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Championship Trial
Venue: Monk Fryston
Trial Held: 21 September 2014


This is the first time this Trial has been run as a Championship and thankfully all went well. The weather was kind to us all three days; tracking was done on stubble and control on grass. Many thanks to my farmers for giving me as much land as I could possibly want, and also for the great control fields we were given.

Grateful thanks goes to Monk Fryston and Hillam Community Committee for letting us once again to use the hall. Even better this year, as they have extended it and it is now a terrific base.

Thank you to the judges: PD, Gary Martin, who stood in at relatively short notice to replace Jacqui Gibney and did a great job, WD, Nigel Hines; UD, Malcom Snowden; CD, Joan Snowden - many thanks to you all for all your hard work and for doing an excellent job. You’re a delight to work with.

My base was again run by Jan Darby, who was superb and kept things flowing with absolutely no fuss as all. You’re a treasure, Jan.

The kitchen ladies of Liz Stewart, Doreen Fawbert, Teresa Musgrave and Liz Mills did everybody proud with their food. To all my tracklayers – PD, Julz Findeisen, Tracey Park; WD, Tom Darby and Richard Musgrave; UD, Andrea Lynd and Lol Campbell – thank you one and all for your time and expertise. The stewards – PD, Linda Newbold and Caroline Martin; WD, June Hines; UD, Sheila Margreaves and CD, Eric Carpenter – escorts and criminals, thank you all of you for a fabulous job. Escorts John Atkin, Tom Mills and Fred Welham once again made sure everyone got where they needed to be.

Finally thank you to all the competitors for supporting the trial; I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you all again next year.



Stake: CD


Steward: Eric Carpenter

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the CD stake.  I felt honoured to be asked to judge at Monk Fryston’s first Championship Trial.  Dave Stewart and helpers, as always, ran a superb trial – thanks, guys.  Eric was my square and control steward; thanks, Eric, you did a great job.

Thanks to Dave for getting such a great field for the CD, which ran over two days.  All the dogs had a good attempt, but as is the usual case, jumps and stays were the main cause of dogs not qualifying.  I finished up with two qualifiers, both on the same marks.  I decided to award first place to the higher control mark.

1st           Cath Chadwick with GLENDARACH SILVER SPIRIT, WSD, 86, Q.  Nice round, Cath, well done.

2nd         Lisa Coull with CALLISAE EXCLUSIVE, Weim, 86, Q.  Izzy worked really well for you, well done.

3rd          Lol Campbell with CONISTON DANNY BOY, WSD, NQ.  So nearly there, Lol.

4th          S High with STILLMORE SHOWTIME, BC, NQ.

Thank you all for all for entering and good luck for future trials. 


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Lol Campbell and Andrea Lynd

Steward: Sheila Margreaves

Firstly I would like to thank ASPADS for the invitation to judge the UD stake.  Dave and his many helpers - thank you very much; the ladies in the kitchen, as always, did a fantastic job.

My tracklayers, Lol and Andrea, did a great job, and Sheila for stewarding for me, thank you.

1st           Diane Yeatman with LLANWOPS TARGA AT ROMSEY, Lab, 186.5, Q.  Lovely track, Diane, well done.

2nd         Tracey Eaton with CLEYNEHAGE ON THE TILES, G/Ret, 177.5, Q.  Little hiccup on the track but got there in the end; nice C/A round, well done.

3rd          Janine Atkinson with THE QUARRIEMAN AT DENLEA, WSD, 162, Q.  Well done, Janine,  looks like your stay training is working.

4th          Ray Lea with GOOD GOLLIE MISS MOLLY, X-Breed, 178.5, NQ.  I was really disappointed for you; bad luck, Ray.

I really enjoyed judging you all and hope you enjoyed the test.  Good luck to you all in your future trials.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Richard Musgrave, Tom Darby

Steward: June Hines

Firstly, I must apologise to ASPADS for the lateness of this report and to competitors and helpers alike.

Thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the WD Nosework at the first Championship trial at this venue, and to Dave Stewart, a very capable Trials Manager, who, with his team of helpers, ran a well organised trial.

Dave always comes up trumps with tracking land and he didn’t disappoint this time either.  We had a field that was large enough to run all the tracks so everyone had the same land.  Tracking was good overall, with quite a few successes on the stubble.  I’m sure all the competitors will agree that I had a very good team of helpers; Tom Darby and Richard Musgrave laid all the tracks, June laid the squares and stewarded control, with Fred Welham escorting people to the fields to make sure everyone was there in good time.

Control was in a field that was well grown silage, with a footpath straight through the middle – Fran Atkin was our lookout for walkers and ensured that the competitors weren’t interrupted mid-heelwork.  The sendaway and jumps cost a few teams their qualification but overall, the standard was quite good.

