY AMBER DELIGHT (Goldie) 190.

3rd. Sandra Barnes TROUBLE OF TRYFAN (BC) 186.

4th. Rita Tounge CYNTAF DELIGHT (BC) 186.

Also qualifying:-

Janet Rees JOHNNY RED (BC) 186.

Gill Cooke DARK MUSKETEER (WSD) 185.


C.C. Met. Police Handler Vince McCullock POLICE DOG

RUPERT '8' (GSD) 169112.

Olive Lawley REGIUM SABREUR (GSD) 167.

Ron Ball PIN BRYN (WSD) 151 UD only.



Judge: A.F. MOSS

Tracklayers: Terry Brace, John Fleet, Dave Richards and Steve Horsecraft and Carla 'N' (you know the name)

Competitors Escort: Yvonne Fearon

Track Steward: Ray Roworth

Control Steward: Michele Rowe

Tracking was on winter corn. The weather as we all know played tricks during the week, but that is to be expected at this time of the year, from brilliant sunshine to fog and gales.

My thanks to Carla, John, Dave and Steve for their valiant efforts and especially to Terry who had to give up on Friday, feeling a little poorly but managed to make it home O.K.

Thanks to Yvonne who got everybody 'to post' in time. Now to poor Ray who had to endure me for the whole of the trials, my sincere thanks for your assistance and company, and to Michele who came to be my control steward on Sunday and get thoroughly soaked and frozen to the marrow, a special

thanks. Len and Lee and the Catering Company did a first class job throughout the week at Base and saw io my every whim. A very big thank you. Len you have got the job taped now, so the members would love to see you carry on next year.

As this was one of the first Championship of the year it is to be expected that there will be some strange results. Does this show that lack of continued training during the darker nights?

The Ticket Winner was Malcolm Bale with TARARUIS VAN DER MERWE, only losing 11 marks out of 220. A very proficient team, with no fuss and hardly a command that was not immediately obeyed. Sincere congratulations and every good wish for 19th/20th October.

The Reserve Ticket Mrs. S.M. McBride with RILLAMBROOK FLYNN, 202/220, a great pity in losing an article in the square, another day perhaps? Congratulations.

3rd. Terry Hadley with WT.CH. FLINT OF JACINID. 199/220. Lost an article in the square as well as several 'silly' marks. The Long Jump was very costly. Congratulations Terry but do look after the knees ....

4th. Barry Gilbert and WT.CH. ANASONATA BEST BET 194/220. Only two articles out of the square was a lot to lose, but again a very good team effort. Congratulations.

Also qualified:-

Mrs. V.I. Sootheran with KEDAR KAIN 191/220

Andrew Tasker, FORGE MONSOON 188/220

Mrs. J. Cutler, WTCH. LUMSBANK CHEROKEE 186/220

Best wishes to you all.

The track was laid first and the square immediately afterwards. This made the square roughly 23/4 hours old and did seem to cause some trouble to a fair few dogs. The recovery rate was well below par and I must say this equally applied to the track.

As regards to the work on the Control field, there was nothin! in my view that was exceptional, especially working in the weather conditions that most dogs and handlers had to contend with.

Finally I wish all those who competed in this Championship Stake the very best for the rest of the Trials year, but will add a little note of an observation that, of the so called 'top handlers, several failed to acknowledge the efforts put in by tracklayers and stewards, who like myself have given up time so that they can enjoy their sport. I will say no more but 'thank you very much' does not cost anything


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