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Open Trial
Venue: Monk Fryston
Trial Held: 18 September 2011


Firstly, my apologies to everyone for the lateness of this report.  With the KCC’s coming very quickly after Monk Fryston, I am afraid I got a little bit tied up.

Can I start by thanking all my farmers for providing us with the land?  They made sure we had more than enough to run the trial.  The base was again superbly run by Jan Darby, ably assisted by Margaret Welham.  The kitchen staff of Liz Stewart and Teresa Musgrave again did a great job in feeding everyone.  I just cannot seem to get those pounds off!  My tracklayers, Tom Darby, Dave Olley, Jeff Margreaves, Malc and Joan Snowden, Nigel and June Hines and Richard Musgrave - thank you for all your hard work.  My stewards and escorts, Sheila Margreaves, Jenny Olley, John and Fran Atkin, Yvonne Carpenter,  Tracy Eaton and Chris Trevor were once again excellent.

The judges, Gary Martin, TD Nosework, Caroline Martin, WD Nosework, Jaqui Gibney, TD and WD control and agility, and Eric Carpenter for CD and UD, were an absolute pleasure and set some excellent tests.

Finally can I thank all the competitors for supporting this trial.   I hope to see you all back next year in the higher stakes.  In the meantime, good luck to you all in your future trials.





Stewards: Jenny Olley and Janine Atkinson

Thank you ASPADS for the invitation to judge, and to Dave Stewart for running the Trial, particularly as you were also organising the KCC’s to take place in less than a month’s time.  ASPADS owes you!

Thanks to Jenny Olley and Janine Atkinson for stewarding for me, and to Liz and Teresa for ensuring we were well fed and watered.  Thanks also to my co-judges, Gary and Caroline Martin.

Monk Fryston is a really friendly trial; the same team return year on year to help, and we were all heartened when the land tracked really well, so the ‘Aberford stand’ may well be a thing of the past. 

I set a straight forward round for C/A, on the basis that if the dogs had worked hard to complete the nosework, they deserved an uncomplicated control test.

Speak; dog off lead next to handler, at least 5 times, then handler to leave dog, join judge 10 paces away, speak again. Retrieve all on steward’s commands.  Heelwork tested all three paces to the sendaway.  WD 100 yds to boundary, TD same with a handler’s choice of redirect 80 yds along the boundary.  Jumps; dog under control around/between jumps, one second attempt overall if needed. (Except return over scale).

Most of the exercises were well executed; however, the standard of heelwork left a lot to be desired for many teams.  Perhaps we all train heelwork on lawn type land, and do not do enough  on meadow, set aside or rough ground? 

I will leave my co judges to report the results, and add my congratulations to theirs to all the qualifiers, most of whom did good C/A rounds.

Thank you competitors for entering and accepting my decisions, it was a pleasure to judge you.  Enjoy your training.



Stake: WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Eric Carpenter, Richard Musgrave, June Hines and Joan Snowden

Steward: Yvonne Carpenter

I would like to thank ASPADS for inviting me to judge the WD nosework at Monk Fryston.  Also to my fellow judge Jacqui Gibney who judged the C/A.  Even bigger thanks to tracklayers Eric, Richard, June and Joan, and steward, Yvonne, who so generously gave their time and expertise.  Thank you to Dave Stewart for looking after us so well and all your hard work including ferrying us back and forth - as though you didn’t have enough to do!  And also Jan Darby at the base for being able to answer any question thrown at her without batting an eyelid!!!  Liz Stewart and Teresa Musgrave made sure everyone was fed and watered with fantastic food and yes the diet starts yet again!!!  Thank you, lovely ladies. 

Tracking was on stubble and I would say conditions were challenging.  The ground was very hard and dry and there was a variable wind which increased as the days went on.  17 dogs tracked and 6 qualified.  Squares were very good; 10 dogs got all 4 articles out of the square, 3 dogs got 3 articles and 4 dogs got 2 articles.

Track articles were a piece of heavy canvas first and a piece of hose was the end article.  Square articles were a black plastic peg, underlay, wood and rope.

1st Mr Alan Bexon with FLY BY NIGHT LAD ,WSD, Q, 194.  Fly tracked on day 2 and was the only qualifier on that day.  He did a superb track and continued to work the square whilst a dog, minus owner, proved quite a distraction.  Well done and a very well earned win.

2nd Mr D Salisbury with PADDY OF THE NORTH, GSD, Q, 183.  Both articles off the track and 4 out of the square. A really nice team.

3rd Mrs C A Hall’s GUNNISWENS ARRIVA-LA-DIVA, GSD, handled by Julia Findeisen, Q, 181.  Julia and Diva hardly lost anything on the track apart from one rather sticky corner!  Well done.  It was a great recovery and superb handling.

4th Mrs Dianne Ellis with KENMILLIX SKY’S THE LIMIT, GSD, Q, 179.5.  Handler’s nerves calmed by expert steward, and Dianne and Annie should be proud of their well deserved achievement.

Also qualified:

Ms Desma Thomson’s KLIPPER RIVER HARMONY, Lab, handled by Bridget Montague, 169.  What an achievement.  Bridget, you are an inspiration.  Good luck.

Ms Jayne Lewis, RUSHBOTTOM THYNESTON BROWS, ASD, 163.   Brows tracked so well until the last cut back.  Full mark square.  Very well done.

Thank you to all of the competitors and good luck at your next trials

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