Many thanks to everyone for making it an enjoyable judging appointment; thanks to Liz and her ladies in the kitchen and to Jan Darby for her base stewarding duties.

To the competitors, I enjoyed judging your dogs and wish you good luck in the future.

1st           Wendy Beasley with STARDELL VENUS, CDEx – WDEx, BC, 190.5, Q.  Wendy applied herself very professionally, as always, and secured a very creditable first place.  She always gets the best out of her dogs.  Well done.

2nd         Pat Quinn with RASTWYKE RAPIDE, Lab, 179, Q.  A good nosework round from this team, just the blip on the sendaway and the long jump.  Well done.

3rd          Liz Price with LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL, GSD, 174, Q.  An excellent track but only one article, with a few marks lost on the control.  Still, very well done.

4th          June Reed with SHADOWQUEST ONE AND ONLY, GSD, 173, Q.  Another good track but with only one article; full mark jumps and a good sendaway.  Well done.

Also qualifying:

Jean Paul Felicien with VONLUCIANHAN ARMAGEDDON, Mali, 172.5.  A quiet and professional handler, with an excellent control round, only losing half a mark.




Steward: Linda Newbold (Squares, C/A and Patrol)

Tracklayers: Julz Findeisen, Tracy Park and Richard Musgrave

Protected Stewards: Chris Trevor, Malc Snowdon, Julz, Tracey, David Burroughs and Erin Bootland

 Many thanks for ASPADS for the invitation to judge what was my first ‘Ticket’ appointment. It is a huge honour and privilege to judge anyway, but combined with this being Monk Fryston’s first Champ trial and the original appointee being Jacqui Gibney, I felt a degree of trepidation. I could feel Jacqui looking down and having a giggle at my tweaking of the round - but I am confident she would have approved of the test I set!

The trial was run by Dave Stewart and his very impressive and professional gang. I couldn’t have had a more supportive and helpful manager for this trial. Having Dave there in the background being a tower of strength gave me the confidence to go with my test. Thanks very much, Dave - I so appreciate all your hard work, advice and support.

To Jan Darby in the base, keeping everything in order, getting competitors to the right place at the right time - thank you very much for all your help and your trademark efficiency, all done with a cheery smile.

To the ladies in the kitchen, Liz, Theresa, Doreen, Liz and Annie – they say an army marches on its stomach, well a trial cannot function without you ladies!! Bacon butties, piping hot tea and a slab of cake – mmmmm, heaven?! They truly are Monk Fryston’s finest at work. Always there with a smile and cheery word, you all made us feel so welcome – thank you.

To the escorts for getting everyone to the tracks on time and to my ‘gate man’ on Sunday for the patrol, John Atkin, a big thank you for allowing me to get on with judging without being concerned where people were and where they were parked. These jobs often get overlooked, but without trial stalwarts like these fine people the trials wouldn’t run as smoothly.

The team in the field were Julz, Tracey and Richard as my tracklayers. Each track was laid precisely and with the care and attention I would want if I had been competing. A huge thank you for all your hard work and diligence. Linda was my steward for all three disciplines and for all three days. What terrible things did you do in a previous life to deserve such a task, Linda?!. I think you probably felt like my carer at the trial’s conclusion!! All four of you were such good company; we had a great time and you all made my job so much easier – so a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you. It was a privilege to be part of such a superb team.

My ‘protected stewards’ were Chris Trevor, Malc Snowdon, David Burroughs, Erin, Tracey and Julz. Chris was with me for all three days as we did some patrol work on the tracking field. He was such an asset and a pleasure to work with. He delivered the sleeve exactly the same for every competitor, which is so important. Additionally, the attack on handler was the same for everyone; absolutely brilliant. Chris, both the competitors and myself owe you a huge debt of thanks

The whole team was instrumental in setting up the round. We walked through it all, then talked about it and then walked it again. And then we did it all again, each time tweaking timings and positions. Each and every one of them played a large part in the success of the round, and without them we don’t have a Patrol stake, something one or two would do well to remember. I can’t thank you all enough for all your hard work and diligence. It was a pleasure to have such a committed and professional team to work with.

I had the luxury of Andy and Emma Baker coming over prior to the trial and working out timing etc. Great to see Sid having a run out! He hasn’t lost it, Andy!! Thanks both of you for taking time out and helping me sort things.

The test started on the nosework field with a speak, requiring 15 barks with the dog at the side of the handler, who had both hands on a pole in front of them (the handler not the dog!) and looking directly ahead. Next was the gun, followed by a short chase. The handlers were allowed to hold their dogs in the collar if they wished. Once the dog was on Chris they could take control of the situation and the escort and attack on handler started. After a short distance Chris turned and attacked – and I asked for him to make a real effort to get to the handler.

