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Open Trial
Venue: Monk Fryston
Trial Held: 19 September 2010


Another trial completed and hopefully one that everyone has enjoyed, even if they weren’t personally successful.  We do try hard to provide a friendly and relaxed trial.

Could I start by making a personal plea that all competitors in every stake have the courtesy to thank the workers - stewards and tracklayers etc - for their efforts?  Don’t forget these people are doing everyone a great service, often in very difficult circumstances; more often than not it is costing them money to help others, they are out in all weathers all day, not just for your track or control round.  Thankfully the vast majority of people do have the manners to do this instinctively and really mean it, but there are still some who seem to think that the workers should be grateful to be allowed to even take part.  To those competitors, Working Trials may be an amateur sport but hopefully it is run in a professional manner and with a polite code of conduct.  The workers are the lifeblood of this sport.  Without these dedicated people helping, Working Trials wouldn’t be possible.  Please do them the courtesy of acknowledging their efforts on your behalf by a simple thank you before you start working.  It is all too easy to forget afterwards, particularly if you haven’t been successful.

That’s now off my chest, on with the rest.  The weather for the first 2 days was kind and stayed dry.  The 3rd day, however, was not so dry - it rained all day.  Tracking for all stakes was done on stubble, with all control rounds on grass.

Many thanks to Monk Fryston and Hillam Committee for letting us use the hall again - an excellent venue.  To all the farmers (all 9 of them) our grateful thanks for all the land.  They were all so generous we could have run several trials.

The base was once again superbly run by Jan Darby.  Jeff Margreaves, brilliant, watched my back and covered everything when I went missing.  Many thanks to Liz and Doreen for providing some excellent food for everyone. Tracklayers, Tom Darby, Eric Carpenter, Nigel Hines and Malc Snowden who did TD;  Dave Olley, John Atkin, June Hines and Joan Snowden, WD; Richard Musgrave, Peter Turner and Chris Trevor UD; Stewards Heather Patrick, Teresa Musgrave, Sheila Margreaves, Jannine Atkinson and Wendy Craven; Escorts Fred Welham, Chris Trevor, Tom Darby and John Atkin.  My grateful thanks and that of every competitor goes to all the above.

I seem to be lucky when it comes to Judges.  Once again I had four excellent judges.  Liz Roberts, TD, who held a mistaken belief that women are superior to men.  Jacqui Gibney, WD, who wasn’t slow to gang up with Liz against me.  Start taking the pills ladies, things will get better.  Damian Chadwick, UD, who as expected was a perfect gentleman and Cath Chadwick, CD, who obviously has benefitted from Damian’s guidance.  Thanks to you all.  It was genuinely a pleasure to work with you all and hope to do the same in the future, at least if the doctors okay it for two of them.

Thank you to all the competitors for supporting the trial. I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you next year.





Tracklayers: John Atkin, Dave Olley, June Hines and Joan Snowden

Stewards: Teresa Musgrave and Sheila Margreaves

Another good trial in Yorkshire; thanks to ASPADS Committee for asking me to judge.  Dave Stewart ran a really enjoyable Trial aided and abetted by a big team of helpers.  Behind every good man is an excellent woman, and thanks to Liz, who not only provides everyone with plenty of excellent food throughout the time, but also does a large share of the pre and post trial work.  Thank you both.

Just like to mention all the ‘extras’ who may have what seems like a small part to play, but are so necessary to ensure everything runs smoothly; Doreen in the kitchen, John Atkin escorting and jumps, Jeff Margreaves jumps (and no doubt lots of other jobs), Jan in base and scores, Fran as gate steward and general factotum and all of the team who do all those extra little jobs to make an efficient and enjoyable trial, making the judging bit easy.  Thank you all. 

Thanks to my team in the field; Friday tracklayers, John Atkin and Dave Olley; Saturday and Sunday, June Hines and Joan Snowden; Search and C/A Friday and Saturday, Teresa Musgrave and Sheila Margreaves on Sunday.

You all worked so hard to give every competitor the best chance. 

‘Aberford’ has quite a reputation for difficult ground and conditions, namely stubble, on which few of us have opportunity to train, baking hot and dry last year, showers and windy this year.  All the more reason why those who did qualify should be proud of their achievements.  The majority of dogs tried really hard and gave it their ‘best shot’, but it wasn’t easy, and we had few qualifiers.

1st Jo Craft and PEPNICK LIVEWIRE, 181.5.  This young GSD bitch has a high work drive.  Jo is very inexperienced, and when he let her show her best, she was super.  Real potential.

2nd Margaret Robinson and JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, 180.  Frankie made it look easy, Margaret’s experience bringing out the best in this young ‘rescue’ dog.  Missing a track article cost him 1st place.  Well done

3rd Tricia Harding and RUSHBOTTOM RIVER OTTER, 174.5.  The best of the morning’s damp helped this young GSD on the track, some work needed on the search, but he did it!!  Well done

To those who didn’t qualify, your day will come.  There’s always another Trial.  Best of luck next time. Thanks to all competitors for entering.

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