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Open Trial
Venue: Monk Fryston
Trial Held: 23 September 2012


Like most trials at the moment the land we use was changing daily, with farmers ploughing almost as soon as the crop has been harvested.  Thankfully they found me ample land to run the trial.  We were lucky that the rain stopped when the first tracklayer walked onto the field to lay the first track and didn’t come back until the last competitor was just finishing.

Many thanks to my judges, Malc Snowden, Mike Williams, Richard Musgrave, Lorraine Wilson and Ann Bedford, an experienced set of judges who took everything in their stride and did a fabulous job.  It was a great pleasure working with you all.

This was the first year that we have run PD at this trial and I was very fortunate to have Jacqui Gibney, who organised everything and did a great job.  The base was once again run by Jan Darby, who, as most people know is totally unflappable, a superb organiser and a dream to have running the base.  Thanks for all your help, Jan.  As for the kitchen staff of Liz Stewart, Doreen Fawbert and Teresa Musgrave - they produced some excellent food, and kept all the workers and competitors fed and watered.  Great job, girls.

Grateful thanks also go to my workers, tracklayers, stewards, escorts and criminals.  These are the people who are often not appreciated as much as they should be because they are in the background most of the time, but are so invaluable to any trial.  I am tremendously thankful to all of you for your time, hard work and skill.

Finally to all the competitors, thank you for supporting Monk Fryston Trial, and on behalf of ASPADS may I wish you all every success at future trials.  






Tracklayers: June Hines and Joan Snowden

Steward: Liz Mills

My thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge at this trial and to Dave Stewart for delivering such a well-run event. The base was superbly run by Jan with support from Jacqui, with the Michelin star catering supplied by Liz Stewart and her team of Doreen and Teresa.

My nosework team members were excellent at the task in hand and very good company as a bonus.  Thank you for setting the test exactly as I asked.  Unfortunately there was only one team qualified the nose work and then sadly they did not qualify the control.

The tracking was on stubble which proved difficult, especially for those teams that had not had a chance to train on it.  The second day appeared to be the better day for tracking as there had been a heavy dew, which showed up as a silver blanket over the entire field, caused by it being covered in spiders’ webs.

14 entries, 8 ran, no qualifiers.

1st Liz Price, with Oliver (LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL) GSD, D, 165.  The only team to complete the nosework with a group mark of 131.  Well done. 

2nd Jennifer Le Mesurier with Pandy (AFON ANDYPANDY AT BRYNFFRWD) HWV, B, 156.  A good track but then Pandy decided to bring only one out of the square

3rd Jacquie Hall with Asha (LITTLE ASHAN) X-Breed, B, 122.5.  Did most of the track and seemed to be going well but took a wrong turn towards the end of the track.

4th Marg Williams with Scooby (BRAKES APPLIED FOR) X-Breed, D, 119.  Scooby does things in his own methodical time but  still covers the ground well.  Took a wrong turn and was probably finding the stubble difficult so did not complete the track this time.

Thank you to all the competitors who came to have a go and being good sportspeople.  The stubble proved difficult this time for the dogs.  It is a surface which needs practicing on, but this is often difficult as it can be around for such a short time.





Tracklayers: Eric Carpenter, Damian Chadwick, Tom Darby and Dave Olley

Square Stewards: Tom Mills and Richard Musgrave

Escort: John Atkin

Many thanks to the ASPADS committee for the invitation to judge the TD nosework at their open trial held at Monk Fryston.  Square stewards were Richard Musgrave for the first day and Tom Mills for the remaining two; tracklayers were Eric for all three days, Damian and Tom for two and Dave on the first day.  All tracks and squares were laid precisely to the patterns - thank you very much, guys.  Someone who is quite often taken for granted and sometimes overlooked is the escort; all competitors arrived at the correct place at the right time, due entirely to John Atkin.  Thank you very much, John, an important job well done.

Everything ran very smoothly and efficiently due to the hard work of the trials manager, Dave Stewart - excellent trial, Dave.  At the base, Jan Darby kept everything running like clockwork, while Liz, ably assisted by Doreen and Tricia, took care of everyone’s catering needs.

Tracking was on stubble with sparse growth in places.  The weather was reasonable for the three days - Friday dry with a cold breeze and damp ground, Saturday dry, sunny and hot, Sunday dry with a slight breeze, getting a lot colder as the day went on, but we escaped any rain.  Track articles were 8mm x 120mm sizzle string knotted, 140mm yellow drinking straw upright and a "small" yellow shotgun cartridge.  Square articles were a 185mm Costa Coffee stirrer, 4mm x 100mm sizzle string knotted, 70mm x 30mm patterned cotton fabric and a 40mm square of foam backed brown PVC.

The search squares were worked before the track; on the whole they were quite successful, with 50% of the dogs recovering all four articles – however, not all came back in the best of condition.  The track followed, with every dog getting away from the pole; however, stubble proved to be just a little too difficult for many who tired before the end.

28 entries, 23 ran, 4 qualifiers

1st CARISHILL ATLAS, CDEx - WDEx, GR, D, handled by Gary Martin, 198, Q. (N/W 87, 30, 32)  Dylan persevered to the end, the only 3 and 4.  A very worth winner - well done, Gary.

2nd TAZ OF HOLLOWGATE, CDEx - WDEx, WSD, D, handled by Janette Sayer, 192, Q. (N/W, 83, 20, 35)  Taz had hardly put a foot wrong until he hit a "brick wall" two legs from home.  Excellent square, Janette.

3rd MAGIC DARK SHADOW, Lab Ret, D, handled by Gary Martin, 191.5, Q. (N/W 89 20 34) Unfortunately Bracken missed the second article, had he not then he would have been in front of Dylan.

4th LITTLE TIGER, CDEx - WDEx, X-breed, D, handled by Manda McLellan, 184, Q. (N/W 81 20 35)  Tiger worked another excellent square, well handled by Manda.

Finally, thank you to everyone who ran, I hope you all enjoyed your day.  Congratulations to the qualifiers.  To those not successful this time, do not be despondent; the conditions were not the easiest.  Good luck for the future.





Tracklayers: Nigel Hines, Chris Trevor

Steward: Linda

Criminals: Tom Davies, Steve Lancashire, Nigel Hines and Chris Trevor

Many thanks to ASPADS for the invitation to judge the first PD to be held at Monk Fryston.  Thank you, Dave and your great team of helpers, especially to Jacqui Gibney for making sure that everything was organised and ran smoothly.  Thanks also to the ladies in the kitchen and Jan in the base.  And of course I couldn’t have managed without Linda, who laid squares and stewarded the C/A and Patrol rounds, and kept me in order.  Tom, Steve, Nigel and Chris were my "criminals" and did a great job – thanks, guys.

I set a test that I hoped everyone would enjoy, but the Patrol round caused a few problems, with the quarter proving difficult for some of the dogs.  Also, the recall was too tempting, so unfortunately I finished up with no qualifiers.

1st Bill Richardson and KENOCTO OCTOBER’S DELIGHT, BSD Mali, 236, NQ

2nd David Waite and EYHAULERHOF RULA, Rott, 234.5, NQ

3rd John Phillips and WESTMIDS WANDERER, GSD, 232, NQ

4th Alan Bexon and FLY BY NIGHT LAD, WSD, 231.5, NQ

Good luck to you all in your future trials.

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