The search square followed and the articles were (i) a 1 inch square of leather, (ii) half a peg, (iii) 1.5" x 1" piece of canvas and (iv) a 6" thin black tie wrap. The track was the last exercise and consisted of 12 legs and 910m long. The first article was placed at 630m into the track.

C/A started with stays, then heelwork followed by the sendaway. I asked handlers to send the dogs to a point on the hedge line, some 110m away. The handlers were told to re-call the dogs, stop them and re-direct them to the vicinity of a ‘spindly’ tree about 130m to the right. Jumps were undertaken clear, long and scale.

Sunday saw the patrol round. I briefed the competitors in front of the spectators, as I usually try to do. I hate a crowd watching a round not having a clue what test I had set. The spectators are an integral part of the sport and for me they should as far as possible be included. I set the round up so that everything happened in front of the spectators and no one was left peering into the distance wandering what the hell was going on.

My round started with the competitors coming to a chair to the side of the field and taking their leads and collars off. They were then to place one of four of my collars of varying sizes on the dog. Heelwork to the start pole in centre field for the chase. Five rather rough looking undesirables came out of a gazebo and walked to a pole about 50 paces from the team. At this point the handler challenged and Chris replied back and ran away from the group. He ran to the right of the others so the dogs could sight him in plenty of time. After 30 paces he veered back and ran along the same trajectory the walkers were taking – he was now out of direct sight of the dog and handler. The remaining group walked very slowly onwards. The dog was sent forward, necessitating the dog to run past the group and onto Chris.

Once detained the handler could take control of the group and Chris. This led onto the escort and attack on handler. I extended the escort to give the handler sufficient time to get their breath back! David, at a predetermined point, ran off as a lure to the dog. Malc and Erin then attacked the handler at the same instant. Dogs that broke thus ensured that the handler was captured by either Malc or Erin.

Quarter was next, which consisted of being sent to a small tent placed about 20 paces away from them to get the dogs moving. They were then sent onto the boundary about 70 paces away, and then right along the boundary. Once into the corner of the field they were 60 paces away from Tracey in the hide. They were told no further commands or signals from then on. Tracey was lying on the ground in a weld-mesh cage covered in camouflage netting. Her sleeved arm was outside the cage and the dogs could clearly see her within. I asked for 20 barks before the handler joined the dog. Re-call was a carbon copy of the chase.

TOC was the final exercise. A rather miffed Malc came out of the gazebo and responded to the handler’s challenge. Malc retreated into the gazebo and the dog was sent. As the dog rounded the gazebo it was met by five noisy and aggressive ‘crims’. They were all wearing a silver ‘skeleton’ mask and wielding white sticks. I was looking for the dogs to enter the structure and engage the group. The ‘crims’ were instructed to remain in the gazebo and be aggressive, as I was looking for the dog to engage the group within the gazebo.


1st Alan Bexton, WTCH FLY BY NIGHT LAD, 303, Q PDEx, winning the Ticket. Super all round performance by Alan and Fly. Justifiably the winner, showing great consistency in all sections; others were playing catch up from the off. Excellent commitment and control throughout. It was a real pleasure to judge you, Alan, and to award the Ticket to such a lovely team, especially as you won your first working trials qualification with Fly in CD champ under me at Nostell!! Well done and good luck at the 2015 KCC’s.

2nd Wendy Beasley and WTCh STARDELL LUNAR, 299, Q PDEx and Reserve Ticket. I know you were rightly thrilled with Lunar’s all-round performance, Wendy, but more importantly with her commitment and desire in the patrol round. I think that your patience and excellent training has paid dividends. As you would expect, a consistent performance in all sections and Lunar proved what a committed and determined patrol dog she is. Well done to you both, it’s all there in abundance and all the best in the future.

3rd Dave Olley with WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND, 284.5, Q PDEx. Just as you would expect, Dave was always in the mix, pushing the early leaders all the way. Ray had an uncharacteristic blip on the track but from then on, whilst he was trailing he kept at it and refused to give up. What I wouldn’t want is Dave and Ray snapping at my heels going into the patrol section. Alas it was too much to make up but is the mark of this quality team that they didn’t give up and showed us a quality C/A round followed by super patrol. Well done, Dave, it was a pleasure to watch and judge you.

4th Diane Ling with WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, 270.5, Q PDEx. Di and Tom put in their usual polished performance in both nosework and C/A. The quarter proved a niggle and ultimately costly. But with everything else done to perfection they had enough to qualify. Committed chase and determined defence of handler. Well done, Di, and good luck in your future trials.


Thanks to all the competitors for entering; the test was a bit different and a real challenge, without being gimmicky. The overwhelming majority I know enjoyed themselves and were great sports, thoroughly entering into the test and in the true spirit of working trials.


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