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Open Trial
Venue: Monk Fryston
Trial Held: 20 September 2009



Beautiful weather (possibly too good), land aplenty, judges who fit in with everything and competitors who were on time and friendly. I thought this job was supposed to be a challenge.

Grateful thanks go to all my farmers who gave me enough land to run 3 trials and still some to spare. How different it was from 12 months ago. The judges, Heather Patrick, Sheila Margreaves, Dave Craven and Fran Mitchell were fabulous. Thanks to you all.

My base boss Jan Darby did a brilliant job. Every competitor knew where they had to be and she made sure they got there. Hope you’re available next year, Jan.

In the Kitchen department once again were Liz Stewart and Doreen Fawbert. Thanks ladies for excellent food which went down well with everyone.

Tracklayers, stewards and escorts of Tom Darby, Nigel and June Hines, Malcolm and Joan Snowden, Debbie Meade, Eric and Yvonne Carpenter and Richard and Teresa Musgrave, Karon Tiffany, John and Fran Atkin, Fred and Margaret Welham, Chris Trevor. A great team of people who know exactly what they have to do and do it in a very professional way. Many thanks also to Jeff Margreaves, who can turn his had to anything, which makes my job a lot easier.

Competitors - thank you to you all for being on time and if you weren’t going to make it, then for letting us know so we had time to make alternative arrangements. We had no lost tracks and that’s down to you people for being considerate.





Tracklayers: Richard Musgrave, Tom Darby

Search Square: Teresa Musgrave

Thank you to ASPADS for the invitation to judge UD Nosework, also to Dave Stewart and his team at the base for running an excellent Trial. My thanks to the kitchen staff, who kept us well fed throughout the Trial. A big thank you to my tracklayers, Richard and Tom, and my search steward, Teresa Musgrave, who did an excellent job and was great company on both days.

Over the two days it was a pleasure to judge some excellent nosework from a variety of breeds, from experienced handlers with young dogs and new handlers competing in Trials for the first time. Well done to all qualifiers.

21 entered, 21 worked, 4 qual.

1st Mrs. M Weselby with STYPERSON GILLIE, Lab, 196.5, Q. A young dog in experienced hands. Congratulations on your win.

2nd Mrs J A Paul with KENMILLIX I’M YOUR MAN, GSD, 191.5, Q. This team was consistent and accurate. Well done.

3rd Mrs C Stewart with ANGELWISHES ARIEL OF NATURE, Std Poodle, 190, Q. A Poodle with attitude, a pleasure to watch. Well done.

4th Mrs P Hodgkins with MERE MAGIC, X-Breed, 176, Q. Another nice track, a well deserved qualification with this lovely dog.




Tracklayers: Eric Carpenter, June Hines and Joan Snowden.

Square Steward: Karon Tiffany.

Many thanks go to Dave Stewart and the ASPADS committee for the invitation to judge the WD nosework.

We had glorious sunshine for most of the time, the hottest day being Sunday; this sadly made it far harder for the dogs on the nosework, as the land was extremely dry with very little grass growing through the stubble, and virtually no moisture on the ground. The standard was varied with some dogs getting around the track nicely and others finding the conditions very challenging.

Thanks also go to Eric, Joan and June for giving up their time to tracklay on the very hard land, and thanks to my square steward, Karon, for doing a sterling job laying the squares. Thanks also to John and Jeff for escorting and getting everyone to their track on time, and also to Jan in base, Liz and Doreen in the kitchen for keeping us fed and watered superbly whilst out in the heat,

There were 19 entered, of which 14 competed,

1st Ann Fotherby with JACKOVALL IS IT ANY WONDER, BC, 175, Q. Had a run off for 1st place, just one point between 1st and 2nd place in the nosework. Well done.

2nd Fran Atkin with BLEDRI OF STEPASIDE, WSD, 175, Q. A good strong and positive tracking dog, giving good indication throughout the track. Well done.

3rd Heather Donnelly with MOBELLA CARELESS WHISPER FOR WOOLRAM, BC, 165.5. Found the conditions hard but achieved a well deserved qualifying mark. Well done.

4th Janet Bell with BREIGHTON MADDIE, WSD, 163, NQ.




Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Nigel Hines and Malcolm Snowdon

Stewards: Eric Carpenter and Debbie Meade

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the TD nosework; I had a lovely few days with great company. Dave Stewart and his team run a fantastic well organised trial, with Jan Darby in base quietly and professionally ensuring that all the competitors are welcomed and sent in ample time to their allotted tracking land. Liz and Doreen in the kitchen kept the food and drinks flowing in my direction – thank you; even Malcolm received his speciality sandwich sausage, egg and malteser! Huge thanks to my tracklayers and stewards, I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people to work with.

On Friday, a slightly cooler day, Tom laid the 5 tracks and 3 dogs managed to complete the tracks; Eric laid the squares and one dog, unfortunately, only got 1 article out - and it was one of the dogs that had tracked!

On Saturday and Sunday Malcolm and Nigel laid the tracks and 5 dogs managed to complete the track on Saturday, but only 1 dog was successful on Sunday; the failures were mainly due to the dry cracked stubble ground and the heat. Debbie put out the squares and most of the dogs managed to retrieve at least 3 of the articles

1st Jenny Olley with DOLLY, WSD, CDEx, WDEx, 207.5. Lovely steady tracker, taking Jenny straight round the corners. Dolly was the only dog to get a full point square.

2nd Dave Waite with RULA, Rottie, CDEx, WDEx, 194. Only on the first corner of the track did he have us holding our breaths as he almost went wrong, otherwise, like Dolly, a lovely steady tracking dog. Rula was the only dog to track successfully on Sunday.

3rd Sarah Royle with EYLA, Lab, 193.5. Eyla was the first dog to work. She made an excellent start, with just a few glitches later on at two of the corners as she pulls like an express train. Lovely to watch.

4th Andrea Lynd with PEG, Lab, 187.5. Well done Andrea, it was your good line handling and your ability to read your lovely dog, as she could have pulled you all over at some of the corners, that got you round successfully.

Also qualifying was Moira Rogerson with CHANCE, BC, CDEx, UDEx, 177. Well done, Moira. 2 articles off the track and 2 articles out the square, you kept on adding up your marks - I know you didn’t believe you had qualified until that certificate was in your hand.

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